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The Masked - Chapter 23


The Masked - Chapter 23

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

His word kept ringing in my head.. I have proof.. Concrete proof.. How can this be true..? When did she drift so far that all her good values became immoral..? No!!! I refuse to believe any word from his mouth.. But why is my heart so restless...?
"What nonesense are you uttering from your mouth..?" Edwardo asked Bill..
"If you weren't my husband i would have feed you your dick in a silver plate.. Then no man in this world would try to tarnish my image" Emilia replied in fustration..
"It's not in my nature to defame you but jealousy yield me to. Sorry my love.." Bill appologized kissing her
"Gross" i whisper..
"Get this straight.. You can't be in control jerk and expect me to forgive easily but i'll let this one go.. I hope we're on the same page.."
"yes love.." Bill replied her.. I rolled my eyes..
"And what brings you here..."she asked facing my direction.. I turn around but there's no one at my back..
"Me...?" i asked to confirm my doubt..
"Yeah.. "
"Are you here to finish dad off.. But get this straight.." my heart miss a bit..
"If anything happens to my father..." She grabbed my collar...
"I'll make sure you pay.. I promise.." i think my heart sunk..
"I just came to see fa.. Emmm.. Richard.." i explained my motive.. Deep down.. It hurts alot.. How stupid of me to come here and expect to be welcomed in love.. They say love conquers all odd feeling but not in my case. My love has destroyed my life.. I've lost it all

