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Priestess Of Kebra-Episode19


Priestess Of Kebra-Episode19

©Amah’s Heart.

Lydia was enjoying her stay in Kish with her father who couldn't hold back his Joy.
The happiness of having his daughter back was written all over him.
"....I can join my loving wife now with this joy in my heart. I know if she is looking down on us right now she will be smiling. Oh...how much I really missed her can't be put into words. I can't explain the gladness that filled my soul. Well, Lydia, Lukas and the entire fellowship of believers are all that I got and God never disappointed us. All through those long years he kept my little daughter who has grown to be a full woman... God kept her sound and safe. How the heavens exalt his name and the earth tells of his wonders. He is a father to the fatherless. A defender of the orphan and widows. He is a way maker and his name is forever great...
Mark, Lydia's father sang his praise to the Lord in the presence of all the people who gathered for worship in their local church.
They all joined him singing and rejoicing.
After the service was over. They waited behind to greet the members.
everyone came to welcome Lydia back to Kish.
A fine young man walked up to her.
"Wow, is good to finally meet you Lydia. My name is Cornelius... people generally calls me Nel. You probably won't remember me but I had a little childhood memories of you before you were sold off. I'm really pleased to see you again. Welcome back to Kish...
He extend his hand to Lydia, she smiled before taking it.
Lydia had more time to greet alot of other people before going back home.
The weeks turned into a month, Lydia took over in caring for the house.
She joined other women to work in the field, she works as a nanny for a rich family. Lydia cooked and sell out to workers at a construction site.
the money she got from all of this was worth much.
And with the money Lukas also got they joined it together to raise their roof and renovate their poor home.
Nel was around to show his support in the renovation of the house.
He supplied the wood, nails and few other building materials and refused to collect money from Lydia.
Their home was turned into a beautiful one again.
Nel was the mayor's nephew. He came from a well to do family and had his own business. His parents were believers before they died. Nel was also a believer and contribute greatly to the house of God and to the people in need.
Nel came visiting one day and had time to sit, talk and sip tea with Mark, Lydia's father.
Later he had time to speak with Lydia.
"There is a dance coming up early next month. Is organized by the mayor for all youths. I don't think you have had anything fun to do ever since you returned back to kish. Can you come to the dance with me... please?
Nel asked but Lydia was not ready for any fun. She had target of what she planned to start up in Kish and will not welcome any distraction.
"No... I'm sorry Nel. I can't go to the dance. I'm pretty occupied this days and anything aside working and raising funds will not be welcomed.
"I can help out in any way possible if you don't mind. But...hmmm. I understand. I really wish you will go with me Lydia. Think about it... there is still enough time to do so.
Nel left.
During dinner with her family, they had a conversation that got Lydia thinking.
"You are working so hard Lydia and making me to look lazy. I and Lukas used to do the little we can before he traveled in search of you. Maybe if you can slow down and breath...I mean going to the dance with Cornelius is not a bad idea. He is a nice young man and hard-working too. He doesn't depends on his family's wealth. He has enough of his own. The mayor has two daughters and no son...he takes Nel as his son after his parents passed. Nel is also God fearing...he helped in establishing the Church in the heart of the city. I know you are used to so much work back in Kebra but you are not a slave anymore. Lydia...You are free woman. give yourself a wave of freedom, loosen up a bit. We want to see another side to Lydia.... not the workaholic that you are turning into.... please...
Mark said to Lydia. Lukas also supported his father.
She decided to go with Nel to the dance.
Nel was very happy when Lydia informed him that she has changed her mind.
She will be going to the dance with him.


