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Tamar- Episode 8


Tamar-Episode 8

©Amah's Heart

I sat quietly beside Abel at the fountain as he shot his eyes and began to pray silently to only my hearing, I wanted to shot my own eyes but I need to know when someone is coming, so i waited for him to finish praying so that I can tell him all that’s on my mind.
“if I have a thousand tongues is never enough to thank you, I’m always grateful to you alone Lord, for all your mercies towards me and this household, and also to Tamar, the girl you lead me to find and save, who lost everything but never lost you because you can never be lost, you are ever present in time of need, and always rescues us from trouble, out of no way you have made a way, I thank you for my successful journey, you made it possible, you led me out and brought me back because you said in your word that our going out and coming in shall always be blessed, I returned back in peace not in pieces and met everyone I left behind in perfect order, I’m grateful for this, oh Lord, only you deserve the glory, only you Lord not the empty gods of this land, for you say those who make them are like them, in wisdom I ask that you will always guide us, and may we always find favor before men and women, take away our fear and give us boldness to stand out for you, the people of this land are lost in darkness, they hates anything that comes from you, please father, help them to see the light that they may come to know you and the power in your name. Thank you Lord for our answered prayers, in Jesus name…..
I replied with a calm Amen, he bowed his head for sometime without opening his eyes, and when he later did and turned to look at me I was looking at him, smiling and wishing I have his kind of faith, we stayed quietly looking out to the water fall and it’s pleasurable noise, I just imagined God’s wonderful work, no human has being able to comprehend the way God works.
“I was told that Zity has being married off…and she will send for you later, do you ever wish to be married some day…
I had this fine feeling, like a butterflies in my stomach when Abel looked at me and asked the question, my palm was sweating as I began to blush, I have lay in bed many times and wish for many things, a God fearing man like Abel, I imagined having beautiful kids and growing a family who loves God, I wish for many thing yet I’m just a common slave who can’t have anything until I’m set free by my owner, will Zity ever agree to set me free, it can only be when a free born of the land or somebody like Abel shows interest in getting married to me, only then will I be free but I’m stuck with Zity for now, and I will serve her because that’s what I’m called to do,
Abel took my sweating hand into his and covered it into his huge palm
“Why do you feel uncomfortable with the question, don’t you want to have a family of your own someday…oh. Sorry, If I’m making you uneasy, you are fully growing into one of the most beautiful maiden, is being almost four years I was led to you, Tamar, time flies so fast, you are no more the scared, worn out, naive little girl I bought from the merchant for just fifteen shelling, I have told you on that first day that you are special and you truly are, I know you have worries but first in everything love the lord, put him first, in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall give you the desires of your heart don’t be define by where you find yourself instead standout and be a vessel of honor to everyone who comes in contact with you…
I kept quiet as Abel spoke, I have few question that has being bothering me, so I asked
“the people of this land, they do different abominable things, and most of the food we eat here are given to their gods first before preparing it for the consumption of the house, sometimes, I get scared while eating, praying quietly that nothing happens to me, if I have a choice I will never eat any of those their cursed food…
“rejoice, because you have something to eat, who are you to call the food bad, when the Lord has not said so, for whatever the Lord made is pure and good, for many are looking for such opportunity, to live in a house filled with plenty to eat, a fine household like this place. what they do before or after the food is being made shouldn’t bother you, all that matters is you give thanks to one God who made every food and drink possible for you to have it, not to a wooden or iron god carved by mortal men, Tamar, don’t be scared of eating any food in this house, for what you eat does not defy you but the word that comes out of your mouth does.
“You seem to have answer to many questions Abel, I overheard somebody say that you are on celibacy, you don’t have interest in women…is that true, you don’t want to have a family of your own someday
“celibacy for now because I lost to the world and gain from the Lord, I know you will not understand, I have not seen who to start a family with yet, Tamar,I walk according to the Lord’s direction, he leads I follow, if it pleases him for me to remain this way till when he calls me into glory then I will gladly stay pure for him, I don’t live for myself, I live for God alone, i don’t want to be unequally yoked with an unbeliever, Tamar, for our body is the temple of the lord and it should be kept clean all the time so that he can live in us and direct our ways, we shouldn’t defy it with the things of this world, we should keep it holy because the holy spirit which is our comforter and advocate does not dwell in a dirty environment or in a confused body, so we should keep our self clean and pleasing to the lord, if you follow the world they will lead you wrongly but follow the lord’s way and find your footing.
