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The Masked - Chapter 26


The Masked - Chapter 26

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

At first, I was shocked to see a look alike of officer Santos.. I thought Sniper was someone dangerous with a criminal profile and a WANTED tagged to his favourite picture but reverse was the case.. The only difference between Santos and Marcelo is that Santos is a cop and Marcelo is a professional tracker and hacker.. Marcelo has lots of visible tatoos but i haven't seen the officer without his uniform.. Gross.. I don't wish for that to happen though, I might just puke and that will be super gross..
When we came back into the office of Santos, everything seemed normal. After the act we got into the car but Marcelo was screening or staring at my bag as if he was trying to pull something out of it. I wanted to ask him what the problem was but Ardo covered my mouth. After sometime, he told us that a tracker was placed on my bag. I was surprised but they didn't look bothered. It seems the officer want to know about our whereabout. We decided to go to Marcelo's house so as to lead him there.
The car came to halt at an unfamilar residence.. I never thought that such a place could still exist.. It looked more like an abadoned project over 30 years.. I couldn't restrain my self from staring in disgust but i remained calm and well composed..
I followed quietly walking side by side with Ardo as Marcelo led the way. I hope this house isn't one of the worst building ever..
"Welcome to my dormain.." Marcelo said smiling.. Are you kidding me..?? His building isn't just one of the worst, It is the worst I've ever seen..
He proudly opens the door with a mischievious smirk.. I take a deep calming breath as i stepped inside the house..I closed my eyes as i pray the building doesn't collapse on me and my innocent baby.. I opened my eyes slowly as his sitting room comes in clear view..
"Wow!!!" i exclaimed as i surveyed my environment. The outside is a complete opposite to the inside. His taste in design is unique and classic.. Not so bad for a guy like him.. I sat opposite the two of them.. Now i understand why he lives in such kind of a place..
"Like what you see..?" he asked as he stood up to his wine bar.. He gave me a glass of fruit juice while he served himself and Ardo wine..
"My brother must have gotten my location. He should be on his way driving like a maniac" Marcelo sighed..
"You don't really look like a gangster even with all the tatoos.. You're a perfect imposter.." i spoke my mind.. He smiled.. "He has so many great talents that's why he's my right hand man and my childhood best friend" Ardo said..
"That means you guys are inseparable.." they nod in agreement
"After watching you act like that in Santos office.. I think you're far more better than me in acting.." Marcelo says
"You're indeed the goddess of deception and manipulation.. I must confess.. You're a great actress" Marcelo said and i burst into laughter..
"No.. It isn't a joke.. Am 100% sure that you fooled the Almighty Santos.."
"Mia, back then in our senior year.. We used to be the secret prank masters and in most cases failed in pranking Santos.. He out smarted us.. But today he got outsmarted by you.. Mia.."Ardo said.. I think I love being called Mia...
"It's in my nature to be better than the best" i bragged.. Just then the light in the parlour begins to blink.. Displaying multiple colours of light..
"He's here.."Marcelo said..
"The light is an alarm.."Ardo explained.. I watched as Marcelo defused the alarm and the light became stable..
Marcelo waited for Santos to ring the door bell before opening the door.. He ushered him in with a humourless smile.. Santos prowled after Marcelo before closing the door gently behind him.. His gaze flitters on us as he gently take his seat.. He stare at each of us repeatedly.. Then he shakes his head and smiled..
"You planned it all brother.." Santos said We burst into laughter..
"I plead not guilty my lord.." Marcelo said in a tune of mockery..
"Would you care to explain how you knew about the tracker and what's your motive for leading me here.." Santos said
"You can figure that out.. Moreover you're a cop.." i said.. He remained quiet for a while before he finally spoke up..
"From the look of things.. It's obvious that you have known each other for quite some time and whatever happened in my office was only an act.. You pulled a stunt on me..hmm...but what's your intention for leading me here.. I could arrest you right here.." Santos warned and his statement provoked Marcelo.. He grabbed Santos by his collar and forcefully dragged him up.. Ardo tried to pull Marcelo away from Santos.. I just remained seated as i watched the drama that unfolded before me..
