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The Masked - Chapter 25


The Masked - Chapter 25

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

I ran downstairs as i heard sandra's voice shouting for help. To my greatest surprise i saw my wife's lifeless body next to my sister.. Edwardo and Uncle Sola also rushed in.. I quickly called my driver..
It's been over an hour and my wife is still undergoing surgery.. Atleast Sandra has woken up but am too paranoid to check up on her.. I told her several times to give my wife space and time to think but she wouldn't listen.. Why do i feel so restless and overprotective of Emilia? She's my wife afterall.. Nah.. It's something else.. I married her for her wealth.. For revenge over what her father did to mine.. For revenge over what Alejandro did to me.. But my intial motives have changed.. For the past one month I've gotten to know her.. I feel proud to be her husband though we have our differences but all i want to do is to always put her hapiness as my top priority over everything.. I will do everything in my power to make her happy..
"Doctor.. How's my wife" i asked as soon as he stepped out of the emergency room..
"Where are they taking her to.. Doctor?"i asked as i saw them take her away..
"She's been taken to a private room.." "How's she.. Can i see her"
"Mr gate.. The surgery was a little complicated but you don't need to be worried about your baby.. The baby is absolutely healthy.."
"my baby..?"
"yes.. Mr Gate.. Your wife is a month pregnant.." i was amazed by the news.. "May i see her.. Please"
"yes but i have to warn you.. The first 24hours are crucial.."
"what are you trying to say.. I thought you said the surgery was successful.."my brother spook up..
"Yes it was successful sir Gate but as a medical expert i can't assure you anything.. I've done my job.. The rest can only be done by her.." he explained. I nod my head but Edwardo doesn't look quite satisfied by the doctors explanation. There's one thing am sure of and it's Edwardo's bunch of covered secrets.. That's one of the things i adore about him..
"What are'nt you telling us doctor?" Edwardo asked...
"Well.. Am afraid but she has 50% of surviving.. Her heart beat is unstable and bad for the baby.. It's a miracle that the baby survived such a critical accident.. I hope the same miracle is applicable to your wife.. Excuse me" he walked away My head hurts alot.. What the hell did you do to my wife, Sandra..? Aderline rushed through my vein..I walked straight towards Sandra's room.. I felt someone grab my arm and pulled me back as i was about to burst the door open..
"Calm down bro.. You know she had ..."
"I don't give a damn if she's suffering from hemophia..." i snaped at him..
"I understand.. You seek answers but do it politely.. Please" i nod taking a deep calming breath.. I pushed the door gently and i walked gently towards her surpasing my anger.. I sat beside her.. She turn around.. Her nose and eyes were red.. She must have been crying.. We were never close but that doesn't mean i don't love her.. I do love her alot but i hardly express it.. I was angry but seeing her sad quench my anger.. I was once again judgemental..
"I know you're angry.. I take full responsibility for what happened to her but it wasn't my intention to bring harm to her.. I just wanted to talk to her.. I should've listened to you.." She cried out.. "None of this would have happened.. Please forgive me" she cried resting her head on my chest..
"It wasn't your fault.. It was an accident" I replied while she gently raised her head up and I continued....
"It was wrong of me to blame you for that am sorry.." I wiped off the tears on her cheek using my thumb..
"You shouldn't blame yourself.. She's fine and so is my baby.." Her mood brightened up when I said that...
"she's pregnant.." she exclaimed and i nod "am going to be an aunt.." she tried to stand up but i stopped her.. I rest her head properly and covered her body..
"You should rest..that way you'll recover better"i peck her forehead and waited for her to fall asleep before i exited the room quietly....


