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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 37


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 37

Theme: Donalds_plans

©Joy Ajuma Moses

She came back with a little girl who ran to the man standing beside the car, Anita also hugged the man before entering the car with her daughter. Of cause I know it's her daughter and I'm sure the baby is also mine but how sure am I?
So Anita is married?
No I live her dearly, she can't do this to me.

(Anita's POV)
I called Timothy to come and pick me from Benita's school. Benita was so happy when she saw him, she ran to him. She has grew fun of him.
He hugged me before we got into the car, I called the sales attendants to take good of the boutique cause I know Donald will still be there.
“how was work today ” he asked
“hectic as usual ” I answered
“you look worried” he said
I faked a smile “I'm okay ”
“are you sure? ”
“yeah sure”
“yeah ”
He drove silently until we got home, I bathe Anita and gave her lunch.
“Debbie sorry I left you earlier, hope he didn't woo you ” I asked
“no, immediately you left, he smiled and left ”
She said
I shook my head, maybe he doesn't want me again. Anyway I don't want him too, I'm okay with or without his presence.
I sunk on the bed thinking about Donald, I don't need him anymore but I think of him, why did he come for me or did he saw me accidentally?
I'm confused with mix feelings, “Donald I don't want you anymore !!” I screamed not knowing Benita was awake, she ran to me.
“mum you don't want him anymore? ” she asked
I was confused, “yes I don't need him” I answered
“but you said Donald is my father and you don't want my father? ” my head was hot realizing I was saying that to Benita, I don't want her to know how things went between Donald and I but find it difficult to keep it to myself.
“I'm sorry my little angel, I love your dad and I want him ” I said and pulled her for hug.

(Donald's POV)
I couldn't sleep thinking about how I've lose Anita cause of my carelessness, I told Martin everything so he won't disturb me.
I couldn't eat, I just lost appetite for everything, I love Anita and she's the first I've ever loved in such a way though I use to be a player.
“guy don't kill yourself because of a lady that doesn't love you ” Martin said
“stop that Martin, she loves me and she's not like other girls. I was her first and I thought I'd be her forever but things turn out the other way ”
“now do you want to kill yourself for her sake? ”
“I'll do worse ” I said, he smiled and walked out. He came back few minutes later with a cup, I know what was inside.
I didn't hesitate in drinking all the content in it not minding to ask, my head aches. Anita has hurt me but what about the baby.

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****
I opened my eyes wide when I saw the wall clock, it's 10:00 already and in still sleeping.
I tried to stand up but I felt pains all over my body, I tried to recall everything that happened but all I could recall was that Martin gave me a glass of wine.
“oh Martin you're too bad for my liking, you make me sleep but I'm awake now and still thinking about her, I'll go to her today before going to see Kelvin ”
It's Saturday and I'm sure he will be at home with his wife, probably with another man's child which I knew she'll still be keeping the secret to herself
I quickly dressed up cause I don't know what to tell Anita but she need to tell me about the baby.
I dressed white from head to toe and used my white car.
Without eating I went to the boutique, the place was as busy as bee, with many workers and buyers but Anita was not there, a little girl was playing in the boutique. People calling her Benita, in sure she's Anita's baby cause they look alike but she is light in completion.
I called the little girl just like every buyers call her, she came to me“hello sir, how do you know my name? ” she asked
“everyone is calling you Benita so I decided to call you ” I said
“wow, I've never seen this face before” she said in a low tune
“yeah, I'm your new friend ” I said, I knew it already that she's Anita's baby from the way she speak
“you can't be my friend unless you have a daughter ” she said
“yeah I have a daughter ”
“what is her name? ”
“her name is Benny ”
“wow, mum calls me Benny ” she said
“that's nice, what is your full name? ” I asked
“Benita ” she answered
“I mean your name and surname ”
“I don't have a surname ” she said, I almost laughed out loud but I recalled she's just a talk active baby.
“okay, I mean your father's name ”
“his name is .....” she was still speaking when a lady tickled her and carried her away. The lady must be mad.
I called one of the attendant “is Anita your boss around? ” I asked
“yeah, she's resting in her office. She seems to be busy thinking about something and wouldn't like to see anyone ” the attendant said but I insisted on seeing her.
I was directed to a room, I knocked several times before she asked me to come in the door is opened.
Immediately I came in she froze “how do you know I'm here? ” she asked
“Anita can't you see I can't get reed of you and you're not helping matters.. I know you're married but why can't you stop being mad at me? ”
“I'll continue being mad at you until you stay away from me completely and get a woman ”
She said
“and how about our baby? ”
“we don't have any baby” she said
“Benita? ”
“it's none of your business ”
“I know I'm her father and you have to tell her the truth ”
She stood up and move close to me “I say stay away from me ” she said and tried to leave but I pulled her back.
I pushed her to the wall and pressed a k*ss on her, she reciprocated quickly. Even though she is married I still want her back, I can't stand seeing her with another man.
I squeezed her hips vigorously and k*ssed her as if my life depends on it but she pushed me away, I realized she was crying “not again” she said and ran away
Oh she just gave me hope but why did she say not again, has she ever cheated on her husband? No Anita can't do such a thing.

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****
(Mary's POV)
“can we go now? ” Bella asked
“sure we can go ” I answered
We planned to go and see Kelvin's father, Bella asked me to go and see him maybe he can talk to Kelvin.
I find it hard to forgive myself talk more of expecting Kelvin to forgive me, I know how his trust for me will change but I want him anyhow.
We arrived there, Kevin's father's house. “my dear Mary how are you ” his father said
“I'm pretty good sir” I said, I knew where to start from, I was speechless until he spoke up.
“seriously I was disappointed of you when I heard what happened, Kelvin loves you so much but you have changed everything. Soon the news will spray and people will start blurting out rubbish about you ”
“sir, it was not her fault, she was scared of telling him that she was raped” Bella said
“no, nobody will believe this cause if she was raped she'd have told him for long ”
“she was scared cause of what the predators said ”
“I don't believe and I'm not happy with her for making my son wayward ” he said and left though I pleaded but he won't listen to me.
I just can't believe that it's over between Kelvin and I, I love him.

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