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Priestess Of Kebra-Episode18


Priestess Of Kebra-Episode18

©Amah’s Heart.

Lydia and Lukas set out on their journey.
It was going to be one of the best journey for Lydia as she kept smiling and thanking God over her freedom.
Her mistress and also her master had wanted her to stay back in Kebra. They were willing to help her establish any trade of her choice and will set her up with a good and well to do man from Kebra to settled down with.
Despite how tempting the offers were, Lydia turned it all down.
She really wanted to return home as a free woman and be with her father, take care of him in his old age.
She was very happy to have met Lukas, it was indeed a divine arrangement that came just in the time of her freedom.
If she will ever come back to Kebra it will be more because of the lovely and amazing Godly family that will never stopped praying for her.
They journeyed through out the day and rested at night.
When they finally arrived Kish, Lydia spread out her hand in total submission to God.
She danced to the music playing on her mind. She couldn't hold back her Joy.
Lukas look on and kept laughing at his sister's drama.
As they walked down to their house, Lydia noticed different structures, fine building unlike what they used to have in Kish before she was sold off.
Alot has changed and it looks unrecognizable.
Lydia was filled with questions and Lukas was ready with an answer.
Getting to their semi detached house, the place appears calm and beautiful. Half of the roof was almost blown away by the wind.
It was not quiet a good site to behold but all that matters to Lydia is being able to return home to her people not their poor looking home.
The house was quiet when they entered inside.
"Father is probably in the wheat field... Let me go and fetch him.
Lukas was about to run off when Lydia said she was coming with him.
They dropped their luggages and ran off to the field.
Lukas greeted alot of people on their way, they responded gladly.
Some mistake Lydia to be his foreign wife and he introduced Lydia to those who cares to know.
He knew within a short time the people will come to know who Lydia truly was.
Getting to the field, they also greeted the workers there.
Both the men and women harvesting grains were happy to see Lydia after Lukas introduced her.
The news got to their father that his children were in the field.
He left everything he was doing and ran as his legs could carry him.
Lydia and Lukas were walking down to meet him but was surprised to see an elderly man rushing down.
And that was their father. They ran and caught up with him.
Lydia gently threw herself into his arms. The elderly man began to weep like a child.
Lydia was speechless and couldn't hold back her own emotions of getting to see her father again.
It was a beautiful moments as people came to watch the exciting scene of a loving father and his daughter whom he has not seen for over twelve years.

The mourning period of Aprin was over and Sheila knew it was time to confront her mother for the position of a priestess.
She told Bash, her husband who was not interested anymore to become a priest.
"Your only sister... Aprin died and her death is still very fresh in people's minds and all you are after is the priestess title. I know her mourning period is over, I also know I have desired to be a priest but not again. I'm not interested anymore Sheila. I feel guilty enough from many evil things you made me do. Dembe was right...he once said that their is no gain in evil deeds.... It may give you a certain satisfaction at that moment but the after guilt wears on. Aprin was one of the nicest person I ever met...is unfortunate that marriage didn't work out as I have wanted but I never wished for her death and will not glory over the misfortune that has befallen your family...
Sheila moved closer to Bash and landed him a hot slap. He held his cheeks in pain.
"You will do as I say Bash. Nothing more and nothing less. What you want does not count to me...all that matters is what I want. Your long useless speech won't save you from anything. I'm going to be the next priestess of Kebra and you will be the priest. Mother has no choice but to grant my wish because Aprin is no more on the way and she never wanted to be a priestess after her good for nothing husband... Dembe introduced a new God to her. Incase you have forgotten no man dictates or tells us what to do... is the other way round. Aprin allowed that her useless slave husband to dictate for her which does not supposed to be. I won't let such happen to me. Don't step on my bad side Bash or you will get yourself injured. You are not even man enough... maybe the gods cursed your manhood not to be able to produce children. We have been together for years and yet no child, which makes me have doubt if truly you are the owner of Aprin's first abominable child. Is probably that useless Dembe that owns the cursed baby girl but because he wanted to spite me he decided to do what he did. Sit up Bash because is either my way or no other.
She walked out on Bash, leaving him to think about all that she said.
Dembe took up his fatherly role seriously. He will make sure he brings up his son in the ways of the Lord no matter if the priestess or the entire people of Kebra is against his kind of faith.
Few other household servants secretly wanted Dembe to teach them the ways of his God.
Brami too was also interested but she was careful and did not want the priestess to know.
The priestess had a thousand questions on her mind concerning Dembe's God.
She kept having dreams of a shiny man saving her from different attack.
She knew is not right for a priestess to think about any other God aside the one she supposed to be dedicated to.
people of Kebra still visits her for different purposes but she was beginning to have doubt on herself and the gods she worships.
Since Aprin rejected the priestess title, no one else is deserving of it.
Sheila can't handle it. Her way is not pure and she may become more evil and violent. She may turn it to her personal and selfish purposes if she is given such previledge
The priestess sighed heavily. No matter how she tried to over look whatever God Dembe serve she can't seem to get him off her mind.
She understands the consequences but yet she can't help but wonder how true Dembe's God is.
Even Aprin testifies and was not scared even in death.
She said she was going to a better and peaceful place called heaven where there is no sickness or death.
Aprin had said many things, even mentioned that her daughter who was believed to be an evil child and was immediately killed by the gods was alive.
"Mother, no god struck her to death because she belongs to the God of heaven and earth... Dembe's God and also my God"...
Aprin has said boldly to her before her death.
The realization has really shocked her, she did not believe Aprin but what if her daughter was saying the truth about the supposed cursed child?
Aprin couldn't have lied with such a thing.
The priestess wondered on her own. She kept waiting for the perfect time to ask Dembe about his God but time was going and yet she has not gotten the perfect time.
Sheila got dressed and left to see her mother
Is either her mother consider her for the next priestess of Kebra or she will assume the seat by force and any hindrance on her way will be off.
She doesn't care who gets hurt. She wants power, fame, riches and her first assignment to the gods maybe to sacrifice Dembe and Aprin's son to the gods.
Since they failed the gods in doing the right thing she will not fail.
And if Bash argues with her again she will give him a deserving seat.
Since Bash can't get her pregnant maybe she will look for other means to get pregnant.
Getting a seed from Dembe is not a bad idea. Dembe is good looking and Aprin was no more on the way.
She will act all nice and sweet around Dembe so that he will fall for her charms and if he becomes difficult she will find another means to seduce him so that he can lay with her.
Sheila had alot of plans on her head and couldn't wait to start executing them.

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