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Picture Perfect - Last Episode


Picture Perfect - Last Episode 
© Christabel Nwoko

Olivia stared bemusedly at the couple, even as they argued, she could still see how much they love each other.
Victor was remorseful while Kate was just Jealous.
Olivia stood up, cleared her throat dramatically. “Mr.Victor, who is Joyce? What really happened between you two?” she asked, for a second Olivia felt like a judge.

"Joyce works with a real estate firm and she is also a interior decorator, I met her for the first time in Ghana, we became friends, so when I needed to buy a house, she was the first person I discuss it with and she referred me to thier branch here in Nigeria and she made me promise to hire her for the interior designs, all along she had been flirting with me but I was not interested and I told her that I am married, when I acquired this house, I introduced her to Kate, just to get her off me but she was still bothering me, I wanted to tell Kate about it but I was scared of her reaction cause she once told me that she doesn't trust me" Fred narrated.

Kate looked at her husband critically and then she hissed.
Victor grimaced. “I know my wife doesn't trust me, but the truth is that we only kissed and I'm grateful to God that Kate caught us,  because I would have succumbed to Joyce's evil plan,  please Kate,  I'm so sorry, forgive me, my love please.” Victor pleaded

He stood up abruptly and came closer to Kate, Then the tears came rolling down from Kate's eyes,  "I don't believe you, it's not just a kiss" Kate whispered . Victor wiped her tears and then he put his arm around her, patting her head gently.
"My love, believe me, I never slept with Joyce,  That day I only came to inspect Joyce's work, you knew how I was eager to pack into our new house,  when I came,  I met her alone, I never expected that but she told me that the workers were out for a lunch break, before I could say a word, she walked closer to me and she started to run her hands on me, I tried all I could to stop her but Joyce pushed me on the wall and locked her lips with mine, I tried my best not to give in but Joyce was honestly irresistible. We kissed passionately for a while and then you caught us,  I'm so sorry, I'm telling you the whole truth, I'm so sorry for not being able to control my self and I allowed another woman to touch and kiss me,  I'm so sorry for being so weak but I love the sound of the slap you landed on Joyce's cheek, she deserved it" Victor added and gave a quick smile and Kate looked away.

"Babe, Please forgive your husband, he is sorry" Olivia pleaded. Finally Kate succumbed after her husband  promised to be faithful and transparent.  "But please my love, I want you to learn to trust me" Victor entered. The couple hugged and kissed each other while
Olivia stared at them in admiration.
Few weeks later, Olivia moved back to her parent's house.

Few months later, Kate delivered a baby boy who they named Prince. Kate choose Olivia as her son's god mother and she was so excited, Kate made her hold her son. Olivia was genuinely happy, the sight of the the new born baby made her emotional.
"I'm so sorry Kate for lying to you, I'm so sorry for being envious of you" Olivia said in tears while Kate was shocked and  stared at her in confusion.
"Olivia, I don't understand, you are a wonderful friend to me and I love you" Kate entered
"do you remember when I got back from Paris with Fred my ex, you saw a jewelry, and you asked if Fred got it for me and I nodded yes,  actually Fred was not the one that bought that expensive jewelry,  I got it myself,  my business suffered lose, because Fred stole all my money, I was so ashamed to admit that my ex husband was a low life,  he married me for my money,  he is a nobody,  he has nothing even the house we lived in, belonged to his cousin, Fred had nothing and I kept faking it,  please forgive me" Olivia said apologetically

And Kate admitted that she was once envious of her too,
"we didn't go to South Africa for our honeymoon, we only lodged in a nearby hotel,  I always wished for what you had but now I know that I was so stupid, please forgive me" Kate confessed and Olivia was also shocked.
"Its okay my friend, I'm glad you actually ended up with a wonderful husband, I pray a good man would find me soon" Olivia said calmly

Few years later, Olivia met a new guy and they both seem to be in love with each other but Olivia was taking her time to Know her new man better,  Olivia and Kate's business grew bigger and better.

One-day,  Kate and Olivia went out for lunch at a new nice restaurant that just got opened nearby.
They were done with thier lunch and they were busy chatting when they stumbled upon a man, one look at him they both recognized him.
"Fred?" they chorused.
Fred looked miserable, it's obvious life was harsh on him, he was mopping the restaurant's floor,  He was the janitor(cleaner)

Olivia was shocked, she couldn't believe her eyes.
"Fred, so you can now work,  it's good to know, life has really humbled you,  I heard your cousin sold off his house immediately he got back from the UK and of course,  all the money you stole from me is exhausted, How is your wife?" Olivia said sharply. Fred was so embarrassed and ashamed.

"I'm so sorry Olivia, Justina was a mistake, I'm not the father of her child, please forgive me for everything I have done to you" Fred said in tears.
"of course you can't Father a child because you are impotent, you made me feel like I was the problem and the cause of our childlessness, when you are impotent. You remember the fertility test we did together, Our doctor gave me the results , a year after our marriage was annulled, and was shocked" Olivia said and Fred bowed his head in shame.

No one is perfect but marry who loves, respects and cares for you.
Marry someone who's capable of being the team mate you need in life.

Being married won't heal you and being single won't kill you,  don't rush,  don't force it and don't be desperate, allow God to lead you.

For the Ladies,
Don't lose a good man because you think, He can't afford you, you are a soul to be loved and not a product to be bought.

Be careful no body is posting thier failures on social media.

Social media can seriously play a toxic role in an already toxic relationship.


               The End

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