Ardo successfully pulled Marcelo away and Santos began to cough.. I stood up and poured a glass of water and handed it to Santos.. Meanwhile Ardo seems to have calmed Marcelo..
"Santos.. I don't like the way you talk to Marcelo.. He's your brother not a criminal Where is the brotherly love in you.. I want you to...."
"there's really no need for your sermon Edwardo.. You always take his side.. You're birds of a feather.." Santos said interrupting Ardo..
"Get out.. San; get the fuck out of my house" Marcelo shouted..
"Are you for real marc..Do you know the gravity of what you're doing..?" Santos said with a little bit of emotion..
"Yes officer.. Let me get this straight with you.. When next you come here as a cop make sure to come with a warrant because i won't hesistate to smash your head on my wall if you mess with me and get at least three handcuffs because it wouldn't be that easy to take me down.. I won't run as if I were a coward like you would do because without this uniform you're nothing.." he paused for a while.. He stalked towards Santos..
"Now, get out of my house san.." he shouted at Santos face..
Without uttering any word, Santos left shutting the door uncermoniously.. What kind of a man is he..?
"Am sorry you had to witness that.."
"I should be the one appologizing for bringing such a lame idea.." i said interupting Marcelo.. He forced himself to smile...
"He's not in a good mood today that's why he acted grumpy and annoying.." Marcelo said defending his brother
"And majorly because you proved his instinct toward your brother's case wrong" Ardo chipped in.. I checked the time as i emptied my glass of juice.. I picked up my purse and gently rised to my feet..
"I have an appointment to catch up with.. So i'll have to be on my way now.." i said to Marcelo and he nods his head lazily..
"Bye bro.." Ardo said waving his hand..

I read the last conversation I had with my ex boyfriend over and over and over again.. I still can't believe he broke up with me for reasons best known to him.. Though i gat this akward feeling from his sudden change of character but i was ignorant to acknowledge it.. I love him so much and it hurts a lot..
Every thing that happened was indeed my fault. I should have succumed to his sexual desires..I shouldn't have shy away from having sex with him. Nah.. What's wrong with me.. Justice isn't worth having me in bed.. He's a man whore.. I should be happy i didn't end up as one of his fling.. I've spent several restless and miserable nights crying myself to sleep.. Drinking to stupor.. Though i had a strange encounter last night with Marcelo.. Why did my body react to his words and kisses.. It must be because i was caught off guard.. That was all.. I told myself defensively..
"What the hell is wrong with you shilla.." i asked myself staring at my reflection in the mirror..
"I just broke up with my boyfriend and here i am lusting over marcelo.. The same Marcelo who i know for a fact only sees me as his best friend little sister.." I answered myself..
"This is madness.." my stomach hurts alot.. I slugglishly walked to the kitchen.. I met Ann in the kitchen washing some dishes.. Once again i missed out. They were hadly any leftovers probably because it was Ann's delicious cookies they had for breakfast...
"Good morning..." I greeted gaining her attention
"morning dear.. How are you feeling.." she asked worriedly
"am better.." i answered as i made a cup of tea for myself.. She continued drying the dishes.. Why is she the one doing the dishes when we have housekeppers but I decided to assist her..
"Let me help you with the dishes.. You shouldn't over labour yourself like this.." "there's no need.. As you can see am through with the dishes" she replied dismissing me..
"What's wrong Ann..?" i asked but my voice came out as a whisper..
"Everything is wrong Shilla.." she shouted at me.. I took few steps backward surprised at her outburst..
"You came back home drunk last night because of an idiot who you know well enough doesn't derserve your tears.. I told you about my affair in the past with my brother not to entertain you but for you to learn a lesson from my mistake.. You should be glad he left, giving opportunity to someone better but no you want to cheapen yourself like a public toilet. We are supposed to be strong because we are the only survivors of our town. We can't let no idiot break down our walls.." she scolded me.. Her words hits me hard and i suddenly felt ashamed of myself.. "What were you thinking..? If you want to have sex do it with someone you wouldn't regret doing it with.. Someone that respects and values you.. Someone that adores you for who you are and not what you have.. I didn't expect this from you.." i embraced her..
