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The Black Powers - Episode44


the black powers - Episode44

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


So me and stone went to meet one of the biggest dealer in town and I bought a Toyota Camry 2017 model for stone while I bought a cool “LEXUS RX 350 AWD” for myself. We came back to mum’s place and she has already finished cooking.

Mum: you guys came back right on time,  I just finished cooking rice and chicken

Me: wow, that’s cool.

We ate as one family. I left after eating, leaving stone with her. It’s a 2 bedroom flat so they have separate rooms for themselves. I drove down straight to my house and I call kola to come and meet me.  Kola arrived at my place in less than 10 minutes, he was so happy that I finally got my own car.

Kola: now my car will rest from your borrow borrow ( he said jokingly). But wait o mikelrado, you be big boy o, na Lexus you just pick like say na pure water, 2018 model for that matter, guy I pray make I get money like you o.

Me: shut up joor, so you wan start dey compare my small car to your one in town car? oya take your keys, I don fill up your tank.

Kola: now I know you are mad. Do you want to compare this my 700k car to your multi million naira car???

Me: na you Sabi that one, oya give me your bank details make I wire you small amount now, make you sef take that one hold body.

Kola: what’s the meaning of that now mikelrado, so you want to pay me for using my car???

Me: no now kola, it’s not like that. I just wan wash my new car for you ni now. No be say I dey try pay you for using your car.

Kola: ok now, that one sef better.

Kola gave me his account details and I sent him #50,000 instantly

Kola: chai! I talk am say you be big boy, 50k just to wash car???

Me: kola, this should be between me and you o, I mean this my new car gist

Kola: which kind talk be that one now, you too dey fall my hand abeg. So I don turn newscaster now, wey I go go dey broadcast give people say you don buy car bah.

Me: oya no vex, I just say make I remind you ni.

Kola left my place about 30 minutes later, and yes I didn’t forget Benny’s tracker in his car. I didn’t throw it away, I just put it in a safe and hidden place in my room. I called d.d that I will be coming to her place later in the evening when am back from training. I also told her that I have a surprise for her.

Few minutes past 4pm, I went to school for my football training and yes, I least my car at home. Want to still keep it on a low key. At training, we were told that our traveling will be on Friday of the following week and that the tournament will last for 4 weeks. 2 out of the 4 weeks was sure we will still be there because the group stage of the tournament will last for 2 weeks, so our performance in the tournament will determine if we will be there for the complete 4 weeks or not. 3 universities is to represent Nigeria in the football event of the games. My own university of ilorin, Obafemi Awolowo university and University Of Ibadan.

I came back from training few mins to 7pm, took my bath and I drive down to my place in ganmo where d.d is. She was very happy that I bought a car.

D.d: wow! Mikelrado, you are a big boy o, see the tear nylon way you buy, I sure say this one go pass 10 million naira. Choi! Even Benny own sef no near this one.

Me: common  d.d stop flattering me. My money na mere change when compared to that of Benny.

D.d: your money na change and you dey buy car of over 10 million naira? And you are still a student o, no be say you don dey work. Even those that have been working for over 10 years sef can’t afford this kinda car

Me: and who tell you say the car reach 10 million naira sef, it’s not even up to 2 million naira. Do you even know if I will be paying for the car instalmentally?

D.d: shey you wan dey decive me ni abi you think i don’t knowas eh dey go? I know a big car when I see one?

Me: I hear you sha. So what’s up now

D.d: we need to celebrate this, wait let me shower then we going to hit the club

Me: make we enter town??? Do you think that is safe for us?

D.d: this is almost 8:30pm now, we won’t be spotted easily.

In less than 20 minutes, d.d was ready. We went clubbing like really hard. We came back around 1am and we were both drunk, though we still could control our highness. And as usual we do the do till about 5am in the morning before we both slept off.

My ringing phone woke me up in the morning, and yes it is Benny.


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