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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 28


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 28

Theme: The_awesome_wedding_and_the_arrival_of_the_baby

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Mary's POV )
I felt unusual pains around my waist so I decided to go see the doctor who confirmed I'm in labour.
"please doctor I need your help biting my lower lip.
"Mrs Kelvin I can do whatever you want " he said
"okayyyyy...." I stressed cause of the pains.
"sorry ma" he said
" my husband must not come until I'm put to bed and when he comes, tell him the pregnancy is just seven months and I gave birth untimely cause I gave fell from the stairs while preparing the lunch so it lead to the untimely labour "
He breathe hard "no I can't do that, it might implicate me some day and your husband will not take it likely with me" he said
That was actually my fears and that's the only story I can use at that moment, I stare at the doctor for long.
"don't forget I'm his wife and I can even close your hospital if you misbehave, my dad have the power " I threatened
"please Mrs Kelvin, you are putting me into trouble " he said
"if you comply with me then you'll be as free as birds of the air and become my favorite but if you misbehave then be ready for doom" I threatened the more
I pitied the doctor for he looks like a wailing infant but mine is like that of a weeping orphan.
"what do you want me to do " He asked
"just lie" I said, fee minutes later the pains went high,, I cried loud.
Few hours later I was put to birth of a baby boy, I hated the baby so much and prayed for it to die.
The doctor was able to convince my husband who knew nothing than his wife gave birth to a baby at seven months and the baby is strong and healthy.
Despite the hard work I did the baby still lives.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
( #The_wedding_party )

(Anita's POV)
Lucy came over to dress Lina, Lina told no one about her plans.
"why are you always having problems with Lina? " Lucy asked me cause I was looking them in disgust.
"you're here to dress her so dress her and go " I queried
"Lucy leave madam o" Lina said and they all laughed
I walked to the living room where I heard the door bell ring, I only opened the door to see Timothy, I smiled at him
"have you changed your mind? "
"no, let her deal with the stupid guy" he said
"and if she's not good at dealing with people then they'll deal with her instead" I said, he chuckled
"ain't you going for the wedding? " he asked
"no I feel lazy" I said
"lazy lazy Anita how are you shame" he teased and I laughed.
"where is the bride? "
"she's upstairs with her hired maid" I said
"okay I'll be right back " he said before leaving

(Lina's POV)
Immediately I saw Timothy I was so happy, I asked the ladies to excuse us.
"I've missed you so much love, you were so busy with unnecessary wedding " he said
I pulled him for hug "common dear don't say that, you know I missed you more than you do" I said
"I have another idea" he said
"what is the idea about? " I asked
"instead of going to the church why not remain at home and send a letter to the priest? " he asked
"no I don't buy that idea, we must deal with him" I said
"okay you're the boss lady, I don't want to loose you cause Anita is getting me scared and I had an horrible night mare"
"you know I love you so don't be scared" I assured
"okay take care" he said before leaving.
Hours later I was ready for the wedding, Akin specially sent a car that will pick me up.
On our way the car was blocked by another car and before I knew what was happening I was taken away from my maids.
My hands were tied as i was brought before Akin, he laughed as the devil himself.
"he has he had, so you think you can deceive me. I've planned everything so no wedding you're now my wife " he said
I heart beat fast
Gan gan

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