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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 38


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 38

Theme: she_is_mine

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Anita's POV)
My gosh what is wrong with me? I don't want Donald but I can't stop thinking of him. I missed everything about him but I can't admit. The thought of giving birth to another baby out of wedlock filled my heart.
“Mum is worried as usual ”Says Benita, that was when I realized she was close to me.
“Hope you're not worried about me cause I've been sleeping for the past few hours ”
My phone rang immediately, unknown caller. I don't pick unknown calls ever since I remember how I got to know Donald.
“Are you sure you don't want to pick the call?? ” She asked
“You talk too much Benny ” I said
“I'm sorry mum” she said and walked away
I wish Donald will appear before me now.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
(Bella's POV)
“I regrets the reason why I married you ” I shouted at David
“you can die for all I cares ” he said
I couldn't help but cry, David said he wants to take Mary as his wife. I felt disappointed of him though I know Mary will never accept.
“I wish you all the best” I said and walked out of the house.
I met Donald outside the gate, it made me freak “Donald I hope you're not here for me”
“of cause I'm here for you ”
“no we can't do anything, Anita suspected something and she was mad ate which made us to take an agreement ” I narrated how Anita said she'll hate me for ever if she confirmed that Donald and I are having affairs.
“well, I'm not here for all that and to freak you I'm going to tell her about us, if she loves me she'll forgivee for telling her the truth. Besides she I'd married and I can't believe she would do such so soon after everything we shared ” he said
“what? Anita is married to who? ” I asked
“so she is lying to me? What about the man that picked her baby from school? ” he asked again
“that must be Timothy Lina's supposed fiancé but Lina has been taken away ” I answered
“oh now I understand, so I'm the father of Benita right? ”
“yeah ”
“Anita is still mine? ”
“I don't know about that ”
“don't worry when I sort out things with Anita then I'll have expose you and your husband so better go and confess ” he said and ran away

(Donald's POV)
I rushed to Lina's house to see Anita cause it was still early, after tapping the door bell, the girl who told me she is a sister-in-law to Anita opened the door, beside her was Benita.
She hugged me when she saw me “I ran recall your face, where is your daughter Benny? ” she asked
“she is fine, I saw her healthy and strong today. ”
“Benita do you know him ” the lady asked
“yeah he is my friend but I don't know his name. Mr what is your name? ” she asked
“I'm Donald ” I said
The lady opened her mouth wide “you're are lied, that's my daddy's name ” she said, I just confirmed what Bella said but why must Anita lie to me.
The lady Ushered me in and asked me to wait while she call Anita, Benita was everywhere around me.
“why are you Donald, do you know my dad? ”
The little girl talks alot, Anita gave birth to herself.
Soon she was at the living room looking more than s*xy, her pyjamas was a fitted one which exposed her curve, she has gotten more curves over the years but her waist is still as tiny as it was, I remember how I use to hold the waist. The waist is still mine.
“Benita go and tell Debbie to bathe you ”
“okay mum” she said and left
Anita watched her until her shadow disappeared.
“you came to see your daughter right? ”
“Anita we need to talk about us”
“and what do you want to say? ”
We stare at each other without saying a word, I finally broke the silence “why did you lie to me ”
“cause you don't deserve to know the truth, you left me for good four years without a call and the worst of it all my dad disowned because of the pregnancy, do you expect me to be proud of you? ”
“you're right, I'm wrong but it's your fault, I'm sorry for blaming you but that's the truth. If I'd know you'll avoid me then I wouldn't have allowed anything come between us aside the friendship. After the last day you came to my house, you avoided me like plague thinking I'm fake but I'm for real, I meant every words when I said I love you but you never believed me, forget about the outer beauty, you're beautiful. There is something in you that makes me love and it's still in you ”
I walked to her and held her hands “I know you love me just like I do, please forgive and be mine forever ” I said
Her eyes were wet and ready to cry when she whispered to me “I missed you ”
I hug her “I'm here for good, I'll make you and Benita happy again ” we were still in each others arm when Benita came, dressed in school uniform.
“mum? ”
Anita quickly turned and tried to pretend like nothing happened but I pulled her back and let her rest her head on my shoulder.
“is he my dad? ” Benita asked again
“yeah Benita, he is your dad Donald ” she said
“come and say hi to dad” Anita said but Benita turned away.
Anita moved to her “you don't want daddy again? ”
She moved away from Anita, she stare at me from head to toe “mum have you forgotten our plans? ”
Benita stood confused “I'll punch while you slap ” she said, Anita laughed, she walk to me and slapped me lightly, before I'll get off it Benita punched me.
“that is for leaving us and promising us that you will come back ” Benita said and the two laughed
She jumped on me, I grab her immediately “I miss you so much ” she said
I felt cool, I've got my woman back, I need to help Mary now before it gets late.
I quickly failed aunt Maliaka's number.


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