“I have really missed you Abel, your world is always an encouragement to me, I always feel so close to God when you are around, filling me in with the word, I thank God everyday for you, I could have lost it, I would have probably ended up like them, the people of this land, if not for you. If I haven’t say it before or have never said it enough, thank you, thank you again and again for…for… Everything…
The day continues, and during my spare time I sit with Abel and allow him fill me in with the word,
Lady Phin called me one day that the husband, Lord Reese wanted to see me and I went straight to his chamber, lady Phin sat beside him, Vim was there, Obia one of the maids was also standing there, Lord Reese spoke up first
“Obia, repeat exactly what you told us about Tamar…
“my lord and lady, I caught her again, Tamar was giving money to somebody, sometimes different men, some are even women, she is a thief, she usually steal the master’s money and go out to buy something and also give to some people by the way to the market, and also the road that leads to the temple, I followed her without her knowing and I found out where those people stays, I’m not lying, I have seen her severally, sometimes is either money or she buys things…if I lie let twail the god of thunderstorm strike me dead, I have seen her many times before coming to report her to you my lord, I could have gone to Abel but Abel was on a journey then, and Abel may choose to favor her, that’s why I came here.
Vim looked at me and bent his head, Lord Reese and Lady Phin were both staring at me, I bent my head not in shame or because Obia reported me to them but because that was a normal thing to do, i was afraid, yes, I was, but something within me wanted me to be bold like a lion, but I fear for what they will do or say to me, the room fell silent after Obia narrated in details what I did…Lord Reese spoke again
“Tamar, you know what we do to people that steals, do you know what we do to slaves who steals from their master or mistress, we tire their face and body to a tree and bare their back open, we give them hard strokes of an intertwined whip until they bleed and make sure that the whip tears their skin, we leave a scar on them which will always remind them never to steal again, why will you steal from us, you have everything at your disposal, we treat everyone in this house fine, better of than how must household treats their slaves, I thought you are a good girl , that was why I wanted you for my daughter, taking things that doesn’t belong to you is bad and that is stealing, you stole and then take the money to somebody in the market street and temple road, why Tamar…
I breathed deeply, I try to speak but I couldn’t, Vim looked up at me before saying
“Father, I don’t think Tamar stole the money Obia saw her with, probably Zity gave it to her, we all know that Tamar doesn’t steal, and why will she start now, I don’t believe Obia, is probably not Tamar she saw because she can not do such a thing, she…
He suddenly stopped as his parents stared at him surprisingly with the way he defends me, I saw Obia boiling in anger as Vim spoke in my defense, I was also shock to hear him defends me the way he did, I never expected it, I thought he will support Obia, and with what happened between me and him at the fountain, I thought he hates me, his parents returned their look back to me, urging me to speak up on where I got all the money Obia said she saw me with, I summoned courage and spoke, still with my head bent.
“the master gives us one shelling everyday, I kept mine, and after sometime, I found out I have no need of it, everything I wanted was in the house, I have being blessed with so much here, I have good food, good cloths and fine shelter, while there are so many beggars in the street who barely have anything to eat, so…so I shared it for them, and I sometime buy food and wears with my shelling and give to them…I have never stolen before, my Lord… I’m sorry if what I did is against the law of the land or of this household, I was touched by so many beggars anytime I pass through the market street and temple road…I apologies my Lord and my Lady
Everywhere became silent again, Lord Reese asked Obia to leave his chamber after warning her not to bring any news that she wasn’t sure of to him ever again, she bow and left immediately, I can see anger written all over her as she walks out, Vim was looking at me, Lord Reese seem to be out of word, he looked at me and smiled, while Lady Phin spoke up
“My husband, I have told you I will sell Obia, she is filled with envy and jealousy, she is so bitter and has seductive spirit. I will sell that girl off, she is getting out of hand. Tamar, why will you give out the only possession you got, your one shelling which the master gives to all the household slaves everyday, is just a shelling which is not much, you gave them up to beggars, I…I’m touched by your kind heart, you don’t have much yet you gave up the little you have to street beggars who are not even your people, you don’t need to apologies my child, the one shelling is yours to do whatever you want with it, you are a good child and has proven it in different ways, I’m always glad that I chooses you for Zity, please get your things ready, Zity has sent for you, is been five months already she has being married, she sent message last month for you to come but we were already use to you and didn’t feel like parting with you, she has sent another message this month that she will come and get you herself if you don’t come back to her, so we are ready to let you go back to her, we will really miss you Tamar..