After hearing in details all that has happened and the commossion that took place right here in this hospital i still can't believe that such a happy day could turn soar.. Full of unexpected traumatizing situations.. And my bestfriend .. She couldn't even share her problems with me.. She chose edwardo.. Edwardo over me her long time friend.. Her sister. I shouldn't have encouraged her to marry Bll.. I should have never told her to give him a chance.. He's not worth it... She wouldn't have to face such embaracement.. She must be angry with me. She didn't even acknowledge my presence.. I've mislead my dearest sister..
"All this happened because of me.." I whispered to myself sobing silently with my head bow down..
"You don't have to blame yourself.. Sister"
"sister?.."i exclaimed surprisely.. I hugged her so tightly to withhold her from releasing me quickly.. I miss her wramth.. Though she's in my arms but she seems distance from me.. She's certainly not the same Emilia i know.. She's not naive.. Nor friendly.. She have became more like a goddess and expect her descendant to worship her without complain..
"With time you'll understand me better.. You should get your beauty sleep.. We'll talk later.." she tapped my shoulder lightly.. Just like that she left me with a lot of questions in my mind..
My eyes still set on her as she walks up to Edwardo without turning back.. I walked closer to them.. Am definately getting my answers right this instance.. Even as i drew closer to them i couldn't understand what they were saying..
"Vy poluchili to chto ya prosil..?(have you gotten what i asked for..)" Emilia said to Edwardo..
"Da.. Tochno kalo vy nastavili..( yes.. Exactly how you've instructed )" Edwardo replied her as they continue to speak in an unfamilar language
"pozhaluysta, naznach'te vstrechu..(plea
se setup a meeting i want to get it done over with )" Emilia sighed
"vse poluchili ukhod... Snayper otpravit vas detali..( it's all been taking care of.. Sniper will send you the details..)" he replied her.. That's enough.. Am done waiting.. I clear my throat gaining their attention only Edwardo turned to look at me but Emilia didn't burge like she was aware of my presence..
"You speak Russian" Nils asked startling me..
"Yes brother.."
"i had no idea.. But fear not i don't understand Russian that much so your conversation is safe"he replied
"i don't give a damn about that.. It's not a big deal.."she replied harshly.. Nils remained calm like it was nothing.. But not me..
"You could have been more polite.. He was just asking a question"i tried to defend Nils.. "You know he can defend himself when needed.. Why should you try to speak when you shouldn't.." she dares question me..
"Why are you being so bossy.. This is not who you are.. " She laughs at me..
"You do feel oppressed.. I get it.. But we all are dynamic in nature"she replied me.. But am not conviced and she knows it.. I'll get my answer from you..
"But definately not today"she replied reading my thought.. Alejandro walks towards us for the first time there's tears in his eyes..
"What's wrong.." Nils asked nervously..
"It's Richard.." he tried to compose his voice ..
"What's wrong with father.." Emilia panicks.
"You should come see for yourself.." he responded...
It hurts alot to see your loved one in pain and can't express your feelings or try to lessen their pain. That's how i felt seeing my bgff in pain.. She was blaming herself for how my wedding day ended up tragically.. It wasn't her fault.. It's fate.. My fate.. I couldn't watch her in pain so i walked up to her and sat beside her.. She didn't even notice my presence.. I remained quietly seated for several seconds before i spoke up..
"You don't have to blame yourself sister.." "sister"she exclaimed surprised.. She hugged me so tightly like she was afraid i would dissappear.. I missed her wramth.. But i couldn't convey my emotions..
"With time you'll understand better.. You should go get your beauty sleep.. We'll talk later" i tapped her shoulder lightly as i scoot away from her to avoid her questions..I walked up to Ardo.. I could still feel Zee's eyes on me.. She trailed behind me while i try my best to ignore her so she wouldn't notice that am aware that she's stalking me. Don't be surprised cos this is how she is. She won't rest until she's gotten answers to her questions.. That i can't give her not now that my father is in there fighting for his life.. I let out a deep breath that I've been holding..
"Ardo, any news from the doctors"
"no sweetheart but Alejandro is there with him.. Hmmm.." he paused
"your friend is coming.. She looks like a hungry tigeress.."
"Nah.. She's searching for answers.. She won't let me be." i sighed.. I notice Nils walking toward us but i didn't turn..
"Vy poluchili to, chto ya prosil..?( have you gotten what i asked for..? ) i ask speaking in Russian.. He nods
"da..... Tochno kale vy nastavili.. ( yes.. exactly how you've instructed.. )" Ardo replied
"Pozhaluysta, naznach'te vstrechu.. ( Please set up a meeting i want to get it done with )
"vse poluchili ukhod.. Snayper otpravit vas detali (it's all been taking care of.. Sniper will send you the details..) i nod.. She clears her throat to draw my attention.. Edwardo turns to look at her but i didn't turn around..
"You speak russian..?" Nils asked and i turned.... Zee looked startled but why.. "Yes brother"
"i had no idea but fear not i don't understand Russian that much.. So your conversation is safe.."he replies. I know he's lieing.. Why would he try to lie to me.. "I don't give a damn about that... It's not a big deal..." I replied harshly.. But Nils remained calm like it was nothing.. But not Zena. Oh this girl...
"You could have been more polite... He was just asking a question.." she frowns as she defends Nils..
"You know he can defend himself when needed.... Why should you try to speak when you shouldn't.." i questioned her trying to divert her attention from asking me those silly she intended to ask. Well I think am succeeding....
"Why are you being so bossy.. This is not who you are.." she tries to lecture me.. I laughed at her. My plan seems to be working real good..
"You do feel oppressed.. I get it.. But we all are dynamic in nature" i replied but i know she's not convinced.. She wants to get answers from me one way or another.. I could tell from the look on her face
"But definately not today.."i replied her thought.. Emilio walks towards us with tears in his eyes..
"What's wrong...?" Nils asked nervously.. "It's richard..." Emilio tried to compose his voice..
"Whats wrong with father.." i panicked
"you should come see for yourself" he replied running back to my father's ward as we run along with him..
"Father.."i exclaimed in shock.. He made it
"He lives.. My father lives"i shout with joy as tears flowed from my eyes
"Yes sister.. Dad lives" Emilio embrace me.. It's the first time he called him dad.. He let go as other share in his joy.. I hugged my husband as he kissed my tears away.. "It's all over babe.. Your pain, fear and saddness.. They're all over for good.." he smiles as she kissed me on my cheek "thanks alot." i gave him a kiss on his lip as i noticed Emilio's attention me..
"you should take me to your home after i see father.. Too bad our honeymoon was cut short.." i peck his neck as his body react to my lips.. Emilio clenched his fist.. I trailed my hands seductively down to his stomach. God knows I don't enjoy this but I have to. Please stop me Bill.. As if reading my thoughts he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him
"that's a danger zone sweetheart.. Trade with caution" i laughed out loud.. "Sweetheart we need to spend a little more time to get to know one another better" he tells me smirking mischievously.. "You can count on me anytime... But i need to see dad"i kissed his lip and he tried to deepen the kiss.. I placed my hand on his chest to stop him but he's sturborn and won't let me go..
"Can't you get a room.. Or use any availiable restroom.." Ardo said laughing at us but his eyes depict different emotion.. What a complicated guy..
"Come along with me Nils.. I want to check on father before i leave to my husband house.."
"let's go"

