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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 27


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 27

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©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Donald's POV)
"Donald I love you " I heard Rita said, my mind just went straight to the dream.
I don't want to displease her neither will I please her "I love you too but not the erotic type " I said smartly.
"and why can't you love me back? " she asked amidst tears making me to feel guilty.
"cause you are married and I'm engaged to someone, a lady just like you so anything between us will be called lust"
"I'm not married, I was only joking cause I need you in my life "
"I don't love you " I said
She broke into uncontrolable tears, I began to plead with her cause it was still morning and she'd dressed for work.
"I you to choose between this two, s*x me to show me you love me or k*ss me to show me you hate me" she said
"sorry Rita I can't do any of that pleases understand me" I pleaded
"then kill me " she said, she was angrily shouting at me when I pulled her waist to mine and placed my lips on hers for a deep k*ss, she reciprocated.
I k*ssed her deeply until I pulled away "satisfy now? " I asked
"whatever " she said and walked away.
I went to my room and slumped on the sofa feeling disappointed of myself but I don't know what to do.
I felt guilty about Anita and the state I might have put her through, I felt guilty all round.
"Rita! "
"Rita!! "
"Rita!!! " I called but she'd gone for work already, when she comes back I'll tell her I'm leaving cause I can't continue like that. I love Anita and nothing can separate me from her, not even her tears.
Unlike before that I'll clean up the house and cook for her but I washed my clothes and prepared to leave.
I took a nap which was filled with unusual nightmares, I hardly remember any of it when I woke up, all I want at that time is Anita and after her nobody else.
The door to my room was open wide, Rita came in "Donald your aunt is here to see you " she said
I hissed cause that's not true, "Donald I'm serious " she said
"really? What does she looks like and who told you I have aunt? "
"a lady called Maliaka claimed to be your aunt and your here saying something different "
At the mention of my aunt's name I jerk up, I can't believe but I know Rita doesn't know anything about me.
I ran downstair to see my aunt sitting down at the living room, I ran to hug her immediately.
"boy you're too rough, you kepte worried" she said
"aunt not at all, I don't have access to my phone that's why " I said
"yeah your woman told me everything, I'm so sorry "
"my woman? "
"yeah, I mean Rita the lady that brought me here or ain't you going planning to settle with her? "
"no I don't want her"
"that's crazy of you cause she helped you"
"whatever, how do you know her? "
"you know your aunt is smart, traced your phone to the prison, I asked about you from the staff who happens to be Rita, I'm happy I didn't fell in the wrong hands. How is my boy doing I've missed you " she said petting my head.
"thank God you came early, let's go " I said
"no I'll be here with the couples for few days" she said
"aunt can you stop all this, she's just a friend " I maitained
My aunt and I was with Rita for two days, the two tried their best for me to love Rita but my mind was on Anita the woman I took her v@ginity.
Aunt Maliaka insisted that either I stay with Rita or follow her to south Africa, I choose following her so we left Rita for south Africa.
My country without Anita was boring, I told my aunt about her but she didn't believed me, she thought I just want to go to Nigeria to live but I want to go for Anita.
"aunt I promise I'll come back after a week "
"I can't let you go to that wicked people " she said

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
(Akin's POV)
Wedding preparation was going on when I decided to visit Lina's house, I came there but couldn't find Lina and Anita, luckily for me the maid was there.
She smiled and act weird "I have something to tell you cause I love you " she said
"you love me? And what do you want to tell me" I asked in shock, a maid confessing she loves me, I can't stoop myself so low on a common house maid.
She came to me and whispered some words into my ear, I couldn't believe what she said if it's true or a cook up story.
"are you serious? "
"I'm serious and just as I've said, I love you so much and I don't want you to die young" she said
I left there angrily thinking on what to do, I have works to do cause if I confirm what the maid told me then I'll make life a living hell for those fools.
I couldn't sleep all throughout the night as ideas came to my brain on how I'll do things.

What do you think Debbi told Akin?


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