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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 25


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 25

Theme: sexy_Rita

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Donald's POV)
I was slept off after nursing her leg.
I heard a cry, I knew it was Rita cause she had been acting strangely, I quickly ran to her room already fed up with her funny act.
"what's happening? " I asked watching how she was twisting on the bed, she quickly ran to hug me.
"I'm scared of the rain" she said, I never knew it was raining outside cause of the way her house is.
"it's okay" I said combing her head with my hands, I let go of her when I realized she is married.
"good night " I said trying to leave when she held me..
"please don't go I'm scared, I can't sleep here alone" she said, I felt like quarreling her but I took things easy cause she helped me and might think I'm an ingrate.
"Rita you're married and that's your matrimonial bed, I can't do that cause I'll not allow my wife to do that on our bed" I said, I know I'm a big time flirt but I know those I flirt with, I know she might be feeling h*rny.
"then let go to your room cause I can't stay here" she said, I quickly accepted and smile cause I have a plan.
We got to my room, I left the bed for her and lay on the floor. She came to me on the floor and lay beside me. "what do you want? " I asked bluntly
"I need you Donald"
"what? Why do you need need me? "
"I want you to make me feel like a woman " she said, she held my waist very tightly.
I shook my head and stood up, she stood up also and made advance to me, I moved backward but she kept on following me until my back was touching the wall.
"no Rita we can't do this, you're married " I said in a weak voice, I was weak cause her b**bs were exposed and rested on my chest, I could feel the warmth which made me feel like squeezing it but fear of her marital status and Anita took over me.
"I know you hate me but taste me " she pleaded
"Rita I don't hate you, let's do the right thing, you have husband" I said
"common stop acting like an impotent guy when your c*ck is already hard" she said
She was right but wrong, even though it's hard is because she was seducing me .
I pushed her away for her to know how serious I am, I went to my bed and lay down, I know she is just pretending to be scared.
She came to the bed and sat on, I was already tired. She rubbed all part if my body with her index finger and bit her lower lip.
"stop all this" I said in a s*xy voice which sounds I'm enjoying it.
"I know you'll like it" she brought her lips to mine but moved away immediately, she breathed on my skin, from my nose to my ear, she bit my earlobe. This send cold down to my spine.
"I always long to have a man, a cute man like you " she said
"how about your husband? " I asked
"it was all a story, I never have a husband " she said while messaging me, I closed my eyes when she unzip my trouser and fondle my c*ck, she is just to romantic but I don't love her.
"what? You're not married and you lied to me? " I asked surprised
"calm down, I want you to believe me cause I love you " she confessed.
"how would you feel if I love you but I don't trust you? " I asked
"why won't you trust me? "
"cause you lied to me"
"I lied because I love you "
"you're crazy, I have a lady I want to marry cause she is carrying my baby " I said to her.
"I know you just say that for me to give up on you but I still love you and nothing can stop me from loving you " she said
She continued touching all part of my body but I ignored then slowly she went down on me to s*ck my c*ck but I stopped her and zip up.
" Rita let me be, I'll be leaving tomorrow since you want to fool me"
She knelt down pleading with me "Donald I don't want to loose you too soon, please love me" she pleaded
"one thing you need to understand is that, you are not supposed to beg for love, it's cool if you fight for love"
"I know but just let me be your woman and I promise you that you won't regret it " she said
I was quiet for a while thinking of how to convince her more, she began to undress herself, she was stark naked her b**bs were standing like candle stick.
I couldn't resist her touch this time as I pushed her to the bed, "you want to feel me right? " I asked
"yeah I need you "
I shook my head, " that's good"
I wondered why I was feeling sorry for her, I unbuckle my clothes about to and pounced on her.
I squeezed her bo*bs very hard, I don't even care weather she feels good or bad.
I fondle whatever my hands touches roughly, "Anita I love you " I whispered to her ears.
"I'm Rita not Anita " she said amidst mo*ning, I forgot her name cause my mind was on Anita.
Am I really cheating on Anita with this cheap lady? I fingered her nipple.
"please s*ck me" she cried out
I'll do no shit like that with her, I thrust two finger in, she's tight.
"are you a v@gin?" I asked
"yeah" she answered
Tah what kind of v@gin will be like that? In short her answer has gotten me angry, I'll stop here cause I have alot of work to do today.

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