I smiled and bow without a word, Vim who seem uncomfortable with the news of me going back to Zity spoke,
“father, mother…Zity has many servants and maids in her husband’s estate, the last time I went there, she has many people attending to her, why do she still want Tamar, I don’t like that Adolfo son, Chakan, he may want to take advantage of Tamar…I don’t like the idea of sending Tamar to Zity, I cares for her well being like every other person, that’s all, slaves are also humans too, if you still want her to return to Zity no problem…
“she belong to your sister Zity, Vim what is going on with you, why the sudden care for Tamar, Tamar is a special child, she is not like your April or Obia, hope all this your care is pure, stay away from her if your thoughts are not pure towards her. you baffles me, I don’t even understand you again Vim, what is this your sudden change all about my son, I wonder when you start caring so much for a slave. anyway, if the gods permit, Tamar will return to your sister in a week time, she belongs to Zity not to us, Adolfo will not allow harm to befall anybody under his care, and Zity will not allow Adolfo son to come close to Tamar, and with what I heard, Chakan is a good young man, so bury your worries my son, we all cares about Tamar’s well-being too.
I was later dismissed, and I got ready to return to Zity, a day before I left, I saw Obia, at the back house, burning incense and crying out to her stone god, I stood very close and watch her, she turned and rolled her eyes at me and continued doing her enchantment, I waited there until she was done and approached her fully,
“Obia, I’m not angry with you for reporting me to the master and mistress, I understand you didn’t know that the money you saw me spend was all mine, I don’t steal, I have no reason to do that, it will only make me ungrateful if I ever do such…
“Why are you telling me this, what do you want…you almost interrupted my conjuration, my evening enchantment, don’t ever come close to me if you see me in the mood of service to my god, who blesses my sorcerer powers…
“why does your enchantment sound like you were crying out of agony, was your god oppressing you, do you think your so called god cares about you…I know we have freedom to worship anything and anyone we choose to, if this is what you have chosen then I leave you alone, but just tell me what your god has ever done for you ever since you have being in service to it…
“you better mind what you say, because Venus, the goddess of both love and kindness doe not take likeness to insults, If you want to know what Venus has done for me, I will tell you, I prayed to her to make lord Vim to fall for me, and she granted my desires, and lord Vim started wanting me, and suddenly after few years of you being here, Vim does not look at me or want me any more, I listened to the way he defends you inside the master’s chamber, it seem you came and used your charm to turn his eyes from me to your side, and makes Lord Reese and Lady Phin to take likeness to you also, Vim, now wants you instead of me and I also saw the way he looks at you most time, do not even mistake it for love because Lord Vim is not capable of loving anyone, he will use you and dump you like a vulture to a carcass, I just burnt incense to Venus the goddess of kindness to favor me and bring him back to me and also to make me find favor before the master and mistress, I ask Venus to destroy every power you are using to get luck from our owners, I have tried different seducing prowess for Vim and it did not work, I will pray everyday, sacrifice animals, roll on the floor, I will pour earth dust on my body and cut myself with a blade until I bleed, I will let Venus drink my blood, I will burn candles and incense to Venus if that’s what it will take to get Vim back, because when he is on my side I can get away with anything, someday I dream of being his wife and owning this entire palace and estate, it will be a day of joy,a day come true. Venus has already started working for me, goddess of kindness has began to favor me, Venus has taking obstacles off my way, obstacles like you, I heard that Zity sent for you and will be returning to her so Venus has began work already and very soon it will be perfected, just watch and see…
I shake my head in self pity for Obia, and walked away from her, she acts like one of those temple prostitute, so fetish, she can do anything to get Vim to her side, and I was never in any competition with her, Vim does not even like me, he probably defend me that day because God wanted somebody to stand up for me after the accusation from Obia. All I’m concerned about is returning to Zity, she needs me.
Adolfo’s slave, a young boy came for me the following day and I hugged and waved Abel good bye, I will miss him so much, he said a quiet prayer for me as I went to meet him before leaving, but I feel comfortable he is not too faraway, i also carried beautiful memories that we shared together in my heart, those praying time by the fountain and undiluted word he gives me anytime I’m with him, I cherish every moment I spent with him, is always life changing.
I waved everyone goodbye and left with the Adolfo slave boy who came to get me and he also helped me with some of my things, I saw Vim watching from the top roof of his chamber where he stood, with a sad stricken face, and as I crosses the streets still within his father’s estate and i look back Vim was still up there looking at me. I silently prayed that Obia’s sorcerer powers doesn’t work on him.

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