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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 29


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 29

Theme: She_is_a_suspect

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Lina's POV)
"Akin you're a fool for that cause you haven't done the traditional rites so I can't be called your wife" I said, I tried to free myself but I was tied.
He laughed and walked around the room "don't worry girl I'll send everything to your parents. You're my wife and that's who you are " he said
"fool yourself, I hate you and nothing can stop that" I said
"neither do I love you but you are my wife, you'll be here without food for two days before I release you and I'll never allow you to go out" he said
"I hate you"
"I hate you more but you are mine" he said like a weirdo
He pulled my hair so hard that I cry "never you play with my feelings because of my past" he said and walked out
I wished I'd listen to Anita or Timothy I wouldn't have been in this messed, I was weak and thirsty but no help cause the door was locked.

(Mary's POV)
"I love you honey, take good care of yourself and Daniel " Kelvin said before leaving for work, he peck me lightly on my forehead before leaving.
"I love you too " I'd said
I watched as the baby sleeps soundly, I made the baby to wake, the baby began to cry.
"you're not welcome here, I only kept you cause I dont want to be a murderer but I'm pleading with you to die by yourself else I'll frustrate you " I said
The baby cried louder and I pierced him with my finger which made him cry more, I caused the day I gave birth.
While baby was still crying I heard the door bell ring, I quickly cried the baby from the bed and start cuddling it as I ran to opened the door.
Though I was surprised to see David cause it was still morning and he comes only when my husband is around.
"oh David you're here? " I asked surprised
"yeah, I was actually passing when I decided to come say hi to our baby boy " he said
I smiled "oh Daniel has been giving me headache and I've got a lot of work to do " I said
"oh let me help you, I'll hold the baby while you do the works" he said, I thanked him and gave him the baby.
I have no work to do so I went to my bedroom to sleep but I still find it hard to sleep as my conscience makes me feel guilt.
I stood up from the bed and walked around the room thinking, I must not be bad to Daniel, beside he is my son but what about Kelvin?
I tip toe to check on David and the baby, he was with the baby who seems to be quiet.
I felt like telling him to get knife and stab the baby but can I stand It?
I let the tears flow freely on my dry face, "hoe long have you been standing there? " David's voice took me unaware.
"uhmmm, I just came in " I lied and swiftly wiped my face.
David surprised me when he walked to me. I tried to get pretend but he knew I was worried.
"Mary you can confide in me, I promise I'll make things better if you tell me why you're crying " he said
"not really, I was chopping onions at the kitchen that's why " I faked a smile
"Mary you can't lie to me and as a matter of fact I came here because of you "
"because of meee? "
"yeah, you've been acting on usual lately and it seems Kelvin never suspected it but as his friend and someone who wants the best for him, I can't watch his wife dying out of his ignorance, just tell me everything and I'll work it out " he said
I felt unease, should I tell him? Will he help me out?
"don't worry I'll talk to him myself, it's a minor issue " I said
"okay" he said shaking his head
"can I have my baby? "
"sure yeah, I'll be on my way but don't hesitate to call me when you need my help " he said
"thank you " I said
I took my baby to the bed, he'd slept off already.
I'm just confused about everything, I slept off and woke up late beside me was Daniel still sleeping. I went to the kitchen to make dinner.

( #next_day )
“honey take good care of yourself and Daniel, I'm going cause I have many unfinished works to do” Kelvin said, I frowned
“no honey don't give me that look this morning ” he said
“is that all you have to say? ”
“but what is the problem ”
“you barely have my time this days and all you say is honey take good care of yourself and the baby, don't you want the baby? ” I queried
“common honey, I want to make things easy for us as a husband and father, I love the baby just the way I love you so stop saying all that ”
“I'll keep saying it until you have time for us, you can't tell me you're working to make things easy cause only my account will raise our fourth generation ”
He laughed “is not funny ”
“I'm sorry but I promise to make it up to you and the baby” he said and placed a kiss on my forehead and rushed out
I have a strong feelings that all was not well, I can't wait to resume work, I've been given three months break but it seems to be one year cause Kelvin ain't helping.
The door bell ring few minutes after he left, I opened the door to see David “you again? ”
I asked sarcastically
“you don't want me around? ”
“not really just that I'm you are here together again”
“yeah, I'm here to make you feel good ”
He said
I find it difficult to understand “please I want to see the baby”
“the baby is sleeping ”
“can I still see him? ”
“sure yeah ” I said, he followed me to the baby's room.
“I missed his smiles ” he said
I felt cold, at least someone likes my baby.
“how about yesterday, were you able to sort things out ” he asked
“not really ” I said as I recalled everything, my eyes were filled with tears.
“no dear don't cry just tell me I'll help you ” he said, it made me to cry more and he pulled me for hug, he pet my back while I rested my head on his chest.

(Kelvin's POV )
I've been receiving calls and text messages from unknown callers that my wife is a whore but I never believed it.
Immediately I got to work, I got a text message from the unknown caller that I should go back home to check my wife.
I trusted Mary so much so I threatened to deal with the caller if not bad happened.
When I got home, I tiptoed to all the rooms, when I got to the baby's room I saw the most shocking thing, my wife hugging my best friend.
"what the hell is going on here? " I shouted and the two jerk up.
I can't believe she's cheating


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