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Tamar-Episode 16



Tamar-Episode 16

©Amah's Heart

Zity and Adolfo were seriously working on their separation, they have both gone to see Lord Reese and Lady Phin, I did not go with them, Zity asked me to stay back at Adolfo’s house, and I did, they went their twice and I guess her parents later agreed, back at Adolfo’s house I watch as Zity was always acting harsh to Adolfo, who never paid her any attention, I felt pity for him.
one day I decided to speak to Zity
“My lady, are you sure you want to do this, have you thought it through…is it really what you want…please my lady, take it easy on Adolfo, you know he lost his wife many years ago, and now you are leaving him, he will feel like a failure, make him understand why you have to leave in a peaceful and understandable way, not in fight or trouble…it will make him have a sense of belonging…but if you still want to try and make it work with him, Adolfo will be so happy and you will see the good man in him and love him, I don’t want you to make a mistake, that was why I asked if this is really what you want…
“Yes, is what I want Tamar, you shouldn’t even be asking this because you know how much I have suffered in this marriage, is time to be free. Time to be with the man I really want, Chakan is all I want Tamar, not his father, I told mother and father they will never talk me out of it, I want to be free from Adolfo, I don’t love him and I can never love him, I need to breath and live the life I have always wanted, why do you even care what Adolfo feels or thinks, you should be more worried about me not Adolfo, I’m your mistress, so whatever I do you have to support me, either good or bad because you belong to me not to my parents or Adolfo, do you understand me Tamar…
“Yes my lady.
I went to see Adolfo in his study one day, and he was talking and laughing with Eura, he seem to be himself, as he speak with Eura, he looks happy not the worried man he use to be, since I came back he seem so unbothered with Zity attitude, I was glad that Eura brought back the sparkle in his eyes,
They were happy to see me as I joined them, and we talked and laughed, I later told Eura that I will like to speak to Adolfo alone and she bow and excused us
“You seem so happy Adolfo, you are not really bothered that Zity is leaving you…you don’t look sober at all..
“life present choices for us to make, mine was either to be sad, think about the unfortunate happenings in my life, think about my late wife, who died leaving me shattered and after years of being alone or to think about now, and how to find joy again even if is in a strange place, Tamar, when I decided to marry again, it was not just to marry but also to have a friend in my wife, a companion, a helper and supporter, I ended up with a young girl who has so much passion for life and want to live it to the fullest, a young girl whose parents forced into settling with me and I made her look miserable, I ended up with a lady who doesn’t like or want me like I do, I wanted it to work, I wanted her to see me as both her husband and a friend, and to respect me like she will do to her father, but I see that can never happen, I was already loosing my mind after loosing my son that she bore for me, I wish he was alive maybe he would have united I and Zity and make Zity see reason to love me, but I can’t force her ,Tamar I can’t do that anymore, she has made her decision to go and I have made mine to accept and be happy…
I was quiet as I wonder if Adolfo knows who Zity was planning to leave him for, has he found out, I wondered if Adolfo knows that it was his son chakan that has always being Zity’s wish, will Adolfo agree if he finds out, I also wondered if Chakan has accepted to marry his father’s ex wife, so many things was going through my mind as Adolfo speaks so I asked
“Do you know if Zity is planning to marry another man, or she just want to go back to her parent’s house, I mean…do you think she has another man…
“hahahaha, you are funny Tamar, you are Zity’s personal maid, you know what goes in and out around her, I suppose to be asking you that not you asking me, but I understand that you probably did not want to expose your mistress to any danger, and unfortunately Zity wouldn’t care if I know or not, but I do know, we all know who she wants, I knew it was because of her Chakan moved out, I knew she wanted my son, I started noticing when Chakan was still living here before he moved out, Zity always wanted to be around him, she ignores me whenever Chakan is around, she always want to be seen with him, she goes to his chamber uninvited, I have hard them argue over something which I refuse to pay attention to, is better I don’t listen to what may kill me, I refuse to know or believe that Chakan was having something with her, and when Chakan suddenly moved out I knew it was because of Zity, my son respects me so much and that’s is more reason I trust him, so he came down one day and I asked him, he stammered a bit, he didn’t want to say but I assured him it was fine, and he told me that him and Zity use to be lovers, he was the one Zity was coming to look for in the estate back then when I saw her, I asked him why he didn’t tell me all this while, despite I had this dream and my late wife came and said she will lead me to the light but if Chakan has told me about her I wouldn’t have put my leg, I know Zity’s father and mother will not want her to marry a younger man because of the general believe that the young will not value their wife but those with experience will, people give out their daughter to men older than them with at least ten years, so Chakan wouldn’t have gotten a chance to be with Zity. Later, i thought Zity has forgotten about Chakan and will come around but she never did, there was a day my son came and we talked at the garden and Zity brought drink only for my son, I had mine beside me already, but with the special way she treated the cup of drink by keeping it far from me it calls for questioning, but I did not think of it, I asked Chakan to go get me something inside and before he came back I have already finished his drink, which taste normal, I can’t forget the way I felt that day, after sometime, my body began to shake, but I held unto myself thinking I have had too much to drink, Chakan later left and I felt blown out of myself, my bladder was so hot I couldn’t even control myself, it was unlike me, the only thing I was thinking at that time was Zity, I wanted Zity, I needed Zity, I was going Crazy, as I ran to her chamber without thinking and…and forcefully lay with her without her consent, I swear to the gods of this land, I did not just know what happen to me, and I felt so bad when I got myself, she was weeping silently, I felt like beating myself, I felt stupid, forcefully making out with a