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Tamar-Episode 29



Tamar-Episode 29

©Amah's Heart

After bidding Tedran good bye, I head to the merchant’s place, on getting there was lead to where he was, and he ushered me into a seat
“You asked to see me my lady, how may I be of help to you…
“my name is Leah and I am a physician, someone directed me to you, so I wanted to know if I can be of any service to you, what of your wife?
“she died, is being over three years ago…I don’t really need a physician because they can not cure loneliness, that is the only sickness that I am suffering and it hurt right here in my heart, loneliness, no wife, no children…only the gods knows my offense to have punished me the way they did, I did not mourn my wife, I did not even see her corps, the lion’s ate her up, she did not even get a decent burial, she brought the mishap upon herself, she was gullible, nothing I did ever was enough for her, she have no respect for me, and does not take my word to heart, she goes and comes anytime she likes, and I can’t just question her, I wanted to separate from her before she died, but I never wished for her to go down that way, she sent an innocent slave girl to her early grave just because she is a Christian and she hates her, she teamed up with a man called Mandioh and send her to die and there she also met her own death. And I wanted to marry after a year but I have not seen any decent woman of this land to end up with, I don’t want any woman that will give me trouble, I don’t want a woman like my late wife…
“I’m deeply sorry about your wife..
“Don’t be…no need to pity me, she deserve whatever she got like I said earlier, she had opportunity to be better, I loved her but she was harden, she mess around with other men and rub it on my face, because I just couldn’t do anything, she told me she wanted to leave me for a younger man, who she got entangled with and she travels to see him often, well I was ready to accept whatever she throws at me…my lady Leah, the only thing that hurt me is not having a child, even if is one, she conceived and always miscarry, and the one she carried to the prime time and gave birth to… died after birth, is being one unfortunate happening or the other, I prayed to different gods to bless us with children but nothing happen…
“the gods do not give children, my lord, only Jehovah, our creator grants desires of a man’s heart and is also ready to bless you with a loving family, I am a Christian, a fearless one, and God is asking you to come to him with all your worries and emptiness and he will fill you up, are you willing to drop off the ways of this land and come to God, who is ever ready to welcome you with an open arm, are you willing to drop your pain and burden at his feet and allow him to bring back laughter to your face, please my lord, tomorrow maybe too late, accept him now that you still have strength and life, accept him now before the cockcrow and is too late to make a choice…
“I use to be afraid before for the Christians, then I had encountered with this slave girl that was sent to the lion’s by my late wife, she speaks so boldly of her faith, and after she left I looked forward to her coming back and telling more about her god but it was unfortunate she died, and I’m glad you are here, I may not know you and you having all this cover up makes it unable for me to know what you look like but please tell me what to do and let me try this your god and see what it feels like…
I smiled as I quietly uncovered my face to him, and he quickly felt pity for me on seeing the scar, he did not recognized me just as expected, and I gladly reveal myself to him, that I am still Tamar the slave girl that was sent to the lion, I told him how God saved me and he stood up from his seat in fear, he opened his eyes in shock and he took some step back, I kept on assuring him that I wasn’t a ghost, it was a long battle for him to believe and when he did I lead him to Christ, after which I also told him about having two children he never knew existed, the revelation was too much for him and he wanted to see them, he was shaking as he rode on his chariot, I kept on encouraging him and speaking to him, and when we got to Rhonda, she ran out on seeing the chariot, the twins and little Jon were eating at one end of the house, I introduced the merchant to Rhonda and she greeted kindly, we sat and talked for sometime, and the Merchant began to cry as he realized that he has being a father for many years without even knowing, he wept so bitterly, and began to plead with Rhonda to move into his big house, where the children will have space and well provided for, I urged Rhonda to agree and she later did,
And after three days Rhonda and the twins with little Jon moved in with the merchant, the merchant took one side on the house and gave Rhonda and the kids the bigger part, they were well cared for, the merchant was so happy, he drew me into a long hug for truly bringing tears of joy to his eyes, he thanked Rhonda for her pure kindness. I asked Rhonda to keep talking to him about God since she is close to him now and she agreed.
My next plan, as I have already agreed with Rhonda is to let Adolfo know of his son, first of all I have to tell lady Zity, she deserve to know that her suppose dead son is alive and healthy.
My heart was so glad more than the merchant whose joy was full, he was so thankful to God and I felt like the happiness in my heart will burst out from my chest,
On getting home Abel reveal to me who he was actually getting married to, and it was Zity, wow, that was what I screamed as he told me that, I thought as much, and he also said that he has told Zity about it and she has agreed, they have made their intentions known to lord Reese and lady Phin, and has also told Vim who said they should do whatever makes them happy, and the wedding day has being picked,
Everything seem to be happening so fast, and Abel asked me
“Vim is your sheep to pasture, what have you being doing towards that…
“His heart is still harden and I can’t make him believe, he is proven too difficult, I have tried severally and yet he won’t oblige, Abel, I wish you understand how difficult Vim can be..
