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Princess Amarachi - Chapter Six


Princess Amarachi - Chapter Six

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

“I was determined to carry out the task,” Onyedika continued sorrowfully and regrettably too, “but on a second thought, when I met you at the stream,” he added looking remorsefully at Amy, “I began to think twice about the entire over ambitiousness of my dad and his group to ensure that the king remains in the past or not even seen anymore,”
Amy picked some salient points in the last statement, so she brandished her hand in the air and made the confessor to pause.
“You sounded as if you know where the king is hidden,” Amarachi said looking suspicious at Onyedika. Coming closer to him, she held him by the shoulder and fixed her eyes on his brown eyes to ensure he doesn’t lie, even though Onyedika was cunningly shifting his glance, “What are you hiding? Or let me say why are you being economical with the truth? Where is my dad?”
Onyedika muted for a while, looking absently on the floor and nodding his head like an agama lizard at intervals. He was lost in thoughts and short of words because he wasn’t sure of what to say and how to say it, especially while Dave’s piercing looks were centred on him, making him jittery and insecure.
“Your dad was kidnapped by Okwatulueze group,” Onyedika said making both Dave and Amy change their positions out of interest and keenness to hear more but Onyedika shook his head as if he was in regret for being vocal about it.
“Go on, please,” Dave said friendlily this time just to make the prisoner feel free to talk more.
“Where did they keep him so that we can storm the place and rescue him?” Amy said tearfully as she fidgeted.
“There is nothing like Okwatulueze group anymore but Ozo bu Iwem,” Onyedika said, making his audience more confused.
“I don’t get,” Amy mouthed solemnly as she tried to reminisce on what could have happened to her dad, “Can you just tell me where they kept my dad, please?”
Onyedika was lost in speechlessness as he gazed inattentively on the rough floor, gnawing his teeth absently as he panted uncontrollably.
He wasn’t just in the good mood to talk but amid that moodiness and gloom, he still battled with his conscience to keep confessing the truth that kept pricking his conscience.
“There arose a clash between the Okwatulueze and Ozo bu Iwem groups concerning who takes the possession of the abducted king because, in the tradition of the fraternities, any group that ends up possessing the king becomes the group that would produce the next king. Chukwu Abiama (God) who protects the kings wouldn’t be strong enough to fight those who usurp the powers of the king when the king is under their care and in their captivity. It’s not easy to take over the throne without chaining or confining the spirit of the late king first,”
“Please, wait,” Amarachi said waving in the air out of impatience “is my dad late? Please be candid and completely honest without mincing words,”
she urged craving for the truth but afraid of the answer she’d get.
“I don’t know,” Onyedika said and shrugged out of dismay making Amy heave a sigh of relief and uncertainty, “No one knows because, according to what I heard from my dad, there was a book that the king was reading in his secret library when he was kidnapped. The book, according to his revelation can protect the king, even though they didn’t allow him to finish reading it before abducting him. So we’re now confused if he’s alive or dead,”
The more Amy listened to the story, the more she got more confused and impatient, even though she just remembered the mind-reading method which was obviously what the king was trying to do for his protection before he was captured.
Dave was lost because he understood nothing but believed that Amy did; therefore, she would explain to him later.
“This isn’t adding up. The dots aren’t connecting,” Amy complained confusingly, “You said that my dad was captured by the Okwatulueze group, and then a clash ensued between the two felonious groups concerning the possession of my dad’s body. What then transpired between the two groups and how did my dad end up? Where is he now?”
“There was mass murder,” Onyedika muttered as if he didn’t want any other person to hear him.
“How?” Dave asked still looking confused, “who murdered who massively?”
Thoughtfully Onyedika pulsated and cleared his throat while the two listeners were ardent and listening raptly.
“The two groups slaughtered each other as they struggled for the possession of the abducted king,” Onyedika answered straightforwardly, “that was how the Okwatulueze group was eliminated from the picture. Now, the Ozo bu wem group ave taken over the struggle for kingship but the problem is that none of them could give an account of how the king who was left in a secret room disappeared. They are now confused and in search of any clue that could lead them back to him for final execution,”
