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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 34


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 34

Theme: Baby_and_Anita

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Lina's POV)
The door bell ring at 22:00 on the dots, Akin and I was at the living room watching movie while Lisa was fast asleep.
Akin opened the door, he was talking with the visitor in a low tune when he suddenly changed his tune and began to ask funny questions.
I joined him swiftly to see who was at the door, to my atmost surprise it was Donald exchanging words with him.
“honey excuse me let me see the man clearly ” I faked as Akin gave me way. Just as we agreed his car door was open and I ran straight to the door, I entered it and closed it immediately thinking Donald was still with Akin but to my surprise he was inside the car already.
He drove off roughly, I wondered how he was able to get into the house and how he was able to make the gate man just to open the gate for him.

(Akin's POV)
"no this can't be true, he can't outstanding me" I said as I drove after them, if I don't get them then I'll kill the gate man cause he is responsible.
I drove fast, I was thinking how Lina was able to know someone like that and how they've planed to use my brain.
If I get her back then I'll hurt her since she doesn't want the love I'm showing to her. She thinks she's smart then I'll show her I'm smarter and even dangerous, I'll make sure the airport is tight with my guys even if they'll escape.
I drove as fast as I would but the guy seems to be smarter and confused me on the road, I had no choice than to give up on them.
Lina is mine and she'll be mine forever, I don't care what happens but I own her and she has no right to do that.

(Donald's POV)
“crazy you, how did you get in there? ” Lina asked
I smiled as I narrated how I'd deceived the security guy, I gave him huge amounts of money and made him to promise never to go back there, I told him, his master is a terrorist who kidnaps people including the woman he married. It got him scared.
“you're too smart, I wish you were there when I wanted to deal with him, it was not successful and I remember Anita warned me” she said
“I know she can warn you cause my woman is the scared type but talkative ” I thought within me
“I miss her, especially her frown” was all what I could say
“are we saying the same thing here?” she asked cutting my attention.
“you mentioned Anita and now you're asking funny questions ” I said
“yeah but were not actually discussing about her”
We were quiet for sometimes until we got to my house, I wanted making her presence secret but I couldn't hide it from aunt Maliaka and luckily for me she accepted...
“so you live here alone? ” Lina asked, I laughed
I have wealth to inherit from my late father which is under my aunt control, she promised to release everything as soon as she discovers I'm man enough to take good care of my father's properties.

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( #two_years_later )

(Donald's POV)
“it's more than a year and six months already and your aunt is not back” Lina said in a serious tune
Seven months ago my aunt traveled to America for work, she promised to be back after one month but she is nowhere to be found and I don't have the contact to reach her .
“don't worry about my aunt, if she's not back after a month, I'll go to Nigeria and do all the legal things, when I'm done I'll come back to take you to Nigeria. The place must be safe before you leave ” I said
“seriously I've missed everything about Nigeria, especially my Timothy ” she said
I laughed so hard “you're here talking about miss, what would I say about my baby? ” I asked referring to Anita
“we both I've missed our love ones” she said, I chuckled. I'm so happy about my decision of going back to Nigeria.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
(Anita's POV)
Benita's loud cry woke me up “what the hell is wrong with you? ” I asked watching her
“mum you told me daddy's gonna wake me up but Debbie woke me up ” she said
“oh love, dad said he won't be able to come this week ” I lied
She gave me a weird look, “mum how does daddy looks like? ” she fired, sometimes I doubt if she's just three but I had no option but to believe cause I'm the one who gave birth to her, in five months time she'll be four but she's too sharp.
“well, daddy is as cute as little princess. He is funny and fun to be with ” I said
“I'm not still convince, Elena told me her dad's gonna take her out this weekend but mine is always busy, I've never seen his image. All you say is he'll come soon, his name is Donald, he is fun to be with..... ”
“quiet!! ” I cut her in, she ran away and I didn't fail to ran after her cause I know she'll go and cry, I always feel bad when she talks about her daddy.
She ran to her room, climbed the bed and covered herself with the duvet on the bed, I went to her but she screamed.
“I'll show you daddy now ” I shouted and she sprayed the duvet ready to hear.
“daddy left us, he said he'll come back and I'm also waiting for him ” I said, I couldn't control myself as it seems she is some kind of turtore to me.
“you're my joy, please don't make me regret my past” I blurted out though not what I wanted to say
“huh?? ” she pulled to me and hug me tightly for a while
“dad hurt you before? ” she asked and I shook my head
She sat quiet for a while “I have a plan mum ” she said
“tell me about it”
“when he comes back, I'll punch him on his chest while you slap him ” she said, I managed to laugh.
“I'll start rehearsing how to punch him from now ” she said as she began to punch him.
“don't tell me you're gonna punch that same daddy you've missed”
“it will be a missed feelings when he comes”
“aunt Bella is coming to take you so tell Debbie to bathe you” I said
“oh my God, I can't wait to go and see Daniel, if he tries me today I'll deal with him ” she said but I ignored her cause she talks much
I left for my room setting things in other before Bella comes, I finally settled with her (Bella) cause she said she doesn't have any affairs with Donald.
I've promised never to forgive the both of them if they had something before and I'll keep to my words.

(Benita's POV)
“love you mum” I said before leaving with sun Bella, aunt Bella always takes me to her friends house who I call aunt Mary .
We got there, Daniel aunt Mary's son was there, I and Daniel played with his toy in his room when he suddenly called me “my bunny” I began to cry, why would he call me a bunny.
“you ugly monster ” I suddenly said after crying
“and you're an illegal child ” he said
“I'm better than you cause I have mother but you look like an adopted child cause you neither look like your dad or mum” I said
He angrily punched me, I fell to the floor and began crying, aunt Bella came in.
I told her everything “don't mind him, he is the illegal child cause his father is not real”

(Kelvin's POV)
I heard Benita crying at Daniel's room, I was about enter the room when I heard "don't mind him, he is the illegal child cause his father is not real" I entered to see Bella inside.
“Bella why are you heartless? So you knew Daniel is not my child and you never told me? Someone told me this but I've never believe ”
“I was only joking she lied”
“don't worry I'll confirm it and I'll kill both mother and child if it's truth ” I said and took Daniel away.
I took him to hospital for DNA test.
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