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Lex - Chapter Twelve


Lex - Chapter Twelve


©Tz_ Chilest

He was running down the forest like a mad dog who as missed his way home. He ran like he was in a marathon- fear had gripped his eye and he knew death was knocking its way in.

Lex was been tormented by the werewolf he killed. His eye were glittering like diamond- his neck was still bleeding from the bite of Lex.

The werewolf pursued him till his breathe became weak. Lex hid himself among the trees. He suddenly heard Adam voice somewhere among the trees. He immediately ran there-

As Lex saw Adam, sign of relieve appeared on his face. He then approach Adam- who was breaking him.

"Adam" he called as he approached "that stupid werewolf I bit is still alive" lex continued but there was no response.

"Adam!!!" He called repeatedly but the creature backing him was still silent.

Fear sudden began to erupt in Lex again. He summon up courage and turn the creature towards him.

Yes! He was right; it was Adam- but not the usual Adam, a recantation of Adam with dagger plunged deep down into his chest and blood flowing down his mouth.

"You did this to me" Adam screamed and he held Lex collar "you bastard- you shouldn't have killed him"

Lex was dumb for a second as he watched Adam roughed and shook him mercilessly.

"Did what? Kill who? Adam I don't understand" lex said like a dummy

"The wolf- you shouldn't have bit him- you shouldn't have killed him-"

Lex was now getting the meaning of what was going on. He immediately cut himself loose when Adam voice was becoming thunderous.

"I was trying to save you" he retorted

"I don't need your protection" Adam yelled with his fangs appearing so visible

Adam tried to bite lex who apparently now seem so powerless. Lex immediately took to his heels. He didn't understand what was happening. The whole thing look so real- it wasn't an illusion.

Lex ran out of the forest and the wolf appeared again- running so fast to catch him. Suddenly a group of humans were down the street celebrating the bishop funeral. Lex immediately ran to their midst and mingle with them. The wolf stood meters away from him, and lex danced with the people to a bar.

When he reached the front of the bar, he entered. He saw a lot of people in the bar. Some were playing pool- some were dancing- some were making out- while some were drinking themselves to stupor.

Suddenly, he sighted Cole drinking on the bar. He immediately went to side.

"Cole" he called

"Lex! What are you doing here?" Cole asked

"Thank God you are normal- everyone as been acting weird lately" including Adam.

"You met Adam? Have been looking for him"

"Adam ain't normal- he tried killing me"

"Killing you? Why will he do such?"

"Blaming me for the death of that werewolf- whereas I tried to save his ass"

Suddenly Cole eye began to glow. Lex jerked away immediately, he was very scared of what was happening.

"You shouldn't have killed him" Cole voice was hoarse and husky

"Not again!!" lex said with frustration in his eye. He was tried of been pursued, he was tired of been everyone prey.

"Cole- are you okay?"  He added, taking a step back.

Cole suddenly transformed into the werewolf- the same werewolf that as been pursuing Lex. Lex watched the transformation and was amused.

"What the fuck!" He exclaimed as he tries to run out of the bar.

A woman suddenly gripped his hand and helped him escape the wolf. He followed the woman like a fool to an isolated building. He was after was leaving all this behind him- the werewolf, his recanted friends..... Everything!

"Thank you ma" he said as he clutch on his knees and began to pant.

"Alexander!" The woman called

Lex lifted his head to see the strange woman- who he recognized instantly from a picture that shared the only memory of her.

"Mom" he said softly "is that really you? Or some kind of trick- illusion"

"It is me, my son" Sarah said

"But you are dead- you died a long time ago"

Sarah nodded. Yes! She was dead- killed by someone so dear to her. Someone she loved, someone she trusted so well. Sarah just couldn't hold the tears which as build up in her eyes.

"I miss you, Alex" she said as she gave him a deep hug. "You shouldn't be here Alex. This is no place for a child"

Lex knew this is no place for someone like him- but he wasn't sure where he was. The whole thing look so real, at first he had thought of it as an illusion...... But he just couldn't solve it.

"Mum, I miss you too" he said after a brief thought. He embraced his mother body on himself. He hadn't felt such before- he grew without a mother, so her touch felt so magical.

"Who is my father? And who killed you mom?" Lex asked after moment of thinking about it.

He had always wanted to know who his parent were.... Especially his father- cause a lot of kids in the penthouse had mocked him then.... Calling him different names.

Sarah paused a while, that question took her a surprise. It was like she wasn't prepared yet; the question seems very early.

"Your father......" Sarah thought of what to say, words seems to have ran out of her mouth.

"Your father........" She repeated again but lex gave her a suspicious look ".... He is a special man.... A great man- your father is a -"

She was interrupted by the werewolf growl. He was just steps away from them, he was growling incessantly and was huffing and puffing out cold into the air.

Sarah stepped up to him. She wrestled him and defeated him. Sarah dusted her hand in signs of ease and triumphant. She went to meet Lex who was so happy to know that his mother was a bad ass vamp.

"I never knew you are this strong" lex said and Sarah smiled

"Have been in this game for a very long time before death came" Sarah said with traces of sadness in her voice

"Speaking of death, who killed you?" Lex asked

"I seriously don't want to think about it or how it happened. I was betrayed by someone so dear to my heart- someone I trusted the most, someone who-" Sarah paused, then she began to spit out blood.

"Mom" lex screamed, as he held his falling mother

The werewolf had clawed her from behind, so he began to howl.

"Mom- please open your eye- mom!" Lex screamed

Instantly lex stood up and fought the werewolf. It was like he had began to restore those lost powers. He flipped to the left and yanked the werewolf over

His anger had began to cloud his judgement. He wasn't scared anymore, he wrestled the werewolf and got it injured. So when he about to make his last move, he miscalculated and then got his throat gripped in the process.

He tried to free himself but couldn't- he was already losing it, his soul seems to be departing him. He couldn't feel his feet again- and his body was gradually becoming numb.

The werewolf  growled and opened his mouth to show  monstrous fangs which he intended using on Lex.

Lex closed his eye immediately only to feel blood dripping on his lips. He jerked immediately and opened his eyes only to see Michael standing above him holding a dagger and a blood pant.

"Welcome back to reality, Lex" Michael said with a smile.

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