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The Black Powers - Episode43


the black powers - Episode43

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


She was right, all what happened will still have happened even if I was not part of the black powers, and they would have gotten her easily.

Mum: honestly, I still think you should talk to Benny about this. Or should I just talk to her on your behalf?
Me: talking to Benny won’t solve this issue mum. I think I first need to find out what caused her mum’s death, because only with a real evidence will she believe anything that I will want to talk about.
Mum: then how are you going to do that…. I mean finding out about her mother’s death.
Me: I still don’t know but am sure I will definitely find a way out soon, but for the time being, you will be living here. *(Story written by mikelrado 09051471122)* At least till I will find the much needed evidence or get a way to fly you out of the country.
Mum: I still find it hard to believe that Benny will want to harm me
Me: mum, people like Benny will only let you know the side of them that they want you to know. That girl is powerful and dangerous.
Mum: but am sure she’s not as powerful as you my dear. You are a blessing to me. I never knew a child of this our time can stand by his mum even to the point of death.
Me: it’s nothing mum, if I can’t stand by you then who will? You would have done even much more for me if you were the one in my position. I love you so much mum, you are my life.
Mum: I love you much more my dear.
She gave me a very tight hug. Then suddenly a soft knock landed on my door, instantly I knew it is stone.
Me: who is that?
Stone: it’s me boss
I open the door for stone and he came in greeting my mum
Me: mum, this is my boy. His name is Bayo but I call him stone, he will be staying with you from now on, you know I won’t be always around, plus I will soon travel to Ivory coast for the West African university games (WAUG). Am representing my school in the football event of the games. Don’t worry, he’s tested and trusted.
Mum: ok Michael. So when will you be traveling?
Me: next week, I should be there for like a month
Mum: a month? How are we going to survive financially?
Me: don’t worry mum, I have sorted everything with stone, anything you need just tell him and he will get it for you. Yes! That reminds me, you need clothes, please give stone the the list of the type of clothes you need so he can go get them for you right away.
Mum: ok good, give me a pen and paper to do that
Me: where is your phone? Just send it to him on Whatsapp now
Mum: phone? I don’t have a phone now, Benny did not allow me use a phone
Me; ok, you need a phone then, stone will get that for you.
She gave stone the list of the clothes she need and I transferred another 100k to stone so he can get a good phone for my mum and a registered sim also. I warned him not to use his real name and picture for the sim registration though. Stone came back about an hour and he got mum a nice phone and her clothes too with some food stuffs.

Me; stone! Stone!! You too like food, so you still buy food stuffs again, what happened to the once in the kitchen?
Stone: no be so boss, I need to load the kitchen fully for my mum now.
Me: ok o, we need to go out right now, need to buy two cars. One for me and the other for you.
Stone: a car for me??? Wow! That will be great boss.
Me: stone, am not getting the car for you to start flexing around town, the car is for easier execution of our plans. Though am not saying you shouldn’t flex, but when you do, then always use your brain. Please don’t let the car make you lose focus
Stone: boss! Lose focus for where. Boss am trying to learn from you boss, want to be a professional like you.  I will never lose focus, trust me boss.
Me: so what kind of car do you want?
Stone: a Toyota Camry will do. That big one ni o, not pencil.
Me: ok now….. Let’s get going then.


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