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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 39


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 39

Theme: She_cancelled_the_wedding

©Joy Ajuma Moses

“yeah Benita, he is your dad Donald ” she said
“come and say hi to dad” Anita said but Benita turned away.
Anita moved to her “you don't want daddy again? ”
She moved away from Anita, she stare at me from head to toe “mum have you forgotten our plans? ”
Benita stood confused “I'll punch while you slap ” she said, Anita laughed, she walk to me and slapped me lightly, before I'll get off it Benita punched me.
“that is for leaving us and promising us that you will come back ” Benita said and the two laughed
She jumped on me, I grab her immediately “I miss you so much ” she said
I felt cool, I've got my woman back, I need to help Mary now before it gets late.
I quickly dailed aunt Maliaka's number.
“can I take my baby to school? ” I asked Benita
“yeah, mum is coming along ”
“Benny I've not take my bathe yet”
“go and take your bathe I'll be waiting ” Benita said
We waited for Anita to dress, she appeared perfect,her beauty makes me happy.
We heard a loud knock on the door “what happened to the doorbell? ” Anita asked
“the knock sounds strange so let me go and check who is that ” I said
I walked to the door and opened it to see a tall dark guy with sad look on his face “where is Debbie? ” he asked angrily
“I don't get you, what the problem ” he pushed me away and went grab Anita's wrist, he twisted roughly why she let out a cry “stop hurting me Akin” when she mentioned Akin that was when I remembered the bully, I angrily went to him and forcefully pulled his hands off her wrist.
“what do you want ”
“who do you think you are? ” he asked angrily
“I'm the one that played you roughly and took Lina away from you, that's who I am and you're the looser”
He tried to slap me but I held his hand “don't you ever try this in your life else you die”
I said
“and who told you I can't get Lina back? ” he asked
“you will only see her but you won't get her”
“do you know where she is?” Anita asked
“yes I know and I'm the one who gave her phone that she use to call her parents two years ago, she told them to tell Timothy she was okay and will be back soon but he never believed ”
“he never believed cause she never called back ”
“ cause she is always busy” I answered
“when is she coming ”
“I guess she must be at the airport now”
Debbbi came out immediately and Akin ran to hold her “your plans never worked out, you never told me she was still at South Africa and you made me spend money on you ”
“what!!! ” Anita shouted
Debbie bowed her head, “Debbie you're a betrayer, I always wonder why Akin knows our plans not until now ”
“I'm sorry ” she said
“for all I care go in there pack your things and leave ” Anita said
“bet here, I'm getting Lina today ” Akin said but I ignored, how will he get her when he doesn't know when she'll arrive.
Anita sent Debbie away, though Debbie begged but to no avail. If she'd been nice to me that day I asked about Anita I'd have beg on her behalf but she doesn't worth it.
Benita was late for school but she was so happy, I see happiness in her mood the way she introduced me to her friends as her father.
We were still at the school when aunt Maliaka called that she'd arrive with Lina “they are at the airport ” I said to Anita
“you mean Lina? ”

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“let's go and see them ”
“OK ”
we rushed to the airport, I made my aunt and Lina to get into the car quickly, I drove to Lina's house.
“aunt this is Anita the lady I told you about ”
I said
“wow, now I see why you were in love, this is perfect beauty of Africa ” she said, I could see Anita blushing
“I'm here for the wedding so let's make arrangements ” my aunt said
“so soon? ” I asked
“yeah, I've been waiting for a day like this ” she said
Anita was so happy as we made plans about our wedding.
Timothy cane few hours later, his hug with Lina was like eternity “some one is jealous ”
I teased, they all laughed.

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****
After all the arrangements we set the date of wedding, Lina and Timothy's wedding is the same day with us and the same place.
I felt like shouting when the man of God told us to abstain from each other for a while until out wedding night.
I missed her so much and wouldn't like to stay without her in my arms but damn the rules, I need Anita badly.
A day before the wedding Anita came to visit me at my house, my aunt doesn't live there, she lives with Lina while Anita lives with her parents.
I was so happy when I saw her, at least I can kiss her for a minute.
“my Pearl ” I said, she smiled and pecked me lightly, thank God nobody was at home but she looks somehow like someone who needed something urgently.
“what does she want” I said reading her mind.
“as if you know I needed something, I just hope my love will not be mad at me”
“of cause I'm ready to give you the world by sending everybody away ” I joked and she laughed
“but I'm serious and I want you to telle nothing but the truth ” she said in a serious tune
“OK love I promise ” I said
“you'll answer me yes or no, but you can explain after the yes or no” she said
“alright stop keeping me in suspense” I said
“have you ever had s*x with Bella my elder sister? Yes or no ”
“hmmm the question is somehow without explaining ”
“just follow my rules ”
“yes” I said
“I knew it, I've always said this. You know what? You guys can continue but it's over between us ” she said amidst tears and try to leave but I pulled her back.
“Anita I'll never let you go again ” I maintained
“sorry I can't be with you, to show you how serious I am watch how I'll call the pastor to cancel the wedding ” she said
As if she was joking, she brought out her phone but I still maintained holding her and begging her.
Even me self I can't continue with that kind yeye boyfriend.


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