She hesistated before she wrapped her arms around me..
"Am sorry.." i whispered in her ear.. She tapped my back gently... We remained like that for a while before we broke free.. She smiled as she wiped my tears with her thumb..
She walked towards the refrigerator and removed a tray and placed it in the microwave..
"Who brought me back home?" i asked curiously
"It was Marcelo.. He carried you to your room all my himself.." the thought me of being in his firm arms made me to giggle..
"You like him.. Don't you?" i nod my head in aggreement..
"I always had a crush on him but he only sees me as his best friend's little sister.." "did he tell you that to your face.." she asked
"nope" i replied stressing the 'p'..
"You should ask him yourself.."
"i don't think that's a good idea.. But i'll give it a shot.." i smiled as i perceived something yumming..
"Cookies and ice cream cake.." i exclaimed as Ann served me my breakfast..
"Yummy.. You're the best ann.." i said with food in my mouth.. This is the best cookie i've ever tasted..
"This is soooo delicious.. You'll teach me how to bake this..." I closed my eyes as i chewed my food. As i opened my mouth to bite my cookie, someone from behind grabbed it...
"Marc.." i grumbled..
"Give it back.." i attempted to snatch it from him but he lifted it higher..
"Ann, tell him to give me my cookie.." i said facing Ann's direction.. Ann was about to say something when Marcelo dipped my cookies into his mouth and chewed it right in front of me.. I helplessly watched him..
"That was my last piece.. Marc" i grumbled.. I grabbed my tea and drank it angrily.. He's doing it on purpose to make me angry but i won't fall for his trick..
"You're handling it maturely ..Its nice.. Atleast it makes you look cool and not that wild cat i know" he mocked me.. Ann burst into laughter and she walked away leaving the two of us alone..
"Should i take that as an insult..?" i asked as i walked up to him..
"Which ever answer that pleases you.." he said holding gaze with me thereby daring me and making it somehow impossible to look away..
I was burning all over now with the way he looked at me.. He pulled me into his arms.. I mould my body against his.. I could hear my heart beat..
"If you keep staring at me like my wildcat.. I won't be able to withhold myself from kissing you Sandra.." his lips brushed again mine lightly.. Then he took possession, parting my lips.. His tongue flickers against mine in a sensual and subtle temptation totally destroying all my defence.. My hands instinctively raised to brace themselves against his chest..
I could feel the tingling and pervasive warmth of his body against my spread palms.. The steady throb of his heartbeat sends my own pulse to jingle in response... I gathered enough strength and pushed him away from me.. I hasten my step to my room without looking back..

It's been two days since my encounter with my wildcat.. She's doing a good job avoiding me.. I can't get her out of my head.. Those lushly pouting lips that's driving me insane.. Why did she push me away like that..? It hurts so much to be close to her and not able to show her how much i love her.. I want her so much but she wants someone else... What does she see in justice that i don't have..? Why can't she love me.. Just a little love is all i yearn for.. It's like i was cursed never to find love.. Even my parents sees me as the black sheep of the family.. It's always santos this or Santos that but with time i got used to it and i never complained to them nor did i hate my brother for it.. I actually love him a lot but he also changed..
His duty as a cop turned him against me.. He feels he's mighty and powerful but i don't feel intimidated by him and i always made it clear to him..He thinks being a hacker makes me a criminal but very soon he'll know the importance of my job.. He'll look for me but won't find me... Only then will he understand the value of my job..
Since i couldn't sleep I decided to watch a movie.. As i was debating on which film to watch my house alarm goes on.. I heard a soft knock on my door.. I glanced at my wristwatch.. It's midnight.. I boldly opened the door..
"Wild cat?" i called out but my voice betrayed me and came out as a whisper..

"Invite me in Marc" she whispered and i opened the door wide and closed it behind me gently. I watched quietly as her gaze flitters everywhere before focusing on me..
"Same as always.. Am surprised that you're still awake by this time though.." i smiled and reduced the volume of the television..
"I couldn't fall asleep and you?" i asked and she giggled.. My eyes immediately focused on her lushly pouting lips.. Those lips that I've been thinking about..
