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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 31


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 31

Theme: Things_fall_apart

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Anita's POV)
I forcefully woke up because of the knock on my door, I know it was Debbie cause ever since I gave her room she'd been waking me up so early.
I angrily opened the door "yes? What is it? " I asked angrily
"I'm sorry for waking you up, Mr Timothy wants to see you " she said
"tell him I'll join him in no time and thank your creator that you came up with a good excuse " I said
"how about Benita "
"she's healthy" I said and bang the door on her without waiting to hear further from her.
I don't know why she just disgust me always and I've been trying my best not to be rude.
I brushed my teeth before joining Timothy, He opened his mouth wide when he saw me.
"what is the matter? " I asked wondering why he had to look me that way.
"your beauty has been increasing everyday, you're not the noisy Anita I know "
"common stop the flatter "
"I'm damn serious lady"
I blushed and sunk on the couch, “any news? You came so early ”
“yeah, I want you to know that I've missed my woman, it'd getting to four months now and the devil will not allow her to go out ” he said
I was sorry for him cause I don't have any idea on what to do and I've been busy working at her boutique cause I want her business to grow better.
I've lied to Timothy that I have an idea that was why he came so early. I placed my hand on my cheek thinking of how to give him hope.
"let's go to Akin's house,he must let Lina go cause love is not by force, he has restricted her from many things cause he knows she'll not give in to him"
"going to Akin's house is like going to the lion's den" he said
Timothy is right cause Akin is wealthy and he can do crazy thing though Timothy is wealthy but not as Akin.
"yeah let's go, you are recognized by his workers as his closest friend so nobody will suspect anything " I said
"if you say so then let's give that a trial " he said

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
(Lina's POV)
Prison in deed, I've moved on with the tough life, Akin beats me everyday, he makes me to do everything by force and told me openly that he hates me but I still belong to him.
Ever since I was released, I've not set my eyes on his daughter, last night he tried to kiss me but I'd refused and he slapped me several times saying I should learn how to move on with him.
"sweetheart, I'm going to work, say something nice to me " he said
"I hate you " I answered
"of cause I hate you as well" he said and tried to pull my hair when his phone rang, he smiled after looking at the phone.
"are they coming now? " was the only thing he said and hung the call.
"sweetheart we're going to South Africa today with my private jet" he announced thinking I'd be happy
"no matter where you take me to, my love for Timothy will keep growing " I said
"maybe the love will continue in hell cause here on earth you are mine " he said and pressed his eyes, he brought his tongue out to tease me.
"you're too stubborn and disrespectful for my liking, I've told you not to put on bra in my house but you never keep to it"
I frowned at him, he had told me to stop putting bra at home except he wants to take me out, he also bought seductive clothes for me but I've been putting on bra.
"since you're stubborn then I'll be strict " he said
He walked to me and tried to pull my clothes but I pushed him, he slappede hard and tore my clothes roughly, he tore the bra and grabbed my b**bs, I kicked him swiftly on his c*ck which made him fell and I ran away.
I ran as fast as my legs could take me, when I got to the living room, I picked his regular car keys and headed for the car.
A car drove while I was heading for the car, I was about to open the car when I heard my name, I turned towards the car that drove in to see Timothy and Anita.
I ran to them, I hugged Timothy so tight like I'd hold him forever "let's go now!! "Anita yielded
"Anita I've missed him, I let go of him to see the baby Anita was holding "wow she's beautiful " I said

(Akin's POV)
The pains was too much for me but I managed to stand up, though I've been harsh on her but I still love her.
I ran to the living room, I checked the couch where I've carelessly left my car keys but it was not there.
Of course I know the smart girl cause I was hearing horn of car, I quickly picked the remote control of my gate.
The gate can either be opened with the remote or through the security man but I have a way of controlling it that the gate man wouldn't be able to open it.
I ran to the door see Romeo and Juliet hugging each other, I'd set the gate already waiting for them to finish.
They all entered the car and drove to the gate, I called two of my hefty guys that works for me and waited for them.
They were all acting drama with the gate when the two guys called that they were at my gate, I told them what to do.
I opened the little gate for them that was when Timothy noticed I was the one behind everything, they couldn't go with Lina cause my guys threatened them with gun.
Lina was brought back to me "my love you can't go anywhere " I said
I laughed hard and took her away, I ordered for my private jet and before dawn we were at South Africa.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
(Mary's POV)
“Mary!!! ”
“Mary!! ”
Kelvin called, I've never heard him called my name, his voice sounded like someone that is seriously angry and would stab me at that time.
“honey what's the matter” I asked when he came in
“you unfaithful wife, who is the father of Daniel? ” he asked, my heart beat so fast.
“I don't know what you're talking about, you own the child of cause”
“Mary I'm taking this child for test and if the result state that I'm not his biological father then consider yourself dead, I Kelvin will kill you with my bear hands” he said
I couldn't hide my fears, I wondered who told him. Bella is the only one that knows about my problems.

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