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Priestess Of Kebra-Episode21


Priestess Of Kebra-Episode21

©Amah’s Heart.

Sheila was in a total shock.
She still couldn't believe that her mother was alive.
"How possible is that? Or is my mind playing tricks on me? I made sure I dig the knife into her abdomen....She was confirmed dead...my mother died. Yes, I'm very sure she died. What kind of magic did Dembe perform... what did he do? I wanted her gone Just like Aprin for refusing me the seat of a priestess.... nothing should be a hindrance or stand in the way of my greatness. Mother was the highest rock, I made up my mind to remove her from the way and I did exactly that. How did she come back to life... what kind of power did Dembe used on her...
Sheila couldn't keep calm. The more she thought of how her mother manage to survive the knife stab the more confused she become.
She was back to her husband's house and was sitting on the roof top with a cup of wine in hand as she wondered aloud, all alone to herself.
Bash came to the roof top to meet her.
He stood at a distance watching her before moving closer.
"How could you Sheila? You had no fear at all even as you embark in such a deadly road of stabbing your mother to death. Do you even think of the consequences of your actions or you just decided to do whatever comes to your mind? Aprin was gone, your mother is the only direct blood relative that you have left... I'm only related to you by marriage. Your mother was the priestess of Kebra and yet you had no fear or guilt in tryin...
Sheila interrupted angrily. She threw the drink inside the cup on Bash before standing up to face him.
Pointing her fingers to his face and slapping his chest in a dramatic display.
"Don't you dare talk to me about guilt or fear Bash. Because you are not a saint either. My mother wasn't the action woman I used to know. She began to change gradually after Aprin choose Dembe's God instead of the general gods and goddess of Kebra that we all worshipped. She became a weak priestess and Kebra does not need such. I asked her countless times to make me the next priestess of Kebra but she refused...she said I was not worthy. I asked her again and again but she denied me of my right. Aprin was dead and I supposed to be the next...but she bluntly refused. She left me with no other choice than to remove her from the way. oh yes, I had to do whatever it takes to become the next priestess of Kebra. I spread a poisonous gland over the blade of the knife so that she will die a painful death. Either the knife wound kills her or the poisonous gland. I made sure the stabbing was deep. Penetrating right into her body. She never expected it and I saw real fear and shock written all over her face as she fell down. I watched her go all cold until she became lifeless. I made sure that she was dead before setting her cold body on her bed. Bash...I can never make a mistake with this. Mother was very dead but Dembe must have used some strange power to revive her. No...no... mother is dead. She can't be alive... I'm very sure of what I'm saying...
Bash took few steps away from her. He face another direction as he stood close to the edge of the roof.
looking down into his compound he said.
"You are pathetic Sheila. I should have known better and not fall for your tricks and ended up with you. How could you? You did not only try to kill the priestess of Kebra you also framed her death on an innocent man. You were ready to execute Dembe and also your young nephew Just because of the hate you had for him. Of a Truth...now I know and believe that the God of Dembe never sleeps. his God is truly alive and he will come after you...
Sheila was boiling at every word from Bash.
As Bash tried to walk away from the edge of the roof top Sheila rushed with speed and pushed him hard.
Bash screamed and fell off the roof, his hand hanged onto a brick but his legs were dangling in the air.
"Sheila help me... please. Don't do this... Sheila...nooooo....
Sheila stood on the roof top watching him struggle. A little more push and his skull will be scattered on the ground.
"I have warned you severally to stop messing with me Bash. Right in the presence of people you took a defensive stand on Dembe. You argued with me on every of my decision. You keep defending Dembe...an infidel, just like mother also did. I will watch you fall and die like chicken and I will invite street dogs to lick your blood because you are worthless to me. You can't give me a child and yet you still can't support my decisions...
", Sheila please...I don't want to die. My hands are getting weaker and I may fall off any moment to my death. Give me a hand and push me up... help me. I know there is still some good heart in you. I beg of you don't do this... Sheila... please...
Bash pleaded as he was still dangling in the air. His weak hands holding tightly to the brick walls.
Sheila can either help him up or finalized his sudden death.
As Bash was still begging there was a foot sound climbing up and calling out to Bash.
And the voice was that of Bash friend. Hazan.
"If you dare scream or make any noise about this I will not hesitate to kick you and watch you fall and smash into pieces. Shhhhhhh... keep your mouth shut.
Bash became quiet. Sheila began to shout for help so that she won't be suspected.
Hazan rushed up with speed and saw Sheila in a great panic.
"Oh Lord Hazan... thanks to the gods for bringing you Just in time. My husband slipped off from the roof top and fell. His hands are hanging onto something but I have not been able to pull him up...I have been trying but no luck. Oh the gods...I don't want Bash my loving husband to die....
",Calm down my lady... please don't cry or panic...let me try and pull him up...
Hazan said and rushed to Bash. He grabbed his hand and pulled him with all his might untill Bash who was almost falling off was safely back to the roof top.
He lay on the roof top breathing so hard even Hazan his friend sat on the ground trying to catch his breath.
"May the gods repay you for your kindness Lord Hazan. Oh... what would I have done if you haven't showed up in time to save my dear husband. Bash... my Lord...the husband of my youth I'm so happy that you did not crash to the ground. The enemies would have glory over our misfortune...
Sheila said, pretending to care and putting up a nice performance for Hazan who did not really know what transpired.
Back at the priestess house, she healed up very fast.
Dembe couldn't hide his Joy as she feed her daily with what she hungers to know.
He was also happy that Phatsy hide Caleb away on that very day and with the help of Brami.
They were securely hidden from Sheila who went in search of Caleb but couldn't find him.
Dembe thanked Brami and phatsy for thinking fast and protecting Caleb like their own.
The priestess asked Dembe to invite Jon the tent maker over and he did.
Jon came as he was invited and carried out the remaining sermon.
He also thought the priestess how to truly serve God.
The priestess did not have any doubt again within her in worshiping the invisible God of heaven.
Jon baptized her in the fountain.
After her near death encounter she has come to truly believe that there is none like the most high.
She boldly told the people who came to visit her with their offering and sacrifice for the gods.
She spoke boldly to them.
", I have discovered a new God, he is not a god made by man or lives in a house built with mare hands. Some call him invisible God but I have come to realize he is more than what people call him. He brings to life what is dead and call those things that are not to be. I don't want to bore you with how glorious he is, i will rather allow you to taste and see that the Lord is good. Join me my good people of Kebra let's serve this God wholeheartedly. He is the rewarder of those that truly seek him. I have a good friend, lord Jon and my son in-law Dembe... they are available to lead and teach those who are willing. This God does not request for a sacrifice nor burnt offering... the sacrifice he delight in is obedience and kindness to one another. Love your neighbor as you would love yourself and your neighbor can be anybody not Just people living close to you. I'm converting the temple of the gods and goddess of Kebra to the house of the true living God. You are free to come and let's worship him together for in him we live, move and have our being. We are his offspring...
And gradually the people who hears about this good news coming from the priestess own lips, they troop in with more people to hear about the most high God.
Jon and Dembe with the priestess prayed for days over the idol temple before they began to clear everything that does not glorify God in it.
They packed all the gods and every other thing right in the idol temple outside and set them on fire.
They washed and cleaned up the place, renovated everywhere with the help of some of the servants.
They make it ready for worship and called it "the temple of the living God".

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