OH!!! Today has been a very hectic day.. The wedding was a success though my little heiress almost gave me a heart trauma. I thought for a while that she was gonna change her mind but she made a very wise decision by going through with the marriage.. She's seems cunning but have a bravemind that i like about her.. Hmmm.. But how and when did she and Edwardo become friends?
He was the one who kidnapped her for me and almost got caught for the first time in a mission.. He can't be friends with her all of a sudden that am very sure of.. There's something in it for him. There's absolutely nothing to be afraid of.. My happiness is and will always be his top pirority..
"Father.. I need an audience with you"my daughter calls out..
I know you might be surprised but I have an adopted daughter. She is tough and is a pain in my ass sometimes....
"Come on in.." i adjusted my sit..
"Bill and wife have arrived at the mansion"
"that's great.. Why didn't you make it to the wedding or reception sandra..?"
"My flight was delayed due to technical reasons.." i'm not conviced by her silly excuse but i'll let it be.. I noticed her shifting uncomfortably in her sit..
"Edwardo is also coming back today.. You should go welcome them.. I'll join you guys downstairs i need to tidy up somethings.." i dismissed her..
"I'll go down now" she exits the room.. I dailed my private investigator's number.. "Hello sir.."he greets..
"Robin.. Get me update on my daughters activities.. Report it to me first thing on monday morning.." i hanged up before he could reply..

The Gate's mansion is super huge with tight security.. Everydoor has a password.. We finally arrived at the main floor after what seem like eternity little did I know that I just started. You know that feeling when you are walking and don't know where you are going but keep moving? Yea that's what am experiencing right now. I walked through the huge door of this mansion about thirty minutes ago and I've been walking since. When I thought I was going to faint soon, Bill stopped and finally we were getting a sit soon.
I felt really welcomed by all the guards and maids in the house . They made me feel at home.. I hope the family members would also be nice and friendly.. Bill told me that half of the family member would be here and some would stay for long.. Saying that someone who didn't make it to the wedding would also be here and it's a family tradition to get to know each other.. Gross...
"Welcome" they sang in unison.. I stared at them all in awe as they introduce themselves.. I heard them saying their names but as soon as they said it, it flew out of my mind. What? Am not a machine so don't tag me as a bad person.
"Look who we have here.." Edwardo said mockingly..
"Ardo.. What brings you here" i said huging him briefly..
"It's a tradition in this house to come together once in a while.. a way to know each other more since we don't live together... Moreover you're my friend.."
"Oh La la la.....Touchy.."i touched my chest and the workers around us laughed.... Footstep approached us and we all became quiet.. A stunning lady descended with her head bow down.. Her movement catches my attention.. "Shilla!!!" i exclaimed in shock as she raised her head..
She halted.. Staring at me like a ghost.. I walked up to her regardless of the questioning eyes on me..
"My shilia lives." Tears dropped down her beautiful cheek at my proclaimation
"Anna.. Anna" she hugged me.. We let our tears flow down as we try to console each other but failed.. The memories of my parents death kept replaying in my mind and my chest boiled in anger each time memories of the past flow in my mind.. The anger flowed through me like electric and I broke the hug.. Can my life ever spare me a day without unneccessary pain..
"Why.. Why didn't you look for me..? Was i not of importance to you..? Did you miss me.? If you did.. Why didn't you look for me even if it was my corpse..? Did you ever dream of me... And wake up wishing it wasn't a dream.. Why.. Whyyy?" I broke down sobing with questions flowing in my mind which i couldn't ask ..
"I'm Sorry.. I thought you were dead.. " "you promised me.. You fucking made a promise but you broke it.. It hurts alot" i turned my back on her with my head bow down.. I wiped my tears off and walked up to Bill ignoring her as she continued to sob. Suddenly feeling dizzy, I staggered and missed my step but Bill and Edwardo caught me at the same time.. I stared into Bill's eyes with pain and anger..
"Get me away from her..." i spat with bitterness.. Her sob became louder as i walked away.. Bill arms wrap around my waist as he led me to his room.. I went straight to the bathroom and lay down in the bathing tub.. I closed my eyes as i embraced darkness..
Memories of the past flood through my mind disturbing my peace... I saw her lifeless body.. How did she make it out alive..? I need answers.. No more sulking.. I opened my eyes and stepped out of the bathing tub and wrapped myself with towel.. I don't know how long i was in the bathroom before stepping into the master bedroom..
When I entered the bedroom, I met an empty room which made me to sigh thankfully... It was as if he know i needed my space..
I changed into a short strappless black gown and checked myself in the mirror and just then, my phone buzzed.. A message..
'Am coming to check up on you..
Wait for me in your room and lock the door..
I read the message over and over again.. If i lock the door but how will he get inside my room. Is he a ghost or something?Confused, I sighed and locked the door..
My eyes became too heavy and i closed them to drift to sleep.. I felt someone tapping me as i lazily opened my eyes.. "Ardo... You're here..." I embraced him and glanced around surveying the room. How the hell did he get in here
"There's a secret tunnel that links to every room. I didn't come through the door because there's a cctv camera outside everyroom except the tunnel and the bedrooms.." he explained as if reading my thought..
"I couldn't share your pain with you in front of the family members especially not when you have a jealous husband with insecurities" i smiled...
"Am glad you came"
"Do you wish to talk about it.. You can ask me anything.. If i have no idea i will investigate it for you" he sat down on the couch..
As i rest my head on his lap, he touched my hair gently and i relaxed to his gentle touch..
"How and who. rescued her..?" I asked closing my eyes as i wait for his reply. He was about to answer when we heard footsteps approaching..
"I have to leave now.. Spray the room to surpress my scent" he peck my head and left. I quickly sprayed the room. I suddenly miss his presence.. Gosh.. I jumped up and unlocked the door and quickly lay back on my bed..
The door burst open and my husband walked in majestically.. I pretend to be lost in thought.. He sat beside me and his hand on my back..
"It's okay to be upset and sad but a problem shared is half solved.." i turn my body coming face to face with him..
"I don't wanna talk about it.. Thanks for your concern." he nods..
"It's my duty as your husband to care for you. To stand by your side in good times and in bad times.." i rolled my eyes in disgust.. I hate hyprocrisy.. He insulted my dignity and here he is lecturering me.. "Come on man listen to yourself.. You insulted your wife in public, was that part of your duty..? Was that how to stand by me in good times and in bad times?"
"am sorry about that. I wasn't thinking straight.. I was you know...".
"Jealous.. That's the word.. Jealous" i said interrupting him.. He nods....
"Am not use to feeling that way.. I handled my feelings immaturely..." i nod as i saw the sincerity in his eyes.. His eyes were on my lips and his face drew closer but we were interrupted by a knock.. What a relief..
"Come in.." he answered with his eyes locked on mine.. A tall lady carrying a tray walked in and greeted us. She placed the tray on a glass table next to the couch and left...
"I ordered Evelyn to serve your dinner in the room since you didn't come down for dinner.." i smiled because I wouldn't want to face shilla certainly not today.. He feed me while i ate slowly, teased me a little bit and immitates how slowly i chewed my food..
"Thanks for dinner.."
"it's nothing.. I wouldn't want my wife to sleep with an empty stomach" I yawn as i rub my eyes tiredly..
"Sleep dear.."he grabs my night gown and handed it over to me..
"I need get a warm bath.. I'll be back in a giffy.." i quickly changed into my sleeping wear.. I lay down as my eyes flutter close..