"I couldn't sleep either.... I wanted to see you...."
"But you're the one who's been avoiding me like a plague ever since that incident transpired between us at your house.."
"i'm sorry about that.. I was confused.. I needed to be sure of what i want.." she explained
"what if I don't have what you want.. Or maybe i can't give you what you want.. What then would you do...?" I asked curiously..
"I'm certain you have what i want.. That's the reason why i drove all the way here.. All by myself without any guards.. Breaking my father's rule.. I listened to my heart and am certain i will get what i want"
"what do you want?" i asked her as i took her slowly into my arms to mould her curves against mine.. Her hands moved instinctively to my shoulders as she raised her gaze searching through my eyes obviously and totally aware of the fullness of my arousal pressing against the softness of her abdomen..
"I want you.." my heart gladden at her proclaimation
"Are you sure you want me.." i asked to avoid any room for doubt..
"Yeah" she whispered.. My gaze lowered to the swell of her breasts visible above the low neckline of her gown..
"I want to kiss you and then i would like to bare and caress these pretty tits of yours" both my hands moved up to cup beneath their fullness, using my thumb unerringly finding the swollen tip...
"With my tongue and teeth as well as..." "will you stop talking about it marc and just do it?" she groaned softly... I lifted one of my hand from her breast and entwined it in the fiery length hair.. I looked deep into her eyes for several seconds before using pressure to tilt her head back and sideways as i claim her lips with mine..
"You have the most delicious, lusciously pouting lips and i've been imagining kissing them and having them kiss me for a very long time now" I groaned.. Her cheeks warmed with colour...
"How can that possibly be true, when you hardly pay attention to me"
"I did" i drawled
"oh, i've loved you for a very long time way before you met justice.." i confessed.. "To hell with my rules and the complications of being involved with my best friend's sister.. I just want you" i continued to cradle the warmth of her cheeks as i kiss her slowly, lingering for long heart-pounding minutes as i sipped and tasted her luscious lips that had taunted and tempted me..
Her hands slided up my shirt-covered chest and i continued to kiss her.. As my kisses becomes hungrier, wilder and more heated, she moaned softly as her body curved intimately against mine.. Her hands roamed restlessly over my back while my lips raked down her throat in a heated caress as i slid the zip of her gown down to the length of her spine..
Tasting her creamy flesh as i slipped the straps of her gown down her arms before letting it fall to the floor..
"Amazing" i breathed roughly as my wildcat stood before me wearing only a pair of black lace panties and her high heeled black shoes, her hair like a wild golden tumble over her shoulders and breasts
"You like." she prompted shyly. My heated gaze roamed over her hungrily.
"Oh, i definately like!" i assured gruffly and took her into my arms to my room and shut the door with my foot.. I gently placed her down as i looked into her eyes "Take off the rest..." I said in a commanding tone.
"I was thinking of you when i wore these" she revealed huskily as she stepped out of the high-heeled shoes before sliding the black panties down her thighs and dropping them on the carpet.. She was totally exposed and my desire for her increases
"because i wanted this to happen" my gaze flicked up to her face. I stepped back, arms held slightly away from my body. She stepped closer to me and her fingers shook slightly as she unfasten the buttons of my shirt, pushing the white silk down my arms..
"All of it.. Wildcat" i groaned achingly as i stepped out of my shoes.. Her hands shook even more as she unzipped my trousers before sliding it down and allowing them to fall to the floor.
She gasped when she saw the long bulge of my shaft pressing impatiently against my black boxers. She glanced up at me before quickly looking away again as she saw the increased heat of my desire for her.. She dropped smoothly to her knees in front of me and hooked her fingers into the waistband of my boxers before easing them down and off, baring my arousal.. She placed one of her hands on my thigh and the other around the thickness of my shaft as she lowered her head while her tongue flicked out to lap and taste the salty sweetness of the moisture coating the engorged tip..
My hand moved out to grasp her head.. She parted her lips and took me completely into her mouth.. I could barely breath past the pleasure that engulfed me the moment i felt the lushness of her lips parting before she took me inside the burning heat of her mouth...
