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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 30


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 30

Theme: The_reunion_and_arrival_of_a_baby

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Mary's POV )
I was still in David's arm when I heard a sudden clap that makes me jerk up.
“Mary is it because I've been busy that you choose to make things out with my best friend? ”Kelvin asked
“bag your pardon!” I say confusedly
“my pardon is refused to be beg cause I'm not speaking in my native and I've seen everything but why do you guys choose to betray me? ”
“what!!! Honey your crazy, why would you think such a thing will happen”
“Kelvin what are you saying? ” David asked
“I'm saying what are you doing here hugging my wife and for you don't full me cause I am disappointed of you ” he said, my heart beat fast, Kelvin is taking things too far.
“Mary here has a problem with you, she has been crying for ling but you don't even care, I met her in this same state and I decided to calm her ”
"wow you decide to calm my wife by nestling her in my own house right, now leave my house " he shouted and David left immediately without saying a word.
“is this how you want us to be? Couples without trust for each other? Then let's start the life” I said and walked away.
**** **** **** **** **** **** *****
(Anita's POV)
Laying confused on my bed, I was thinking of Lina and poor Timothy, we are working on how to get Lina back and I felt sorry for Timothy cause he looks pale all the time.
Debbie came in "someone wants to see you " she said
"tell the person I'm coming "
I felt lazy and over weight, I find it hard to stand up from the bed.
I was wondering who was the person, I can't go out. It's cool to me cause I've been lonely all the while which made me think about Donald, I wish he would appear and apologize, I'll hug him passionately.
Finally I sluggishly stood up to go check the person, my joy knew not bond when I saw only my mum, I've always wish to see only her not with my sister or dad.
"Anny I'm sorry for leaving you.... " I stopped her by placing my index finger on my mouth.
"mum it's not your fault, I've missed you so much just that I hate that proud peacock "
"no dear stop calling your father a proud peacock, no matter what happens he still remains your dad and you're to respect him, you know you disappoint him "
"mum the deed has happened already, I've made mistake and I apologized but my proud father wouldn't forgive me, he disowned me instead and the day he finally came to see me, he provoked me. Mum I don't even know how you met him but he is terrible "
"it's okay dear, I'm here for you now. How have you been? "
"not good at all "
I narrated how I've been feeling to her, she heaved a sigh "maybe the baby is arranging " she said
“I pray so cause I'm tired of carrying this big tummy” I said
"don't worry dear, I know it's not easy"
Mum made lunch, she washed my clothes and Loosed my braided hair which made me feel relieved.
Ranging from 16:00-17:00 I walked around the house tirelessly around the house “take it easy ” mum had said to me, I tried to pretend but I couldn't pretend when the pains increased, I cried loud.
Mum took me to the hospital, my cry was the noise of the hospital but I don't care, I was taken to the labour room where I spent almost two hours without any sign of the arrival of the baby.
“please nurse get me pain reliever medcine”
I pleaded with the nurse.
“my dear, that's how all women suffer it, there's no pain reliever medicine for a woman in labour ” she said
“then let me die” I said
“no you won't die” mum said
The doctor came in and I asked for pain reliever from him “Joan get her pain reliever ” he said
Mum was surprised while I felt relieved when he asked the nurse to get it for me, “stand up let's go ” the nurse said, I wondered what does pain reliever has to do with me standing up.
Mum helped me to stand up "no leave her to do things by herself " the nurse said
"now follow me and do whatever I do " she said
“you need pain reliever right? ”
“yes, I answered ”
“exercise is the best pain reliever for women in labour, you won't even know when the baby comes down ” she said, I felt like slapping her for fooling me.
She asked mum to wait for me while she made me to run round the hospital shouting "fire on the mountain " like primary school pupil during physical education.
We were still running when I discovered I can't run any longer, I knelt down and scream “nurse!!!”
She ran to call other nurse, they carried me inside as I closed my eyes and use my last strength to push.
Few minutes later the baby came down crying, I felt like someone whose burden was taken but the placenter did not come out immediately, the baby was big which made me to sustain an injury.
“squat down” the doctor said to me.
I did as he said and the placenter came out immediately, I slumped on the floor tired, the whole place was messed up.
The baby's mouth was vibrating and the cry was loud, the nurse did the cleaning while my mum joined us.
I want to know the hungry baby's s*x, mum cleaned me up and made me lay on the bed but I wasn't ready to sleep.
"mum! " I called
"yes dear"
"is the baby a boy or girl? "
"she's a girl" mum said
I heaved a sigh of relief, I don't want a boy cause I don't have strength.
"don't tell dad or big sister " I said
"what has she done to you? " mum asked referring to Anabella
I narrated everything to her but she finds it hard to believe.
“the baby should be called Benita ” I said
“its not yet time to give her a name” she said, I smiled.
"she has little mouth like you and I'm sure you gave birth to your copy just that the baby skin is lighter than yours. " she said
"Donald is light in completion so expect that " I said
"do me a favour " she said
"okay mum "
"forgive your father and come back home " she said
"I can forgive him but I can't go back home, Lina the owner of the house is being kidnapped and I must help her out " I said
"then forgive your father"
"I've forgiven him long time ago " I said
She hugged me tightly "you're now a mother, single or married you're mother and you should adopt the heart of a mother " she said
I smiled.........


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