woman, wife or not wife is totally wrong, so i apologise with everything possible, begging her to forgive me and she later did, so one day after months of this incident, I started thinking of the whole thing again, how I manage to fell into such act, and I traced it to the drink that was meant for Chakan which I drank, I just couldn’t think of anything else, I couldn’t think of anything that will make me behave the way I did that day but even at that. I decided to waved it off, counting on the impossibility of Zity doing such, she may hate me but she will not want to put love potion for my son to lay with her, It was impossible, where will she even get the portion when she hardly go out, she only have the merchant’s wife who comes around and they became close friends, well I took it off my chest, so recently as everything keep going bad instead of getting better between I and Zity, one day she came to my study, I was happy thinking she has come to check up on me which was unlike her, she told me she wanted out of the marriage, I pulse for sometime as she curse and swear that if I don’t let her go she will kill herself, she was shouting out on how she hates me and all that, she boldly told me she wanted to be with Chakan, that she and Chakan were meant to be before I came to marry her and has made her life miserable, she said she wanted chakan and anybody that oppose it, she will kill herself or run away, that chakan also wants her but has kept away because she got married to me, she kept talking angrily and i didn’t argue or say a word, Zity was only being childish and I totally understand and I wanted her to be with the person she said she wanted not withstanding that Chakan is my son, if Chakan still wants her then they should be with each other, she was surprise I said okay, I told her we will do the normal separation terms and she can be free again to be with whoever she chose to be with, she was happy at the end before leaving, I called my son and told him my decision of letting Zity go, I asked him if he still want Zity and he was shock at my question, I told him we are separating for good, I want her to be happy and I equally deserve to be happy, he was quiet for sometime as I urged him not to be afraid to speak and he said he doesn’t really want her, he has already forgotten whatever he and Zity had before, after she got married to me, I told him that he should try and see if it will work out between them since Zity wants him and made it known to me without shame, he said okay, he will do that….and here we are, by next week Zity will finally be free, I went to the parents the other day and spoke with them about separating from their daughter and they were shock, they sent for Zity and she came and insisted on what she wanted and lord Reese and Lady Phin apologise to me and I told them is all for the best, I watch as they try to talk to Zity but she was stiff-necked and told them they can’t change her mind, they made a choice for her which she regretted ever listening to them, she said she will never allow them to do that and that her decision will stand this time, and at the end they let her be. So once we are legally free from the marital vow we took she can be with Chakan as she has always wanted…
I thanked Adolfo for sharing the whole thing with me, I don’t know what will happen with him or if he will marry again but I’m certain that Zity was making a wrong choice, Adolfo was a good man, who loved her, I silently pray that Chakan will genuinely love Zity like his father did.
A day came and I followed Zity to Chakan’s house, I noticed that Zity has being going to his place even when I was back to Lord Reese house, Chakan seem pleasant to see her as we were ushered in by one of his slaves, the kitchen maid brought different delicacy for Zity, I saw one cleaning some sculpture on Chakan’s open chamber, the slave girl was tall and beautiful, and Zity felt threatened,
“When did you buy this one, she was not here the last time I came…
“four weeks ago, she was here, you probably did not see her or notice her, she is a tivi girl…is there a problem…
“Must you buy a tivi girl, they are usually lazy, they only knows how to look beautiful and flex their waist up and down seductively, I don’t like this one…sell her off,
“Why, why should I sell her when she has done nothing wrong…just because you don’t like her, Shamara is not what you take her to be. Take a grip at yourself Zity and stop acting like a spoilt child, this is my house…
“is also going to be my house soon…stop making me look like a stranger..
I don’t like the way you talk to me, is it a crime that I love you…what is even wrong with you, we are not married yet and you are already calling me spoilt child, what kind of man are you, I have always wanted you Chakan but your father came and overshadowed everything, he made my life a living hell, all I think of everyday is you…Adolfo was driving me crazy and..
“Zity, Zity that’s enough, enough of all this nonsense, you didn’t want my father, you made that obvious and we all get it, now we are getting back together, just like you have always wanted, learn to respect my father when you talk about him, learn to show some respect, he is still my father and will always be, I will not tolerate any insult from you, I am not so petty like my father you better know that…
I watched as Zity eye got soiled with tears and she wanted to cry and Chakan has to go and pet her again, I excused myself and went outside, and waited outside for a very long time and even night came and settled and Zity did not show up, at the end I have to ask Shamara were I can lay my head for the night since my mistress was here and Shamara showed me where to pass the night.
The following day Zity came out and we left,
after two weeks she found out she was pregnant for Chakan even before her wedding. She was finally separated from Adolfo and hurried up with the small union with Chakan, it wasn’t much gathering, it was just the family coming together to bind them in marriage and they were married.
I know it will not be all rosy with Zity, I know Chakan easily get offended and Zity will always want to cry to get his attention, but it may not work for her always, it was obvious that Chakan doesn’t love her like before, Zity still feels threatened with Shamara, Okra still comes around to Zity’s new home, I know things will get bad, but I’m asking God to help Zity in all of this, and also to help me.
now she is with the man she has always wanted to be with and she is already carrying his child, which is few weeks old, and Zity feel good with everything except when she sees Shamara pass,
I may not know what the future hold for everyone of them but I plead with God to be in the center of it, and to help me in all the trouble that is yet to come.

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