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The Black Powers - Episode41


the black powers - Episode41

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


I called d.d immediately stone left to tell her that I will be coming to her side by 9pm. Then I relax on my bed thinking how am going to pull this off. How do I take my mum away from Benny’s safe house without causing issue between us? At least I don’t don’t want her trouble for now.
For over 30 minutes of thinking, I couldn’t still figure out a tangible way of going about it, so I decided I was going to discuss things with d.d later that night. But on a second thought, I decided I was going to keep things to myself and not discuss is with anybody.

By 9pm I took a bike to my apartment in ganmo where d.d is, I met her watching WWE on TV.
Me: what’s up
D.d: am fine, just that I was lonely all through the day
Me: sorry dear, I was busy all through the day
D.d: it’s ok dear, I cooked rice. Should I bring yours now
Me: like you know am d--n hungry
She brought the rice which we ended up eating together, even despite the fact that she as eaten before I came in, she still manage eat small with me. *(Story written by mikelrado 09051471122)* D.d was the first to ask about my plans when we are done eating
D.d: so how about the issue on ground, how do you plan to take your mum away from Benny
Me: don’t worry dear, have gat everything under control….
D.d: that’s good.
We just watch a movie together before going to bed, and trust me, the night did not pass away with me 
 giving d.d the straffing of her life. We straff and straff till we were both full exhausted.

I woke up late the following morning, around past 9am or so. Meaning I missed my training again, this time I didn’t even bother to call my coach.i enter bathroom to freshen up, and when I was done, I dropped a note and 15k for d.d who is still sleeping. I took a bike to my house and I call Benny to remind her that am taking my mum to the guy I told her of the following day.

Me: Benny what’s up….. I said to her on phone
Benny: dear, am fine and you?
Me: am good. Hope you remember the place I told you am taking my mum to today?
Benny: yea, that’s True. Do you need some of my girls to go with you? Just for security reasons
Me: no need, I can handle things
Benny: ok o, if you say so. You know what? I will send you an address now, you can start going there now, my girl will meet you there with your mum
Me: hmmm…. Benny! Does that mean you don’t want me to know your safe house?
Benny: mikelrado! You are not our member yet, and there are restrictions.
Me: hmm…. Ok o, just send me the address then
Benny: yes I will send it right away
An SMS entered my phone almost immediately after I end the call. 

“The junction before you enter EYENKORIN TOWN” that is the location in the SMS. What do I do now? How do I go there? I sha cannot go there with a commercial bike. I think it’s time I buy a car, but it’s definitely not today. And just then I remembered my friend KOLA who is also my course mates that have a car. So I called him immediately
Me: kola kolinton! (I teased him As he picked the call)
Kola: mikelrado the surest niga
Me: padi mi, I need your help ni jare
Kola: oya now, yarn me better now
Me: abeg, I need to go somewhere now, can you please borrow me your car?
Kola: mikelrado! When will you stop living this your so called coded life. I mean, you are a big boy now, you should have your own car.am sure you have the money. *(story written by mikelrado 09051471122)* People might not know but we your pals knows it that you have the money.
Me: don’t worry padi mi, I will sort that out soonest.
Kola: well sha, will you come take it or I should bring it to your place?
Me: don’t worry, I will come pick it
That solved, I changed my clothes and I carry my small ammo bag and left for kola house. After collecting the car, I first branch at the nearest fuel station to fill up my tank, then I call stone to come meet me at tipper garage. I picked him up along the way and we set out
Stone: so boss, what is the plan?
Me: We are going to EYENKORIN that’s where we will pick up my mum. Once we Don pick her we will make a stop at Offa garage on our way back and I and my mum will take a taxi to zango while you take this car to my place, park it there and come meet us at zango. And make sure you are not being followed
Stone: ok boss
Me: oya open that small bag and take a gun of your choice, just in case.
I watched as stone picked a German pistol from my bag and hid it expertly in his trouser. I just pray it all goes well.


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