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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 32


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 32

Theme: A_plan_with_Donald

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Mary's POV)
“Mary!!! ”
“Mary!! ”
Kelvin called, I've never heard him called my name, his voice sounded like someone that is seriously angry and would stab me at that time.
“honey what's the matter” I asked when he came in
“you unfaithful wife, who is the father of Daniel? ” he asked, my heart beat so fast.
“I don't know what you're talking about, you own the child of cause”
“Mary I'm taking this child for test and if the result state that I'm not his biological father then consider yourself dead, I Kelvin will kill you with my bear hands” he said
I couldn't hide my fears, I wondered who told him. Bella is the only one that knows about my problems.
He took the child away from me, I was so scared and I cried.
I woke up immediately my bed were soak with tears, I find it hard to believe it was a dream but fortunately for me it was a dream.
My fears grew when a thought stroke me, what it Bella decide to tell Kelvin?
I know she won't do crazy thing like that but I don't even trust her.
I became restless as many things ran through my mind, then I decided to tell my mum everything.
I checked all the rooms Kelvin was not at home, I knew he had gone for work so I decided to take my bathe, I bathed the baby too and dress to go and see my mother.
Even if she'll not believe let her know I'm still her trusted daughter who always confide in her.
In few weeks I'll resume work so I need to mend things before it gets worse.
I arrived at my parents house, the maid was the only one at home, she said mum traveled and mum never told me she was going to travel.
I slapped my head in disappointment and left the place, I won't have time again to go and see her.


(Anita's POV)
Benita is a fast growing child, she started walking at ten months old, she always makes me happy and reminds me of myself.
I'd promised to celebrate her one year birthday when she started calling me mum, I felt womanly though single mother, I've made up my mind to take good care of her for the rest of my life and I don't want any man in my life again.
I'm tired of thinking about Donald, he was once upon a time nuisance or should I call him pest to my soul? I'm not lucky, my first love ruin my life but in still happy that the baby turn out to be a blessing to me.
I'll make I becomes Benita closest friend and I'll tell her raw fact about things she needs to know in order to avoid repeated mistakes.
Benita has beautiful long and curly hair, she's just amazing, she started schooling few months ago as a kindergarten pupil and she's start pronouncing sounds though her voice is not perfectly clear, one had to think before understanding what she says.
"Timothy is here" I heard Debbie said
"Debbie come here " I commanded
She sluggishly came to me, I almost slapped her but I controlled myself "you don't call his name the way you like!" I queried
Lately, Debbie has been disrespectful to Timothy with a reason best known to her, I was only waiting for Lina to finalize everything before I'll send her away but Lina is nowhere to be found and Timothy wouldn't give up in search of her. "life is incomplete without her" was what he told me the last time I tried to console him so I made sure I help him till the end.
"what do you mean? " she asked already provoking me.
"Debbie don't forget what you are employed as, you're my maid though I've never treated you as one so don't provoke me to do that " I warned
She stood staring at me without apologizing "don't worry, I'll create a time for you and your foolishness in this house " I said and walked away.
"sorry Mr Timothy, hope it has not been long you came"
He smiled "not really, I've been here for quite a while, how is young Nita "
I smiled he calls I and my baby Nita. "Nita is sleeping, what's up, have you had lunch? "
"uhmmm don't worry " he said
"I won't worry, but Benita must wake before you go and you both will feed each other " I said, he laughed out loud, Benita always wants him to feed
"okay you won, go get me something to eat " he said, I went to the kitchen and appeared almost immediately with a tear containing food. I took it to the dining room where he ate the food.
"now tell me how you feel " she said
"I feel better " he said
I smiled “Timothy I know I'm not Lina and I can never be like her but please take things easy by pulling yourself together, I know she'll be alright ” I said
"I also know she'll be alright but what if he gets her pregnant or the two began feel for each other "
"common Timothy, stop saying a thing like that, remember the last time we saw her, her clothes was turn and you need no one to tell you Akin is hitting her so how do you expect her to feel for him? " I asked
"yeah you're right, I'm just praying for her safety. I've talked to her parents and they've given me authority to do anything to Akin cause Lina never mentioned getting married to him to them" He said
"yeah, that's a perfect one. So you'll fight for your woman right? "
I gave him a high five.

(Lina's POV)
Being rough to Akin won't help matters at all, it makes him beat me everyday so I decided to act cool and he played along but I have feelings that he is cunning. My plans is to go back to Nigeria by all means.
"sweetheart we're going out today and guess what? " he said
"what? "
“Lisa will be coming and you must be good to her, I don't want her to know anything about us" He said, I agreed with him knowing too well that it's an opportunity.
"her favorite place is kurger park so we're going there today to catch fun. I'm sorry for hurting you but I was angry when I got to know about your plans " he said
“I'm so sorry too for try to hurt the man I once loved, please forgive so that we'll be the lovers we use to be ” I acted too, he hugged me passionately if only he knew it was all a drama.
Few hours later Lisa came with a woman, she was so happy when she saw me "dad told me you're now my mum" she said, her words sunk into me. I smiled without saying a word.
Akin came in, she ran to him happily “dad I've missed you so much, hope mum is cool ”
She said referring to me as mum, Lisa is a very good teaser I must say cause she always tries her best to join I and akin but I don't feel for him any more.
“dad don't forget you said you'll take me to the Kruger park”
“yeah, I'll take you there just today while mum will be taking you there sundays”
I gave him a bad look when he said I'll be the one to be taking her to the park.
“love you dad”
“love you too princess ” she pecked him lightly before leaving.
Few hours later we were at Kruger Park, I wondered why she so much like there when nothing amaze me there, maybe it's because my mind is not with them.
I was tired of walking around when I decided to sat under a shade while Akin and Lisa continued walking.
A guy who look familiar though I can't recall where I know him from came to me.
“wow it's a pleasure seeing you, I really need your help ” he said
"huh? " I asked surprised
“yeah” he answered
“well I'm not charity so I don't help” I said and tried to excuse myself but he grab my hand
"I need to get Bella's contact cause I can't live without her sister, how would you feel if you're separated from the one you love? " he said
I was shocked "I don't get you " I said
“I still love Anita ”he said
“are you Donald? ”
“yes I am”
I wanted to speak further when sighted Akin was coming.
"don't be offended I'll come here again, I came with someone that will suspect something if he sees us like this, I know how you'll get Anita back but you must be patient " I said
"what the f^ck do you mean? " he shouted
“hey don't bully me” I said and quickly left him for akin and Lisa who never suspected anything.

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