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Priestess Of Kebra-Last Episode


Priestess Of Kebra-Last Episode

©Amah’s Heart.

Lydia came in to Kebra and realized that all that was said back in Kish about Kebra was absolutely true.
She visited Jon and his family and was even happier when they told her that they have a big worship centre in the heart of the city right in the ex priestess house.
They usually go there with lots of others to worship every Sunday and also within the week.
The priestess turned her idol temple into a place of worshiping the most high.
Lydia was very happy and couldn't hide her Joy.
She was also told lots of other things like Dembe loosing his wife, Sheila who also tried to kill the mother turned a new leaf and the mighty things that God is using both Dembe and the priestess to do in the land of Kebra and far beyond.
Lydia visited her former master and mistress. They were thrilled to see her. Her mistress embraced her and also told her how her entire household has surrendered to God and worships at the temple of the living God. Even her stubborn husband wasn't left out.
They asked Lydia and her brother to stay with them all through the period they will stay in Kebra.
They agreed to the offer.
Lydia thanked the master and mistress for their kindness.
Many families burnt their idols and become a follower of Christ.
Lydia met Dembe during her first time of attending fellowship with her mistress household and Lukas her brother.
Is two years already since she got her freedom and setting eyes on Dembe brings so much joy to her.
Dembe saw a young man with Lydia and thought is probably her husband not knowing is her brother
He greeted him well cheerfully and Lukas responded with a big grin.
He has heard so much about Dembe and was very pleased to finally meet him.
Lukas left to introduce himself to some of the members.
He saw a young lady with a grown son, she smiled at him as he walks pass,
Lukas returned the smile.
Lydia and Dembe began to talk with full smile on their faces.
Dembe was very happy to see her.
Lydia too did not hide her Joy.
"I thought you were gone for good and I won't be able to see you again but something in me tells me that you will return but I never knew is so soon. I'm very happy to see you Lydia...I didn't get a chance to bid you farewell or congratulate you on your freedom but I rejoice when I learnt that you are finally free. Hope your father and brother are in good health? I have met your husband and I must say he looks like you facially. I'm glad you married a man with the same kind of faith as yours and who almost shares resemblance with you. I could have say what a coincidence but there is no such word in God's dictionary...he makes things to work out for for our good.
Lydia laughed for sometime, Dembe joined in not really knowing why she was laughing.
",Lukas is my brother. Yes...my only brother. Dembe, I'm not married. Lukas came down here with me to also see things for himself and he is very impressed just like many of us are. I'm so proud of you Dembe. You opened your heart to God and he used you you to do wonders and many glorious thing for his kingdom. God bless you for being a vessel unto God. I know is been many years now that Aprin passed and I'm sorry about your wife. my joy is that she believe in the light before passing. Your son must have grown so big...I have also met Hannah. She is a beautiful pre- teen now. It was Just like yesterday when she was placed in the arms of Lord Jon's wife.... you are forever bless Dembe.
Dembe gently hugged her and they later released each other after a while.
", Forgive me for going ahead of myself to think your brother is your husband. That was so stupid of me to have concluded. Lydia it was through your help my faith became solid... you are equally blessed and thank you for everything. I want to introduce you to mother whom we used to call the priestess before. Well, I have said lots of good things about you to her and she will like to meet you. You will also meet Caleb my son... and yes he is growing pretty fast.
Lydia was later introduced to many more people after meeting the priestess.
The woman takes likening to her. She picked interest in Lydia and wanted to know more about her.
Lydia met Caleb, Dembe's handsome son who plays the musical drums in the temple among lots of other instruments that he was very skilled in playing.
Hannah was among the choristers who sings beautifully for the Lord with her tambourine.
Many others were involved in one thing and the other.
Sheila was very friendly with everyone.
She waits behind to sweeps the temple and clean up the chairs after each worship program.
She became close to Lydia and they can be seen sometimes talking and also praying.
Lukas later found out that the lady with the grown son who he had admired was Phatsy and the son belongs to Dembe not her. She was only taking care of him as the nanny.
She was set free by the priestess, Brami and many other slaves were given freedom to either leave and start a life of their own or stay if they desires to.
Brami' and phatsy stayed back. They said they all wanted to serve the God of Dembe in every circumstances they find theirselves.
Lukas became friends with Phatsy and she likes him too.
Lukas later traveled back to Kish to check on their father, he promised to return back soon.
Lydia was also planning to go back but her mistress set up a trade for her and she became busy with her business.
If she is not in the market which she was very familiar with, she will be in the temple of the living God or spending time with Jon's family or Sheila who usually visit.
Sheila kept sweeping the temple and making sure the whole place is tidy.
Her husband was also involved in serving God whole heatedly with his friend.
Sheila later conceived, she was surprised that for the very first time her womb carried a child but after few months she lost the pregnancy.
Her mother and many other women joined hands in praying for her.
Sheila was happy to experience how it feels to be pregnant for the very first time.
Even though she had suffered miscarriage she did not give up believing for another miracle.
She continued with her usual routine.
Sometimes she will be seen with Lydia who kept encouraging and praying for her.
After months which turns into a year passed she conceived again and her Joy knows no bound.
the priestess had noticed Dembe watching Lydia interestingly many times.
" Why not tell her the way you feel, walk up to her and express yourself. don't be shy. I'm sure she feels same way too. But make sure you have prayed about it before moving.
The priestess said to Dembe who smiled and said.
"Yes mother. I have prayed several times concerning Lydia but she maybe into another. I will rather remain unmarried if that is what God wants.