“I understand, and that was why God gave him to you, he is your assignment, don’t you love him, and before you played with the answer to my question, I already know you do, but holding back your feeling because he is not a believer, you want to end up with somebody like me, Godly, loving, self perseverance and on fire for God, isn’t it, remember God chose our battle, God can not give you a battle he knows you will not win, he picked Zity for me, I could have go whining to God, or even go questioning God and I will say, “No God, no, I need somebody like Tarmar, a selfless, loving and Godly woman, I need a God fearing woman like myself, not somebody like Zity who has already being married to two men and even sent her new born child to be disposed, I need a woman with less stain. Tamar I can go complaining of what I don’t have and what I want to God. But the fact still remains God is not a man, his ways are far more than ours, he gave me my sheep to pasture and that’s Zity to become my wife and I started building her up even before God revealed her to me, I accepted wholeheartedly, and I feel grateful that God found me worthy enough to give me a woman, to be my wife, Zity is not a bad person, she was only mislead, she was an easy prey for the devil but that is changing now that she will be mine. Devil must loose it hold on her because she belong to the light, she is a precious gift in Gods sight, so now it all depends on you and what you want to do with Vim, you need to loosen up your tight grip and become human, come down to his level and understand what he feels, reveal who you are, do not be on this Khimar for long because there’s no much time, God has brought you back, he doesn’t want you to go wearing Khimar all the time, you are Tamar, you are very special in the eyes of the most high, God gave you a high battle because he counts you worthy, you are the light, don’t allow anything to hold you down from shining Tamar, I love you, like a brother to a sister and God set you on my way for me to guide you through and not to marry you as much as that would have seen right and pleasing in a man’s eyes but not with God, go and do whatever you have to do for Vim, he is the only one left in this household to come to Christ, if you need wisdom ask our generous God and he will give it to you, God will not rebuke you for asking, Vim will be on fire for God if he happens to accept God, he will be on real fire and that’s why the devil has hardened his heart from believing now is your job to rebuke the devil for his sake and the enemy will flew from him, draw him to God and let him know there’s a God in heaven, who rules among men and has the universal in the palm of the palm of his hand.
I took time to pray to God to help me, I visited Adolfo and Eura, and they were so happy to have me around, I stayed with them and I was treated as if I am the queen of the land, and when I left I visited the merchant and Rhonda and stayed with them and the Merchant told me he wants to make Rhonda his wife, I asked Rhonda what she thinks, she said they have being talking about God and praying together and the Merchant is a good man and she is also willing to accept and become his wife,
I was so happy for both of them, God who has orchestrated this will forever be praise. I returned back, it was as if I was going in cycle, God using me for couples to be married and yet I don’t have a man to call mine, and Vim, it was as if it will take a big work to make him believe, I have being asking God to help me for his sake.
As the day break, I waited to noon and went to knock on Vim’s chamber, he opened up, I look through my Khimar to his face, he stood far head taller than me, Vim was a handsome man and will be most lady’s dream man, he looks like he was busy in his chamber, he has a writing feather in his hand, he stood looking at me despite he can’t see me through, I breathed deeply again at his sight, he stood there without saying a word
“Kind greetings to you my lord, please can i speak with you…oh I guess you are busy…I can come back later…
“sure, you can speak with me…do you care to come in, don’t be scared I will leave my chamber open, I don’t bite people. yes, I was busy, the accountant sent in father’s good’s figure from the port, and I did not want to trouble Abel since he is preparing for his upcoming wedding with Zity, so I needed to take my time to do all the figure, to know our profit and the lost, being working on it for days, is actually a big work and I needed all the concentration to do that, but not withstanding, I can stop for now and continue later…funny enough I have being wanting to see you too, and I guess you have being out for weeks and have not being around here, I buried myself with work and hardly comes out of my chamber except when necessary…please come right in Leah…
He ushered me into his big chamber, and I entered, he left the chamber door open like he has said, I saw all the paper work, the ink and other writing feather on his reading table, he has even being working at night because I saw a Lamp at one end of the reading table. I sat and he draw a chair and sat in front of me, leaving distance between us, he smile before saying
“So what do you have for me my lady…I’m all ears
“God and myself….
He was silent before saying again
“Well then, you and God, very interesting, go ahead, they both seem to be an interesting topic. Especially you, I will like to hear more about you and less about God, I am more interested in you than I am with God, but just say whatever you have to say, I am here to listen my lady.
I silently prayed that God will help me with Vim difficult heart, because just sitting under his inquisitive gaze I lost word to say or even how to start, how will I make him to listen, especially when it comes to God, he stared at me as I rub my two sweating palm together, I know I love this fine man but I just wish he can stop being so harden and soften up a little for God to work through him, as Abel has said, he will be on fire for God if he accept Christ and that is why the devil has harden his heart, Abel said Vim is my sheep to pasture, but sitting right here, I don’t even know how to start pasturing him, then just at that moment Vim said something that I have to laugh about making the environment less tense than it was before. I eased up from his joke as he kept looking at me with a smile plastered on his face.

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