Sheila tried asking her mother again but it was still the same old reply.
She smiled without another word and walked out.
Her next plan was on Dembe. She has already started acting all nice around him.
She even pretend to be interested in Dembe's God because she knew that is another way to get to his heart.
But Dembe saw through her, he felt it that Sheila was up to no good.
Sheila tried getting acquainted with Caleb, Dembe's son. She bought him gifts and try playing with him.
Dembe could not take it any more, he confronted her.
" What do you really want? I don't understand all this your sudden kindness. Stop the play because that's not who you are. I can see through you my lady and is obvious you have an agenda...spill it out... what exactly do you want?
Sheila smiled before saying.
"Oh Dembe... I'm not up to anything. I just want to be close to my nephew. I don't want him to see me as a difficult Aunty. I also want to show you how much I truly care and be there if you need me. Aprin's departure has been hard on all of us. I understand how hard it is and I won't mind robbing your shoulders if you need me to... even acting as Aprin in anyway you may want. I will listen to you talk about your God, listen to those boring stories that you usually tell Aprin...give you a shoulder to lean on. Things like that...
"Your name is Sheila and you can never be Aprin. There is still time for you to turn back from your wicked ways and embrace the light. You are manipulative and cunning but is unfortunate that I see you clearly...more than Aprin saw or even the priestess. Get behind and keep your distance from my son.
Dembe walked away with Caleb.
Sheila folded her fist angrily and punch into the air.
She looked around if somebody was watching.
She left and decided not to make fool of herself again.
Sheila wondered how Dembe was able to know what she was upto.
As she thought of it over the night she decided to try again.
After three days she came knocking on Dembe's door in the night when everywhere was very quiet.
When Dembe opened the door she began to sob heavily.
Dembe watched her in silent as she went on with her drama.
"What is the problem my lady....why are you crying?
He asked with a concerned tone.
"Bash went drinking with his friends and when he returned I questioned him of his whereabout he descended on me and started...sta...t...please let in so that I can explain better...a servant may see me or even eavesdrop on our conversation. I just needed someone to talk to. I beg you in the name of the God you serve... give me a listening ear and I will be off.
She began to sob again...
Dembe moved away from the door and she went inside.
Ever since the passing of Aprin, phatsy has been taken care of Caleb in Dembe's absence.
she makes sure Caleb is ready every night before bedtime.
He sleeps in the same chamber with his father and only allowed out doing the day and it must be phatsy.
Caleb was sleeping on his bed when Sheila entered.
Dembe knew it was a bad idea allowing her to come into his chamber but he will feel bad to send her away in such a devastating state.
He was not comfortable with Sheila in the same room after seeing that she has pulled down the shaw she used to wrap around herself.
Her inner cloth was very glaring.
Dembe suggested they sit outside instead of the room but Sheila insisted in staying.
She moved close to Dembe seductively, still pretending to sob bitterly.
Sheila pretend to be looking for a comfort but Dembe gently pushed her away.
She paused from her drama and said
"Let's be quiet with this Dembe so that we don't wake your son up or attract anybody. Bash has been starving me in bed...I can't take it anymore. No one will have to know if anything transpired between us tonight. Nobody will ever know... i promise. please Dembe don't say no to my needs or I may die.
Dembe moved towards the door, creating enough distance before saying to her.
"The God who sees in secret will know because nothing is hidden before him. Please leave now... whatever you have to say can wait till morning except there is more to you showing up at my door this late hour. Please Leave I beg of you...
"I'm not leaving and I know that you can't throw me out Dembe. I have already pull off my night shaw and you have seen my nakedness. Ever since Aprin died I know you haven't touched any other woman since then. I'm available and i desires your touch. If you don't do as I wish I will scream so loud and everyone will gather here...I will tell them that you tried to force me into bed...
Dembe quietly walked to Caleb's bed and lifted him to his shoulder.
Sheila watched in silence wondering what he intends to do.
Dembe carried his son and started moving towards the door. He suddenly stopped and said.
"You can have the room. But next time try to think of a better trick. I thought you were smart than this? How can you even be right in my chamber and still planning to scream so that you will tell people that i try to force you into bed. How did you get into my chamber in the first place... what are you looking for? Why are you half dressed? This are the questions you should have thought about before sneaking down here with your crocodile tears and lies. Get behind me devil....
Immediately Dembe stepped out with his sleepy son on his shoulder. he was shocked to see the priestess standing by his door.
He couldn't utter a word at first.
"Don't panic Dembe. I know what my daughter is capable of doing. I was sitting out in the dark close to the fountain wondering to myself when i saw Sheila sneaking down to your chamber and I followed quietly behind. I'm glad and very proud of you Dembe that you did not fall for those her cheap tears and act. How could Sheila come to you like a temple prostitute without shame??? what kind of evil spirit possesed her???.....
Immediately Sheila heard her mother's voice talking to Dembe outside the door she grabbed her Shaw and wrapped around herself before leaving the room.
And without saying a word she shamelessly walked past her mother and Dembe.
Dembe gasped out in relief. He thanked the priestess and returned to his chamber with his son.

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