There was a moment of hush because they were all left in confusion; even Onyedika was more confused the more he narrated his side of the story.
Taking a deep breath, Onyedika continued falteringly: “The...the...youths of the village who supp...support the Ozo bu wem group caught me having a dialogue with the princess at Eke Ubulu stream, so they knew that I had betrayed them, that was why they waited for me at the pathway leading to my house. They forced me to lead them to the princess since she was still on her way home, but being that I wanted to save the princess by buying more time for her, I took them to the fiancĂ©’s car because once I saw the registration number written DAVE, I told them that we could start by destroying the car. I didn’t mean to destroy the car but in a bid to buy more time to save the princess,”
Dave shuddered at this point because he couldn’t imagine how Onyedika knew it was his car while he claimed to be the angel that just repented.
“Have we met before?” Dave asked as the knock on the door intensified signifying that they should open the door for whoever was knocking to be let in.
“Dave, you haven’t met me but I have met you on several occasions,” Onyedika divulged, making the listeners to be wowed.
“How? Tell us,” Amy asked looking inquisitive while Dave’s lips fell apart in awe as he looked intently at the mysterious confessor.
“Ozo Odenjinji masterminded the dethronement of the king but he couldn’t accomplish his task before he was captured and jailed...”
“Wait...wait...” Amarachi retorted courteously as doubtful thoughts wafted through her, “I thought Ozo Odenjiji left Ubulu and never returned; changing his identity entirely,”
“I am also a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka,” Onyedika continued without heeding to Amy’s question, “and the aforementioned man took care of my schooling just for me to be an undercover who would help him eliminate Dave,”
Dave smiled impishly out of anger but with traces of fears inside of him inviting grains of sweat on his temple. Shudderingly, he asked: “He took care of your schooling just to get at me? Why?”
“When Ozo Odenjinji was jailed, I knew that apparently, there was no hope for me in school anymore,” Onyedika averred not heeding to Dave’s question too, “so I came back to the village to continue from where I stopped; igniting troubles and politicking just to take care of my schooling. Soon, the holiday would end but I have no hope of going back to school because my plans are jinxed. So, to answer your question, Dave,” he said and looked Dave in the eyes, “I know a lot about you, Dave, that’s why I’m so afraid of you because I know what you can do; especially when the love of your life is involved. I apologise, but before you open the door for the impatient knocker, you guys should meet the oldest man in the village because he knows a lot of history than most of us here. And he has a clue that can help locate the king but he wouldn’t talk to anyone about it except the royalties. You guys should act fast because the Ozo bu rIwem group are already breathing threats against him, so he isn’t safe anymore,”
Amarachi and Dave were shocked to stupor at this revelation because they never knew that Uremma’s dad also had an interest in taking over the throne while he made it seem as if he was from Agulu village just to ensure he hatches his plans and comes back to Ubulu to take over the kingship and rulership.
“There is more to the story that Ozo Odenjiji didn’t reveal to us,” Amy said convincingly to herself and got up angrily. And to Onyedika, she said: “do you wish to be taken to the police or remain confined in the palace cell?”
Onyedika smiled sheepishly and said: “None of the options is good because my dad would surely storm the palace and that could be war and I don’t want that,”
“What do you want?” Amy asked looking confused and furious.
“You don’t give him any choice. He is a prisoner!” Dave blurted and held Onyedika on the throat until he began to choke but Amy stopped him.
“Don’t kill this guy because if I’d allowed you to act as furious as you wanted to, none of the things he said would be revealed, “Let’s know what he wants. Do we involve the police, Onyedika?”
“Ozo bu Iwem group has infiltrated many authorities including the local security forces. Taking me to the police may thwart your efforts because I’d be freed in no time,”
“This is serious,” Dave said and slapped him gently on the cheek.
“You’re a player and I suspect you a lot,”
“Let me advise you, Dave,” Onyedika said audaciously looking boldly without fear into Dave’s eyes, “Amarachi is wiser, always listen to her,”
Dave wanted to contest that or even pounce down on him but since it was still a compliment to his fiancée, he simply smiled and nibbled his lips.