It feels so good to be back home.. Am adjusting to the fact that am gonna be a mother.. It feels so good.. The feeling is awesome.. Words cannot express how i feel and to show how happy i am I've decided to have a word with Shilla.
I knocked gently and she opened the door though she looked shocked to see me..
"Come in.." she ushers me inside her room..
Her room's decoration is superb.. Adorned with lots of painting of her and sculptures. I glanced around for a while before sitting on her bed silently..
"I need to know how you survived" i asked curiously..
"I didn't actually die after being shot I fainted due to shock.. When i regained conciousness, I tried to escape.. I ran towards the river as the fire began to spread out.. I saw people being burnt alive.. Roasted like animals.. When i got to the river bank, my body started to tremble and i struggled into the river.. that's what i remembered.. Next.. I woke up lying on a hospital bed.. All father told me was.. He found me on a river bank where him and his son where having a picnic.. I told him everything i knew and he adopted me.. I swear to you.. I looked for you.. I stopped for a while.. After i had alot of resource.. I decided to use my contact to search for you but none yielded good result.."
"i believe you.." i hugged her..
"Did you also have a hand in my kidnap or was close to my kidnap venue..?"
"Yes but i didn't know who you were at that time" she explained....
"Am not upset.. I was just confirming my hunch"
"it's good to have you back.. Together we'll take revenge on those bastards that destroy our lifes.. Together we'll be invincible.."
"yeap.." my phone rang..
"Hello Nils"i say happily..
"WHAT" I shouted..
"What's wrong.."i asked her..
"Dad.." she called out as tears drop down her eyes.. She walked out on me as i kept calling out for her but she was so lost in thoughts..
I followed her as she grabbed her car key.. She was about to leave but i held her "You gat to tell what happened.. Am losing my mind.." she started to sob silently.. I became confused..
"My.. My dad is dead.."she said trying to calm down.. She unlocked her car as i took a sit next to her.. She started the engine.. I jerk up at the pace she's driving.. Nobody needed to warn me to put on a seat belt. This girl drives like dom in fast & furious.. She's crazier.. "Whoa.. That was close" i exclaimed as she wrongly overtake three trucks coming from different dimension..
"Watch out" i shouted in fear..
"Drive slowly.." i pleaded..
"Ahhh!!!.." i exclaimed as she hit my head.. "What was that for"
"that was for screaming like a baby.."she replies..
We hurried inside.. The hospital entrance was filled with reporters.. Luckily for us.. Bill and Edwardo arrived at the same time with guards.. The guards led us through the crowd of reporters.. Although they kept throwing annoying questions at us but we just ignored them. We were directed to the room where his body was kept..
His body was covered with white sheet.. Her brothers and Zena were standing opposite us.. Ann stepped forward.. She was trembling and almost lost her balance.. Bill attempted to support her but she stopped him.. hmm still as sturbborn and independent as always..
She reached for the cover as her hands vibrates.. God.. Please give her the strength to go through this trauma.. The room was filled with loud sobs as Ann removed the sheets.. She sobbed quietly as tears fell down her eyes as she wept..
"Dad.. Dad.." she called as she wiped her face but tears continued to fall down her eyes.. I didn't even notice that i was also crying.. I stood next to her and placed my hands on her shoulder..
"Let go Ann.. He's dead.."
"no.. Leave me" she shouted
"dad please get up.. You can't be dead" She said using her tears to clean his face..
"Don't listen to them dad.. They're crazy.. You can't be dead.."she laughed as more tears fell down..
"You.. You told me that you had six months to live but its not up to the third month.."
"Why are you so quiet.. Speak up" she cried out hitting his body..
"Get up.. Get up" she hits her hand hard on the bed repeatedly.. Her hand began to bleed but that didn't stop her.. We tried to pull her back but she struggles with us She kept fighting..
"Let me go.. Leave me alone.."she cried.. "He's dead.. Let him go" Emilio said as he holds her but she pulled her hand from his grib..
"Don't you dare touch me.."she shouted at him
"you're a murderer.. You killed my father. I hate you.. You killed him" she shouted
"please calm down.. You shouldn't be stressing yourself like that" Bill said to Ann...
"No.. I won't calm down.. I'll make this bastard pay.. I want to speak with the media.. I'll tell the whole world the truth" she kept struggling.. Suddenly she stumbled but Edwardo caught her..
"Please stop fighting with us.. Do it for your baby.. Please" Edwardo pleaded.. She placed her hand on her belly..
"My baby?"
"yes.." Edwardo replied. Bill brought water and handed it to me..
"Please drink it.." i gave her the glass of water and she drank it..
"Come with me.. You need to take your medicine" Bill carjoled her.. She nods and quietly followed him..
"please go with them.. Make sure she doesn't get to talk to the media.. She" Edwardo's phone started ringing thereby interrupting him..
"Hello brother.." he greeted..
"Shit.." he hanged up..
"She's gone missing.." he sighed..
"What are we waiting for..? Let's search for her" i suggested
"There's no need for that.." Edwardo said.. "What do you mean.." Alejandro asked..
"She must have gone to the media and going there to stop her will only raise more questions and prove her words to be true.." Edwardo explained..
"But i did not kill my father.." Alejandro argued..
"Only the law court will decide your fate" Edwardo answered him..
"Let's bury him for now.." Nils suggested.. a DEA officer barged in as we were about to leave.. Ann stood by the door her eyes fixed on Alejandro..
"Am detective Santos Doriga.." the DEA officer introduced himself...
"Am sorry to interrupt but you have to come with us to the station.."
"you can't arrest him without a warrant officer Santos.." Nils said...
"we only need a statement from you sir. So please corporate with us.." officer Santos requested politely with a smirk.. Alejandro nod as he quietly followed them.. He halt as he stepped closer to Ann.. He looked at her with tears in eyes.. His eyes portraiyed conflicted emotions.. Poor guy.. He just became an orphan and his beloved sister has laid an allegation on him.. He shook his head as tears was about to drop and walked away with the cops..

