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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 26


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 26

Theme: He_proposed

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Donald's POV)
"are you a v@gin?" I asked
"yes" she answered
"alright I'm going to make you feel happy, just hold me tight " I said
She closed her eyes and held me tight, I was still plunging in when I felt a soft tap on my skin, I woke up immediately.
I breathed heavily, it was all a dream. "how about your legs? " I asked her though scared cause of my dream.
"it's okay, I know it's a temporary pain, I just came to thank you for your kindness." she said petting my back, my mind went straight to the dream but I was quiet cause it's nothing but a dream.
She walked out of my room without saying a word to me, I heaved a sigh of relief, just hoping that dream shouldn't come through cause I might strangle her instead of being dull the way I was.

(Rita's POV)
I stood beside his door contemplating on how to carry out my plans but no idea was coming up to me.
I went back to his room, "would you like to go out with me? " I asked
He politely declined "no ma'am thanks, I really acknowledge your kindness "
I felt like slapping him but I turned to leave "excuse me" he interrupt, I gladly turn to him.
"are you married? " he asked
"yeah, in married " I answered wondering why he asked
"legally married? "
"yeah why do you ask? " I inquired
"cause I can't find any ring on your finger" he said
"hmm, yeah, I kept it inside my room " I lied
"why? "
"is it any of your business? "
"then stop asking me or do you want to marry me? "
"not bad" he answered, I was overwhelmed with happiness and assurance that one day he'll confess his love to me, all I need is to be patient and keep s*xy.
**** **** s*xy kill you there
**** ****

(Akin's POV)
"allow her to come in" I said and hung the call, that's Sandra my personal assistant and I know it was Lina cause I sent for her.
"hey babe" I said immediately she came in, she look so gorgeous. That's the Lina I love, I promise to take good care of her and I must keep to that.
Once I get married to her, I'll stop her from working cause Timothy might want to hurt her for toying her heart but he never knew the band between us.
"I miss you love" she said and pecked me lightly on my forehead, I don't know why she has been pecking me without planning to k*ss me but I've planned to k*ss her in my office today. She always find it hard to resist me.
"don't forget I'm going to your house today " I reminded her.
"common how can I forget, I'm waiting for you to be fast " she said
"hope you've talk to Anita, I don't know why she hates me so much " I asked
"yeah I've talked to her, don't bother about her, maybe her baby doesn't likes you " she said
I almost laughed out loud but I maintained "when did you start all this superstition and believe ?"
She laughed "it's fact not superstition and believe, be fast please "
"five seconds" I teased cause I was through
"five seconds gone already "
"and I'm through " I said, she smiled.
"then let's go " she stood up to leave but I walked fast and held her hands.
"you're not treating me well, is it because of
what happened before? I'll tell you over and over that I'm sorry and I'm a changed person, all my heart is for you " I said, she brought her fade down but I held it with my palm and caressed her cheek.
"I want the Lina I use to know not the new yout" I said
"I've not changed, I'm still Lina you know " she answered
"then don't say no to what I'm about to do " I said
I pulled her waist to mine and forcefully start a k*ss, she tried to push me away but I was stronger, after futile effort she gave up and reciprocate the k*ss.
I slipped my hands through her clothes and located her br* and unbuckled it, I tried to message her b**bs but she stopped me and brought her head down.
"common why are shy? You know I've seen everything and don't forget I deflowered you so let me" I said making advance to her but she pushed me away.
"don't force me into what I don't want to do " she said
"okay, fine, let's go " I said

(Lina's POV)
I felt like throwing up, can't believe I k*ssed him and I wondered why he wants to go home with me when he knows too well that
Anita hates him so much. She has refused to pretend because my plans.
We got home and as usual Anita gave him the angry look but he ignored, Debbie was the only one who likes him.
"I choose here cause I want your house to be my witness " he said, Anita cut him a bad look.
I was wondering what he wants to do when he brought out the ring, "wow!! " I exclaimed
"you're my happiness and I want you forever " he knelt down and stretch the ring to me.
"marry me" he said
"hey you disrespectful human, is that how you propose? Marry me? Is it a command or statement? " Anita queried
"Lina please marry me"
"better" she said and hissed before leaving.
I smoked and watch how he placed the ring on my finger, yeah I accept and plans begins.
He hugged me tightly, "I promise you that I'll do all I can for you and forget about the past cause I'm real now " he said, he can say that to any other lady but not me.
.(should we catch fun by visiting Martins?)

(Martin's POV )
"baby I've missed you so much, just between the past five months you've got all this for yourself? " Vicky asked
"yeah babe you know your man has to hustle, I bought this house two million and I'm planning of getting another house " I lied
"oh love you too good, I can't wait for us to get marry" she said
"babe don't take it too far cause I'm still hustling but trust your man, I'll finish your life" I said
She walk to almost all the part of the house smiling, I've removed Donald's photo from the wall and I'm planning to arrange some things.
Ever since he stopped calling me, I've not been able to service his car due to insufficient money.
"baby I need your help" she said
"really, how? "
"you know we're rich so you'll be giving me 100k for my hair and I'll stop working " she said, I arced my brow.
"yeah, God's tine is the best" I answered but she'll not stop talking.
"take me for shopping today " she said
I switch on my phone and played puta by Naira Marley...
"baby what is the meaning of this? " she asked
"so you want me to spend the money your daddy can't spend on you abi? Then you're puta, I don't even need you cause you're not a wife material " I said
"haaaa you're joking right? "
"to show you my seriousness now get out of this house "
She knelt down and began to plead, money is good cause the Vicky I know don't beg. I pushed her out and closed the gate. I want ladies that will give me money noy her type.

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