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The Black Powers - Episode40


the black powers - Episode40

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author!


It is d.d calling.

Me: please I will need to take this call….. I said to Aishat as I stand up and walk out of my class. Hello! I said as I pick up the call
D.d: what’s up now, where you dey?
Me: am fine, I dey school presently
D.d: so when will you be coming?
Me: maybe later tonight
D.d: maybe???
Me: yes. I need to plan things out cause I just confirmed what you told me, So I need to put things in place as quick as possible.
Me: I will sha be expecting you tonight
Me: ok dear, I will try.
D.d: you need to, you know we can plan things together
Me: it’s ok dear, I will come
I ended the call and I went back home to prepare for my football training later in the day. On getting home, I put a call through to stone to come and see me by 7pm. *(Story written by mikelrado 09051471122)* The rest of the day was not that really eventful.
When I came back from training, the first thing I did was take my bath then I call stone, who told me he’s already on his way to my place. After 5mins stone came in.
Stone: good evening boss
Me: yea, good evening stone. Hope you are good
Stone: yes I am boss
Me: stone ( looking straight into his eye)
Stone: yes boss
Me: how well do you trust Benny
Stone: hope all is well boss
Me: stone! By now you should have known me well enough. When I ask you a question, just go straight and answer my question. Anything you want to say can come after you have answered my question. Hope you got that? ( I said with a hard smile)
Stone: copied boss….. Am sorry.
Me: so back to my question, how well do you trust Benny
Stone: 50% boss. I really don’t know much about her, and yes she played a great role in locating you. But the truth is, have been seeing the kind of attitude she’s been putting up against you lately. And to be frank boss, a girl that powerful can do and undo. She will never be totally submissive nor totally respect you.
Me: hmmmm….. That reminds me, how did you get to contact her, because you only met me in that forest and am 101% sure that you don’t know her before.
Stone: boss, after that encounter with you in that forest, I was on my way to the nearby village when I met her and her girls, the ask if have seen any guy that matches your description and I told her all I know plus I was the one that took them to our base. *(Story written by mikelrado 09051471122)* So I got her contact because I want to come and meet you wen you are out
Me: hmmm…. Hope you are not one of her instrument against me
Stone: never boss. I won’t be alive today if not for your Mercy, *(Story written by mikelrado 09051471122)* you are the only family I have, not even money nor girls can come between us, only death can.
Me: ok, I trust you stone.
Stone: thanks boss.
Me: the thing is, I want to take my mum out from her place tomorrow
Stone: that’s a good idea boss, I was planning to tell you that sef. So where do I come in?
Me: once my mum is out of her safe house, I want you to be with my mum 24/7.
Stone: ok boss
Me: I will move her to my apartment in zango, so you come join us there
Stone: ok boss, what time will that be?
Me: don’t worry, I will contact you when it’s time tomorrow. Just be fully prepared
Stone: ok boss…..
Me: you will receive an alert of 300k now, use 200k to take care of my mum, and the remaining 100k is for your pocket money
Stone: thanks boss…. He said smiling happily as he confirmed the alert
Me: that will be all for now
Stone: thanks boss……… He said as he left

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