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",Go ahead son and express yourself to her. Aprin will be proud you made a right choice. A good wife and mother to Caleb. You will remain my son and I won't let you out of my sight. All I have is for you and Caleb. Everything belongs to you son. Because you have proven to be more than a thousand children to me. you can always visit your home town...Gwali and return back to Kebra. But your place is in Kebra right in this house. Even your new future wife will find a home with us. She will become my daughter in-law because she will be married to my adopted son who God used to deliver me, my family and the entire Kebra...
Dembe spoke extensively with the priestess.
He was encouraged to go ahead and speak to Lydia.
He was hoping to see her on Sunday which was a day of praise and worship in the temple.
But on that day as Dembe was officiating with Jon on the pulpit, Lydia stepped in but she was not alone.
The man she came in with was not Lukas. He was well dressed and appear friendly
He smiled cheerfully to whatever Lydia says and was friendly with everyone.
Dembe swallowed hard as he try to concentrate on what Jon was saying.
He kept stealing glances at Lydia and the fine young man sitting beside her.
They sang praises and worship God together and when the service ended, Sheila was seen talking with the Mom.
"...Lydia is your friend... who is the young man with her? Do you have an idea?
"Yes mother, I haven't met him before but I guess is Lydia's friend from Kish. A nephews to a mayor and his name is Cornelius....but generally addressed as Nel. Lydia told me he came in yesterday from Kish and has only few days to stay in Kebra. I'm not sure they are intimate friends... just casual. Lydia said so herself and I believe her.
The priestess nodded quietly.
"Dembe likes her alot but I assume he is not sure if Lydia feels the same way about him.
Sheila smiled deeply before saying.
"I give you my word mother there is nothing happening between Lydia and Nel. I will be so happy to have her close...if she ends up with Dembe. Lydia is a nice person, she and Dembe deserves each other. She told me that they used to be very close before he got married to Aprin. Lydia still likes Dembe is very obvious that she has never stopped loving him. I pray God perfect all that concerns them to his glory...
Priestess replied with an "Amen" before asking Sheila to go and call Lydia.
Later that day Dembe gets to meet Nel as he introduced himself and also welcomed him.
While Lydia was speaking with the priestess, Sheila who was heavily pregnant sat beside Lydia as her mother speaks.
Dembe and Nel went about with their introduction.
"Oh, I'm please to meet you Dembe. Back in Kish Lydia mentions your name a whole lot. You are very popular Dembe outside Kebra.
Dembe laughed out and Nel joined in before he continued.
"....,Lukas, Lydia's brother brought back great news from Kebra to Kish. He told our growing congregation how much God was doing in the lives of people in Kebra and how big the temple of the living God is. I decided to journeyed down to also see and witness it all and I'm glad I came. I will be returning back tomorrow. I'm please to really meet you Dembe... you are a pencil in the hand of the creator. We will be pleased to have you in Kish someday...
Dembe thanked him before saying.
", Pardon me, I was thinking you and Lydia were....
Nel interrupted quickly.
"No...we could have been intimately involved but Lydia knows what she wants. She is a strong, hard-working lady who has passion for the things of God and that is why I like her. She is not moved by wealth or pleasure. Back in Kish, I tried getting pass the friend zone but Lydia defined the relationship from onset to me and I try not to push. If it was God's will then we could have ended up together but is obvious God has other plans for us all. I later met another godly lady after Lydia left. Her name is Annette... I'm still praying over our relationship that it will lead to something beautiful. I will visit Kebra often because it has become another home for me....