It's been a week since I started investigation on the murder of Mr. Richard Roderico.. The case has become a National issue.. All the evidence have gat has proven his son as the crime suspect but i don't believe it.. There's something fishy about this case.. My phone vibrates bringing me out of my thoughts..
"Hello sanchez.."
"boss.. Mr. Julo is here to see you"
"let him in and bring me the report i asked you to compile" i hanged up.. I rolled my neck slowly while I stretched..
"Come in" i said as i heard a knock..
"Have a seat.."
"Mr Julo.. What brings you to my office.."i asked frowning
"Am here as a lawyer of the accused.. Mr. Alejandro Roderico" Julo replied.. I smiled "you've finally decided to fight his case since no lawyer is willing to prove his innocence.. Hmmn...how can a well famous international business man like him not afford a lawyer.. Or has he gone bankrupt and can't afford the bills" i asked trying to infuriate him
"He doesn't need the best lawyer as an assurance to win his case because he belives the law will justify and prove his innocence officer" Julo answered with a mischievious smirk.. I adore his guts
"but i would like to speak with my client alone" Julo requested...
"Hmmm... I can only grant you 30minutes" "thanks.. I'll take my leave now.." we shook hands and he left.. I hope he wins the case..
I walked close to my board.. My list of targets and findings from the investigation..
Alejandro was in his father ward from 2:20 - 2:45pm.. He went directly to his father's house and arrived there at 3:18pm.. Hmmm... He(Richard) was discovered dead at 2:51pm.. The CCTV footage was not tempered with and if Alejandro had the intention of killing his father, he would have hacked the systems. No criminal leaves behind any form of evidence nor does any incrimating thing.. I walked to my table and pick up the compiled statements..
I read through each file over and over again.. I dropped the file and went to the board.. Zena.. The CCTV shows that she was with Mr Richard from 2:00 - 2:25pm. She left after Alejandro arrived. Her statement also says the same thing which means she wasn't lying and according to her statement he was still breathing when she left.. Hmmmn... Alejandro also included in his statement that he fell asleep and immediately he woke up he left but didn't check the state of his father's condition... I picked up the picture I got from the footage of when he left the hospital... I looked at it carefully and closely.. Bang... He was indeed telling the truth... Why is the autopsy report taking so long too??? At least that will aid my investigation... My phone buzzed again interrupting me...
"Mrs Emilia Gate is here for you boss..."
"Thanks and please accompany the lady here like a gentle man.." He laughed and hanged up..
My door swung open as they walked in. Sanchez really is acting like a gentle man as he ushered the lady in...
"Good day officer Santos" she greated..
"Santos is fine... You came alone..?" I asked. As she was about to answer me my door swung open and Mr Gate walked in with someone I never expected to see...
My chest burned in anger.. What the hell is he doing here...? But I composed my self reminding myself that sitting on this chair am an officer and not a brother...
"Welcome..." I greeted grinding my teeth with a fake smile.. Mrs Gate looked shocked as she fixed her gaze on the man next to her brother in-law.. The same man who is no other than my twin brother.. Marcelo Doriga..
I watched as she stalked towards him.. Marcelo stared at her in awe..
"Excuse us for a minute..." Edwardo said as he draged her out and my brother followed behind them... I let out a deep breath that I didn't know I was holding...
Sanchez offered me a glass of water and I drank it slowly..
"It's nothing.. I know how uncomfortable and troubled you were around him but what I don't understand is what the he is doing back here..." Sanchez asked I open the envelop.. I saw a tape.. I insert the tape and pressed play..
'I'll kill you.. You took everything from me..
My mother.. My Emilia...
She was mine until you...
You took her away from me..
I will continue to torture you slowly until you die a slow and painful death..
You'll beg me to kill you fast and quick rather than to face my wrath but I won't..
I hate you.. I fucking hate you.. Richard'
I sighed as the recording ended..This alone has nailed him.. They walked back in..
"I have other recordings of how he threatened to kill my father and also how he attempted to kill him during my honeymoon... So what else do you request for Santos" she asked with a mischievous smile...
Just then, Michael arrived with the Autopsy report and I read it over and over again... I handed it to Sanchez and he read it over..
My eyes locked with my brother and am sure he already knows the details of the report..
"What's wrong officer.." Edwardo asked me with a wicked grin...
"The report proved that Mr Richard was indeed murdered.. Someone removed his oxygen mask and after killing him placed the oxygen mask on his dead body..."
"How cruel... He indeed gave him a slow and painful death.." My brother remarked..
Emilia sobbed silently as Edwardo consoled her.. She rushed out in tears as Edwardo and Marcelo runs after her..
Such a tragedy for a young and courageous lady like her...
"This has come to the end of our investigation... Boss" Sanchez remarked as I nod my head in agreement...
I walk straight to Alejandro's cell angry.. Not just angry.. I felt deceived and stupid to think that he could actually be innocent..
He stood up as he saw me ...
"You should prepare your self to be in court and kiss your freedom bye for good" I said with a frown..
"And enjoy the tea we have here... It may be the last for you..." I said and walked out..
To be continued..

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