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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 36b


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 36b

Theme: Donald_meets_Anita

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Donald's POV)
“Martin I Wong blame you at all, I blamed myself for knowing you're the wrong person but I still went ahead to invite you here and now you're even angry of my arrival ” I said, I'd pulled him to one of the bedrooms to avoid problems between he and his girlfriend.
“of cause I thought you'll not come back so I told my girlfriend it's my house and now that you're back what do you want me to say ”
I laughed out loud “but you're rough, how would you think so? Well I'm not here to stay, I have some work to do so it's still your house ” I said
He opened his eyes wide “you mean the house is now for me? ” he asked
“not exactly, until you get my photos that you removed from the wall ” I said
“only photos? ” he asked surprised
“yes only photos ” I said and he hugged me immediately.
Martins is a cool rascal, he is fun to be with but can do anything to get what he wants including committing murder.
I bathed and took a nap, I was so happy within me that I'll see Anita again.
“Martin what happened between you and my girlfriend? ” I asked
“after the day I sent her away not knowing you are responsible for the pregnancy, I've never set my eyes on her again ” he said
I was upset cause I don't know Lina's house, I only know her boutique.
“first thing tomorrow morning I'll go and search for her either I her parents house or at the boutique but boutique first.”
I sunk to the bed.

(Anita's POV)
I was about to go to Benita's school to pick her when Debbi came to meet me at the boutique.
“Debbie what do you want ?” I asked
“I need money to make my head ” she said
“oh dear sorry I forgot you told me earlier, let's go to a nearby ATM machine to withdraw some money cause I don't have cash on me ”
I said
She followed me to an ATM machine opposite the boutique for withdrawal. I was focused on the machine when my face was covered.
I couldn't detect who was that cause it has been long I played “I can't guess so free me”
I said smiling
To my almost surprise it was Donald, what the fΔck, where is he coming from and who gave him the guts to play with me.
I wouldn't smile, I quickly did the withdrawal, he wanted to hug me but I stopped him “Donald stay away from me ” I warned
“common Pearl I've missed you so much ” he said
“miss your career I said and made advance to move but he held me back.
“I'm so sorry for leaving you, I never knew you were.... ”
“how will you know? ” I cut in
“I'm sorry Pearl, I love you and I mean every words"
He looks so cute like someone sleeping on money but I don't care, he is the last person I want to see but did I mentioned last person!
He has innocent face but he is so unreal,
he lied to me that he loves me but he ended up leaving me with a baby.
“Donald I'm married” I said and left. I don't want him to know I work at the boutique so I stopped a cab leaving he and Debbie.
I felt my heart beats faster, I thought I've moved but it seems my my stubborn part missed him. I just feel like going back and tell him I've missed him.

(Donald's POV)
My heart was pierced when she said she's married, who the hell is the man and what about our baby?
Oh I let her go? No she's my Anita, I held the lady whom she came with to the ATM machine “where do she lives? ” she asked
“hmmm, she's married to my brother and he doesn't wants to see her with any guy” she said
“she's so precious to me, I still love her” I said and quickly ran to my car, I've never failed in tracing people so I'll follow her.
I saw the cab packed in front of a school, I waited from distance to watch. After she payed the cab she entered the school, I knew she wants to pick the baby.
A white car came there immediately but nobody came out of the car. Soon the person inside the car came out and stood beside the car.
She came back with a little girl who ran to the man standing beside the car, Anita also hugged the man before entering the car with her daughter. Of cause I know it's her daughter and I'm sure the baby is also mine but how sure am I?
So Anita is married?
No I live her dearly, she can't do this to me.
Who is the man self?
I'll flog Debbie o


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