Lydia and Dembe later got talking that evening.
One thing leads to another as the weeks turned into a month and without wasting further time they got married in the temple of the living God.
Jon officiated their wedding. Many people traveled from far to witness the day.
Mark, Lydia's father, Nel and Annette, Lukas also came down and has already kick off his relationship with Phatsy.
Lydia's former mistress and her husband were around too.
Many people came to witness the first wedding in the temple of the living God
It was glorious as Dembe got married to Lydia.
Sheila put to birth a beautiful baby girl who was named after her late elder sister Aprin.
Dembe finally had the chance to travel to Gwali with his wife and son.
It looks different from the home he used to know. Some of the people there still worshiped Zulu.
Dembe met some relatives, his parents were long dead.
They did not recognize him at first not until he introduced himself they screamed happily. shout of Joy was hard all over the land.
When they thought that the whole family of the chief of Gwali was wiped out God kept Dembe and showed him mercy.
Dembe's cousin was a believer, he was not among the people worshiping Zulu and there were many others who still maintained the faith that the missionaries brought to their land. Their worship places has fallen off which made them to gather in a palm shed to worship God.
Dembe and Lydia were able to convert lots of other people.
With the help of Kebra people Dembe built a church for the people of Gwali.
He established other things and reconstructed many houses and roads.
He encouraged the farmers to sometimes travel down to Kebra and sell their products instead of selling from one local shops to another.
Before Dembe left with his wife and son the land was reformed to a better place.
Almost everyone in Gwali came to know God and discarded Zulu their ancestral god.
Dembe's strong relationship with the Kebra's help in a friendly business transaction with the Gwali and gradually the land was developed.
Lydia conceived and in due time she brought forth a baby boy and they called him Steven.
Caleb was happy to have a brother.
Lukas got married to Phatsy. Cornelius wedded Annette and they they all had their families growing.
The priestess was very happy to have more grandchildren in her old age.
As years went, many more children were born.
Dembe still visit his home town and helps out in nurturing the people. He paid workers to cultivate and grow his father's farm lands that was left untouched.
He was invited by the mayor of Kish and other men and women from different cities and region who heard many good things about him and wish to meet him.
More worship places were built both in Kebra, in Kish, Gwali and many other places as the word of God traveled far beyond.
God brought people from different parts of the world together in love and unity.
He gave freedom to those enslaved.
The condemned child became a special seed.
The childless woman now has a child and through this seed many generation will come forth.
The unbelievers and idol worshipers surrendered their handmade gods and embraced a new found faith, they finally believe in the only power that can break and also make amend.
Their next generation will be welcomed into a community of Godly people. People who frown at sin but rejoice over right living.
All it took was a bold step from a slave boy who now dine with great men and women from different region.
God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to chang the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference.


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