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Picture Perfect - Episode 9


Picture Perfect - Episode 9
© Christabel Nwoko

Kate and Victor continued to play the perfect couple in Olivia's presence. She was so envious and she wished she had a man like Victor.
“I admire your Marriage, Kate. The way you both love each other , and the way you look at each other with love boldly printed out in your eyes, I wish for a Marriage like yours”
Olivia had told Kate one evening.
Kate was speechless, she gave a faint smile and turned away, biting her lip.

Olivia kept thinking of finding a man like Victor. She kept trying to fight the threatening loneliness, the sense of being adrift and without direction or purpose.
"Looking back on the years Fred and I had spent together there seemed nothing to hold on to, nothing to remember, How unfair that only Kate, got herself a good man like Victor and a peaceful and wealthy home, I am left with nothing" She thought

But those were unjust thoughts. Olivia couldn’t grudge Kate  happiness but she wished,  she had what Kate had- a good husband and peaceful home with a baby on the way. "Seeing Kate's happiness made my life seemed suddenly dull and shabby, Kate is so lucky" she told herself.
Olivia was in the visitor's room fantasizing about Kate's happy and perfect life.
When she heard the sound of a breaking plates and Kate's voice.

She ran to the kitchen and was surprised to see Kate and Victor arguing with each other. Kate had threw those breakable plates at the wall to scare Victor.
"You don't deserve my forgiveness, I will never forgive you, you are a liar and a jerk, once I have my baby,  I will leave you" Kate said at once.
Olivia stared at the couple without uttering a word.

It was obvious that she was shocked, when she comported herself "Kate what's going on? Take it easy because of your condition, you might hurt yourself or your child, come let's go to the sitting room" She said calmly.
Victor walked away to thier bedroom while Kate and Olivia headed to the living room.

Olivia gave Kate a cup of water and asked her to relax.
"Babe,  what's this?  Why are you yelling at Victor,  your husband, breaking plates and threatening to leave him after delivery, what happened? Some minutes ago, both of you were in each other's arms kissing and cuddling, what happened?" Olivia asked curiously

Kate burst into tears as Olivia tried to console her.
"all men are the same including Victor,  heartless, wicked and shameless, Victor is a wicked man" Kate said in tears and Olivia stared at her confusingly.
"What did he do to you? You both love each other so much, your life is much better than mine, Kate you have a good man" Olivia said as she put her arms around Kate

"No Olivia, Victor is worst, He broke my heart into tiny pieces and I will never forgive him" Kate entered still in tears.
Olivia was so exhausted, she already knew how stubborn and insensitive Kate could be sometimes. Olivia decided to calm her down instead of interrogating her.
"Kate, it's okay, couples do argue with each other, it's normal. Please calm down because of your baby"Olivia said calmly and lovingly.
"No this is different, Olivia this is not an argument, Victor is a cheat, you won't believe he cheated on me, he cheated on me with the interior decorator he hired to design this house,  I caught him on the act, Other men hide thier lover but Victor had the gut to introduce his lover to me as the interior decorator"  Kate said in tears and Olivia hugged her.

Olivia couldn't believe her ears, she was shocked beyond words and all she could do was to console Kate.
"Please stop crying, can we talk about this tomorrow, please stop crying" Olivia managed to say
Olivia took Kate to thier room and she slept off immediately, her body touched the bed. "all those yelling and screaming had gotten her exhausted" Olivia thought as she left Kate's matrimonial bedroom, she headed to the kitchen to see if the gas stove was turned off or not but she met Victor at the Kitchen.

"Your wife is sleeping peacefully in your bedroom" Olivia told him And Victor thanked her as he gave a quick smile but there was a touch of uneasiness to his smile, it was obvious that he was embarrassed by the scene Kate put up in Olivia's presence. Victor didn't utter a word any further, he politely dismissed Olivia and she left to her room But for the rest of the evening there was an uncomfortable air in the house.
The next day Kate barely spoke to her husband and that got Olivia  worried.

“Can I speak to you both?” Olivia asked Kate and Victor after breakfast one morning. They stared at her speechlessly but reluctantly nodded "Yes"
"I’m glad,” Olivia said quietly, and for a long moment they sat there at the dining table staring at each other. Then Olivia continued
“ I came here to  heal and to get over my ex,  Fred and his betrayal. Kate, You and your husband have been so good to me! I admire the love both of you share and I have wished for a love like yours, I'm sorry for interfering, I know that I'm not qualified to dish out marriage tips but one thing I know is I don't want your perfect marriage to break up like mine, Victor why would you cheat on my friend? I thought you are different, why would you do that to my friend?" Olivia said calmly

Victor was in tears, "Olivia thank you for interfering, I know what I did was wrong but I have pleaded to Kate,  yes she caught me kissing Joyce, the interior
Decorator and I have pleaded for her forgiveness and I told her everything, Joyce seduced me" Victor said calmly
"Liar, Seduce who? You were enjoying the kiss when I caught you, I can't believe you hired your lover to decorate the new house you claimed you bought for me,  you are shameless" Kate said Sharply.

End Of Episode 9
To Be Continued

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