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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 35


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 35

Theme: Separation

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Bella's POV)
I lay sleepless on my bed remembering Mary's expression and how she was mad at me when I explained everything to her.
I never knew Kelvin was close, I wouldn't have said such and I never knew it was truth, I just hope the results turns out well.
Now I feelthe pains she felt but who is that monster that set yet up? Why did she allow the baby stay when she is not sure of whom the father is between the s*x predator and her husband. But it's bad aborting the baby, I nearly have one myself cause of constant miscarriage which I don't even know who is faulty between I and David.
I picked my phone to call her but she didn't pick the call, my fears grew as I turned several times on the bed.

(Kelvin's POV)
I find it hard to believe the woman I so much love and cherished could do such to me, I try my best to avoid problems even when I caught her in the arms of my very own best friend.
I got home angrily with the results, he is not my son and she kept it to herself for good four years and claims she loves me, that means Mary can kill me without my note, she is evil and must not be with me.
“Mary!! ” I shouted
She appeared in tears “I never knew you are this evil, I thought you're my wife but you are nothing but the worst version of devil” I queried
“Kelvin stop all this, heaven knows I love you and my fears is Daniel, I can't just tell you cause you'll never believe me ” she said in innocent voice but of cause it's fake.
“what do you have to tell me ? Why did you Kept it to yourself and how do you think I'll ever forgive you? ” I asked confusedly, I can't just control my self, I just feel like strangling her for playing with my emotions and our marital life.
“I was raped a night before our wedding” She blurted out
“oh Mary my deceiver, is this the kind of funny excuse you choose to use in a big mess like this? Me telling you I love you was an accident cause you're evil ” she ran to hold me but I pushed her away feeling disgusted
“you're making me to feel guilty in my innocence ” she said, I'd have slapped her but that's a taboo to me, I don't lay hands on women
“if what you say is true then why didn't you told me for good four years? ” I asked
“cause I was scared ”
“scared of what? I thought I'm your husband and you confide in me like yourself, maybe we are not meant to be. Go in there pack your belongings and that of your son, I don't care to know his father but just leave else I'll roughly pack them out myself ” I said and walked away, she cried loud but I wouldn't listen to that, she hurt me, I have always love her but she never did, I love honesty and without honesty we can't make good lovers.
If she'd told me herself, I'd have forgiven her though it hurt but I'll get over it, now that I got to know through someone then I think it's over.

(Mary's POV )
My fears befall me, I knew Kelvin will never forgive me neither will he believe me but I never expected him to send me out.
I maintained by sitting at the living room crying, Daniel was at his room sleeping.
“oh you're still here right? ” he said, I turned to look at him but he looked away and walked fast
He appeared with my bag, I still remained where I was “Mary please just go, leave my life alone” he said, I felt pains, Kelvin of all people.
“I'm going no where ” I said
“okay, if you won't leave then I'll leave” he said and turned to go but i stopped him.
“if you want me to leave fine I'll leave but know that I'll never let you leave me and I'll forever stick to those vow we made at the church” I said and went to take Daniel.
I left for my parents house, my parents finds it hard to believe me, I have no one to run to.
Bella kept calling me until I picked “Bella what do you want from me? Do you still want to tarnish my soul after tarnishing my image? ” I yielded
“Mary please forgive me, I never knew your husband was there, I believe you and I know how you feel, just let me be your friend for real again and I promise that I'll be the better Bella ” she said
“no Bella, we can't be friends cause you are in for destruction ”
“please I beg you by the mercies of God, just believe me for once and I'll tell you all the things I've done ” she pleaded
I was dumb founded when she spoke about all what she'd done “fine Bella, friends for real”
“I promise ” she said
“okay, come over to my parents house, I live there”
“just come I'll tell you, I feel like crying ” I said
“give me thirty minutes I'll be there ”
“alright” I said and hung up the call
I felt pretty cool.

(Bella's POV)
“honey I want to go and see Mary, she said Kelvin has sent her away ” I said
He didn't bother to answer me, I walked to him and tapped him.
“what do you want me to do? ” he asked
“try to speak to your friend Kelvin ” I said
“Kelvin and I are not in good terms so go and see your friend ” he said
I left him cause he look worried.

(David's POV)
Immediately Bella left I smiled mischievously, the main thing is to win Mary's heart, divorce Bella and get married to Mary the mother of my child.
Bella is barren and cannot give birth, I can't suffer myself when I have a healthy son.
See uncle, uncle wey mumu

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