I stared at my father.. imagine the nonsense I did. I mean..what came on me that day. I pushed my dad, he hit his back on the glass table making it to break into pieces and as he fell on it, bits of glass entered his head and his back and that was how he got here. He has been successfully operated upon but he is yet to wake up. I have a lot on my mind but i don't know what to say.. I wish i had a good relationship with him. I wish i wasn't such a nuisance..
"You don't derserve to be punished with a son like me.." i held his hand cupping it gently..
"I love you dad.. Please open your eyes.. You need to get off this hospital bed.. This is not your home.." i cried out.. I rest my head next to his hand..
"You know i never hated you.. I was only angry at you.. Come back dad. You're a fighter i know it.. Please fight for us.. Even if it's not for me.. Do it for your daughter.. Do it for Nils. Wake up..." i raised my voice as i broke down in tears
"please.. I need you.." his chest started to jerk up and down as I heard a loud beep from the monitor..
"Dad?.." i called out confused.. I quickly pressed the alarm button and in few minutes, the doctor and nurses rushes inside..
"please wait outside.." a nurse ushered me out
"what happened" Zena asked me immediately I stepped out of the room..
"i was talking with him when all of a sudden.. He started.. He" i broke out in tears.. She rested my head on her shoulder as she console me...
"Please call Nils and Emilia to come down to the hospital..." she nods..
"I'll be back soon"
It's high time i get a solution to my problem.. I will make the impossible possible by getting help from where I once tagged as forbidden...
I won't back down until i get my answer and solution today..
This i should have done a long time..
To be continued

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