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The Black Powers - Episode42


the black powers - Episode42

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


Me: yes mum, she think am responsible for the death of her mum
Mum: you mean her mum is dead?
Me: seriously mum, am just confused about everything, because before now, Benny has never tell me anything about her mum being dead, even when I ask about her mum, all she said was that her mum is not living in this country. It was after that our osun saga that I got to know, she’s not even the one that told me sef, I found out on my own.
Mum: and you believe it that her mum is dead when she did not affirm it???
Me: everything is still a mystery to me. Yes it looks like her mum is dead truly, but I still don’t know nor understand anything about her mum or her death.
Mum: but tell me the truth, are you responsible for her death?
Me: mum! How can I be responsible for the death of someone that I have never met before
Mum: hmmm….then why did Benny think you killed her mum then?
Me:  I think the black powers are connected to this in one way or the other. The only thing am sure of is that Benny is getting all the info from her dad.
Mum: and do you know her dad?
Me: yes mum, he was once my target
Mum: your target?
Me: yes mum, there was a time her dad was competing for a senatorial seat,  so my frat gave me a secret mission directly from the frat number one to force him out of the senatorial race, because he was the only one opposing our candidate then.
Mum: so you were to kill him?
Me: the black powers gave me a free hand on the mission, meaning I can use any strategy I like, the goal was make him now out willingly.
Mum: so how did you make him now out?
Me: very simple, I just told him to step down and he did.
Mum: just like that???
Me: I made a plan to use what he love against him. He love f*****g teenage girls, like sugar daddy stuff sha. That day I sneaked into his house, expertly averting all the security in the house, I went straight into his private room and I hid a video recorder/transmitter in his bedroom. It was a Friday and I know he will surely come home with some university girls. And luckily for me, he came home with 3 beautiful girls that night. So I recorded everything and I used it against him.
Mum: did you get to meet him physically then????
Me: yes, at first I was dealing with him through text and phone calls, but when I see it that he was not taking my threat that serious and time was no more on my side, I just has to face him with the video and it worked perfectly well.
Mum: hmmm….. Now I understand, he will want to get back at you at any given opportunity.
Me: exactly mum
Mum: then I will suggest you explain everything to to Benny
Me: ****laughed***** Benny won’t listen mum, she does not even know that I know all about her plans yet. And moreover, that’s not the only issue between us sef, this one is just the major one no.
Mum: what is it again???
Me: the truth is that, all what Benny did back then in osun was not because she loved me. in fact, she never loved me right from the start. I was just too foolish not to have noticed it. She belong to a female cult group called The dragon girls and she is their number one.  They normally have a male in their frat, and since the only make with them is no more, they want to make me his replacement. So all the love and care she showed is just to lure me into her frat.
Mum: hmmmm……. this is serious
Me: and I can’t join another frat again. Am in this shit because of the one that I was before.
Mum: hmmm….. My son! In as much as I hate you being a cultist, but the truth is, you being a cultist is still keeping me alive till date, because had it been that you don’t belong, I would have been dead by now. Because I will still have done what I did to the black powers even if you are not there.


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