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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 33


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 33

Theme: Tempering_the_lions_den

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Donald's POV)
I was so happy when I spoke to the lady, I was pretty confused but I never failed to follow her to her house.
Aunt Maliaka observed I was over excited and demand to know, I explained everything to her but she won't believe me.
"what's your plans now? " she asked
"I want to go back to Nigeria to do the legal things through the help of the lady " I said
"you can't go to Nigeria now" she said
"but why? "
"cause they hate you " she said
"what about my baby and my girlfriend? " I asked
"how sure are you if the baby is alive? "
"I'm very sure and she's the only one that makes me happy " I said
"I'll permit you to go to Nigeria but under one condition " she said
"aunt I'm ready to do anything you want "
“I'll allow you to go to Nigeria after one year and six months ” she said
"no aunt it's too far" I said
“not at all, I want your safety, I want the best for you as the only survivor of my brother, I can't allow mere emotion wipe you off from this earth ”
"I know you love me and wants the best for me but let me fight for my happiness "
“Donald I can't let you go so soon maybe I won't be able to trace you again and I'll not forgive myself if anything happens to you ”
“please aunt ”
“I don't want to talk about this again ” she said and left.
Even if I try to forget about Anita, I think about the baby, Mary and her secret. I've got many things to solve if only my aunt will permit me.
I sunk to the bed thinking of what to do, my aunt changed my phone and everything so that I won't be able to reach anyone except friends from SA.

(Lina's POV)
“mum you look perfect ” Lisa said
“thanks Lisa ” I answered
“mum” she said and stopped
“anything the matter? ” I asked seeing how emotional
“I had a discussion with my mum and she promised to come over”
“really that's a nice idea” I said cheering the girl
“I'll go with her cause I've missed her so much ”
“don't worry sweetheart, we'll talk about this some day” I said not wanting to be emotional.
“okay mum, I love you ”
“I love you too ” I said, she pecked me lightly on my forehead.
We left for the Park, I've forced Akin to get us a maid, so I left for Donald.

(Donald's POV)
I was so happy when Lina came to me, I couldn't believe the story she told me about how she came to south Africa.
I know her too well to be a friend to Mary and Bella, I'm sure she knows my sister Flora.
“do you know Flora?”
“you mean late Flora? ” she asked
“yeah I know her, she was David's heart beat before she died untimely death ”
“please don't mention David here”
“why? ”
“I hate him ” I said
I explained everything to her which she find it hard to believe “I need to go back to Nigeria ” she said
“when are you going? ” I asked
“I don't have cash on me, Akin provides everything we want including the petrol we use in our car” she said
“but do you really want to live with him? ” I asked
“no” she answered immediately
I told her all what my aunt has said “what do we do now? ” she asked
“we need to wait until after a year and six months ” I said
“no I can't live with Akin for a year and six months ”
“then come and live with me, I live alone but you must hide whenever my aunt comes ”
I said
“live with you? ”
“that's the alternative and thanks for taking care of Anita and my little princess, maybe it's time for me to pay you back ” I said
She smiled “when should I come? ” she asked
“don't worry I'll pick you up tonight ” I said
“how do you know where I live ”
“I'm a smart guy ”
“really but please don't try anything funny cause Akin is smarter so let me come myself ” she said
“what it he decided to ask for s*x tonight? ” I asked
“he won't ” she answered
“he will, so I'm coming to pick you ” I teased
“no Donald, you might end up spoiling our plans cause Akin is smart” she said
“don't worry I'll not disappoint you ”


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