“Why then are you trying to make your escape difficult?” Amy asked looking at Onyedika who was gradually gaining his confidence amid the deafening knock at the door.
“Because I don’t want to work for my dad or any bad group anymore,” Onyedika said tearfully, “I’ve come to realise that my life is worth nothing if I continue leaving this way. I wouldn’t mind dying just for you guys to succeed in your quest, but all I need is to be hidden away from my dad or the Ozo bu Iwem group. I don’t even know the members of the group. Most youths don’t, except those whose dads belong there. Aside from their dads, they know nothing. It’s so secretive that we’re all left in the dark, working for unknown lords and forces,”
“So where will be safe for you to hide?” Dave asked sounding humble this time.
“I don’t know, but just take me to anywhere that won’t be the palace or the police station,” Onyedika said and stood.
“Better be fast about it,”
“I’m bereft of suggestions,” Amy whispered to Dave, “do you have any?”
After some thoughts, Dave smiled and said: “I think, I do,” So he typed something on his phone and gave it to Amy to read.
Amy looked through it and saw it written boldly: “LET’S TAKE HIM TO MY DAD’S PALACE CELL,”
“Nice one,” Amy said and smiled back at Dave, “but we need to locate Anyamuo first,”
“Who is Anyamuo?” Dave asked looking so lost and confounded.
“It’s the name of the oldest man in this village,” Onyedika said bluntly, “Follow her advice, I repeat,”
“But, Amy, how did you know about him?” Dave asked looking curious.
“It was the Ichie Agwoturumbe, the elderly chief that we met earlier that clued that to me; suggesting we meet the man for more details relating to my dad’s disappearance and clues to finding him,” Amy said.
“Oh! the same wicked-looking elder?” Dave said and smiled, “Guess he isn’t that bad after all,” he added and chuckled.
“Respect elders sometimes,” Amy said smilingly and opened the door, making Mkpulumma enter out of anger.
“What’s happening here?” the queen queried out of anger, “can someone start talking?”
Her long royal apparel dangled around her as she hollered out of anger, her beads clanked just as she vibrated with anger and suspicion.
“Mom, this is under my control,” Amy said assuredly and tried to leave because she didn’t want her mom to be involved in it until the result is achieved.
Mkpulumma angrily dragged Amy back and screamed: “This isn’t an answer to my question, and you know that,”
“I was caught destroying Dave’s car, that was why I was taken to this cell,” Onyedika said, “Long live the queen mother,” he added with reverence as he genuflected.
“Mom, I’ll explain more to you later,” Amy reiterated and patted her mom’s back, “I’m sorry you weren’t informed or involved before the decision was taken but whatever I’m doing now is for the betterment of the kingdom and the palace. Trust me, Mkpulumma Nnem (my mother),” she added on a lighter note and smiled at her mom whose anger gradually got enshrouded in Amy’s angelic smiles, abating her fury and making her mom fall for her convinction prowess.
Mkpulumma wasn’t satisfied with the explanation, but being that she trusts the prudence and intelligence of her astute daughter, she simply sighed and left.
“Why were you too bold talking about your crimes to the queen?” Dave asked looking confused and interested in knowing more about Onyedika.
“Because if any other person talks and links me to Ozo bu Iwem group, the queen mother wouldn’t have left as she did, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now,” Onyedika answered and looked at his shackled hands, “this restraint hurts,”
“It should hurt,” Dave said sternly, “Thanks for salvaging the situation but don’t complain about the shackles because the last time I checked, you were still a prisoner.
“I think you should be more interested in knowing where your pistol is located because if it enters the wrong hands, many would be wiped out in this kingdom,” Onyedika said, making Dave remember that his gun must have been carted away by the mob.
“Who took it?” Dave yelled at Onyedika and hooked him by the shirt out of anger.
“Don’t assault him because if he didn’t remind you about it you wouldn’t have tried to hurt him,” Amy reminded him.
“Just as I said before,” Onyedika iterated as he tried to gain his freedom from Dave’s firm grip, “You shouldn’t always allow anger to take the better part of you. The princess is wiser,”
“So where is the revolver,” Dave asked trying to be calm but his tone was still harsh and unfriendly.
“I hid it immediately I saw it, but I’m not sure if it’s still there because another eye may have seen it,” Onyedika said, “check the fork of the guava tree, just some metres above where you parked your car. Be fast about it,”

To be continued..

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