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Lex - Chapter Fourteen


Lex - Chapter Fourteen


©Tz_ Chilest

The ritual was suppose to be a simple one. The witches will stand in between the triad- a magical line will be drawn on the ground. The triad signifies something unique to the witches. It is a mark of Trinity between the ancestors and the witches. The symbol of the triad is a channel that link the ancestor and the witches- and that symbol is marked into an object which is possessed by the coven leader.

Since Lisa demise- the triad as been without a suitor.  Triad will transport the witches who are interested in becoming the next coven leader to Diyu, the realm of the dead- a place filled with the souls of the dead witches. And any witch with the purest heart would be the next leader.

Some ancestral rituals will be performed so as to safe guard an easy passage for the witches in Diyu. The ritual of Xuchara- a sacrificial ritual, a ritual that protects the witches from the danger that is to come.

Being chosen by the ancestor takes more than a pure heart sometimes. The ancestors could be so unpredictable and whosoever the ancestor gives the staff of jadem must be embraced by the witches as their new leader.

Leah and Amy stood in between the Triad. The witches surrounded them and began to chant- this particular ritual was different from the usual- this particular ritual takes a lot of energy from the witches.

So after some minutes, the Triad line drawn on the ground went ablaze. That was the transition- and within a blink of an eye, Leah and Amy were gone.

The two witches landed in Diyu, and the first thing they saw was Lisa- her soul probably. It flew around them, crying- and that touched Leah. She didn't understand what went wrong, Lisa was suppose to be happy with the ancestors and not the other way around.

Amy grabbed Leah tightly and shook her roughly to bring her to reality.

"You know the rules. We are strangers here and we must be done with our quest before sunrise. You know we came together, and we can only leave together" Amy screamed

"I saw Lisa- didn't you see her?"

"Lisa is dead- all I saw was just some kind of spirit flying in the sky" Amy said

"Yes, I know she is dead- but her spirit is crying. Something must be wrong, Lisa is suppose to be happy with the ancestors and not the other way"

"Happy? Did you just say happy? What is there for her to be happy about- is it the fact that her life was cut short? Or the fact that she was tore apart by an ancient vampire? Please tell me leah- what is there to he happy about"

Leah stood still and looked at Lisa who was already miles away from her. She thought of what Amy said- Yes! There was nothing to be happy about. She became a food for the vampire, her fresh was tore open and her blood was suck dry- Lisa became a prey in the hand of the monster.

"Leah- let go" Amy said after some few minutes

It was a journey of the living in the realm of the dead. They wander like a lost puppy who as lost his way. It was like they didn't know where they are going.

After hours of walking, Leah became so tired. The journey wasn't an easy one- it was something more complicated. So she paused and began to solve the puzzle.

"Where do witches stay?" She said softly, not expecting a reply.

"A cemetery- or ....... a consecrated area like a shrine" Amy replied absentminded.

"Ah! Yes"

And that light up an idea in Leah. It can't be possible to see a cemetery in Diyu.... But a shrine or a consecrated area might be possible.

So they began another phrase of their journey, the halted in front of an old shrine after hours of walking. Amy and Leah ain't best of friends but circumstances had made them one. They had formed an allegiance- one which won't last till dawn.

"Welcome" a voice said from inside the shrine

Leah looked in amusement... She was right, her whole theory had worked.

"We saw your signal of arrival, and we have been expecting you since then" another voice said

"Signal of arrival??? We made no signal" Amy said

"The pendant glowed" another voice said

"And who are you?" Leah asked the lady holding the pendant

"Am mädchen, a Pendle witch and the keeper of jadem"


"Yes, Jadem! The staff giving to whosoever is chosen" mädchen

"Ohhhh! Staff of Jadem!" Amy exclaimed

Leah felt some sudden sadness, she saw the witches holding the candle crying. Something wasn't only wrong with lisa- the whole ancestors are sad. Its like they are seeing something that is spoiling their mood. Leah just couldn't figure it-

"Do you know the sacrifice of being a coven leader?"

Amy nodded but Leah stood firm ready to listen to what she already know.

"Your coven must come first in everything" another witch said

Leah knew it! The rules and sacrifice had been the same even before she was born. That same rule which as destroyed down many coven.

"You coven comes first" Leah said softly, mockingly

Where as that led the witches? What have the witches achieved so far? Nothing....... Basically Nothing!

"Now, let the ritual begin" Chemola said


A circle was formed with candle burning like a furnace. Amy and Leah was told  to step up in the circle. It was a ritual of memory- a sacrificial ritual to walk through their subconscious.

Two ancestral witches stepped up and held Leah and Amy heads individually. The ancestral witches began to sing the ancestral song- like an Ode.

Fire began to burn so great from every lamp. An invisible force ran everywhere- it wasn't magnetic nor electric- it was something more like a magical force.

The force repelled Amy from the ancestral witch who grabbed her head. That was strange- the ancestors had rejected her. She as some kind of skeleton in her cupboard, some fishy thing that had made her unpure.

"Amy! Why?" An ancestral witch said

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