Then she took me deeper into her mouth, taking me to the back of her throat before moving back again until just the bulbous tip remained imprisoned in that burning heat.. Her tongue gave a torturous caress around the rim just below the exposed head, only to repeat that pleasurable lapping of her tongue as she sucked on me greedily.... She repeated that caress again and again while humming softly beneath her breast as she lapped and sucked.. The pleasure becoming overwhelming.. I was on the edge of exploding in her mouth.
"No more, wildcat!" i groaned achingly as i gently eased her away from me.. Laughing gruffly as i saw the pout of disappointment on her lips as she looked up at me..
"It's going to be over too quickly for me if i allow you to continue doing that" i explained huskily as i bent to sweep her up in my arms before carrying her over to the bed..
"It's my turn to explore and taste you now" i assured her as i laid her gently down into the brown pillows and bedcover.. Her back arch invitingly off the bed as my head lowered and lips parted to capture one hard engorged nipple before suckling the hardness deep into the heat of my mouth.. My hand moving to cup and caress its twin... My other hand moved caressingly... Unerringly.. Down to her parted thighs to stroke the swollen engorged nubbin hidden there.. My dual assault causes her Unerringly.. Down to her parted thighs to stroke the swollen engorged nubbin hidden there. My dual assault caused her to cry out as an orgasm immediately ripped through and over her in burning, rippling waves..
I continued those caresses as my wildcat arched into her climax.. Sucking deeply on her nipple while deepening the stroke of my fingers as i felt the gushing of her juice against it.. Lightly squeezing her clitoris between my fingers, i continued to milk and prolong her orgasm until i was sure she had taken, enjoyed, every last gasping shudder of her pleasure.. She was so responsive, so open to me as i slid down her body to rest my shoulders between her parted thighs.. My hands moving up to capture, caress, pinch her nipples as i lowered my head to lap up the nectar of her juice.. The lips there was swollen and open, begging for the thrust of my tongue inside her.. I began a slow thrust with my tongue before adding more pace.. She groaned my name over and over again as she came against my mouth.
"I want you inside me.. Marc" I gasped as she reached down to entangle her fingers in my hair..
"I need you inside me" she demanded.. Groaning archingly at the sight of her own juice slicked across my lips as i raised my head to look up at her. She whimpered softly in her throat as i rasped my tongue lingeringly over her sensitive nubbin once more before moving up her body... The silky hair on my chest rasped across the swollen nubbin between her thighs and then her sensitive nipples as i laid my weight on her.. My elbows either side of her head as i looked down at her eyes.
"So.. So beautiful" i groaned.. My hands cradled either side of her face and i kissed her again.. Deeply.. Hungrily.. Parting her as my hardness slid slowly into her sensitive tissues.. The filling sensation and exquisite pleasure swept through my spine before i began to stroke slowly inside her causing her to break the kiss..
"Don't stop.. Please" she urged in pain.. I stroke slowly as she gasped at each successive slow thrust.. The pleasure building.. Rising. Overwhelming in its intensity.. I buried my face in her throat.. Lips grazing her flesh.. My breathing ragged as i continued the slow and measured thrusts..
"Harder... Marc!" she gasped.
"Oh.. Please.. Harder!" she groaned as her nail dug into my shoulders.. Her legs curving over the back of my thighs.. Pulling me into her as she met my hard thrusts.. Her body contracting about the long length of me as i filled her completely.. I groaned through clenched teeth with each new plunge.. Until i finally lost control and thrusted faster.. Harder into her slick heat.. My wildcat gave a guttural scream.. Her head thrashing from side to side on the pillow as she felt another release tearing through her.. More intense.. More overwhelming than the last two.. I groaned harshly as her muscles tightened around me. Clenching.. Squeezing the long length of my shaft as she convulsed in climax. My back arch.. My head thrown back.. As the intensity of my gaze captured and held hers as my own release exploded into her in hot thick jets... Filing her.. Completing her.. I collapsed beside her while she rest her head on my chest and brushes her lips on my chest.. I kiss the smooth swell of her shoulder.. She made a sound.. A quiet murmur of contentment.. As her eyes dazed with sleep..
To be continued....

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