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Lex - Chapter Fifteen


Lex - Chapter Fifteen


©Tz_ Chilest

That question "why" took Amy as a surprise. She had let loose her guard- she hadn't thought of the mind reading games. She had thought it would be a quest- a puzzle or so. She hadn't thought of a mind reading game for a seconds- so it all took her so fast.

Yes! She was the traitor- the one lurking in the dark- the weed among  leeches- Yes, she was the one!

She had join force with Austin- he had promised to give her what she wants if she becomes the coven leader. She had even conspired to kill Lisa so many times but she failed.

So with Lisa being dead- that was all she needed. It was a perfect plan all along and she has the good of the coven in mind. She had plan to betray Austin ones she had risen to power but now it as fail..... Her plan as fail.

"Why did you betray the coven?"

Leah turned in disgust- she didn't understand what went wrong with Amy and the ancestral witch channelling her memories. The word 'Betray' had taken Leah as a surprise.

Did Amy betray the coven? Did she lias with a vampire?
Different unanswered questions kept popping in Leah head. She just couldn't place it- Amy was Lisa second in command.... Her most trusted personnel..

Leah thoughts were interrupted by Delvaux, an ancestral witch of the fourth order. Delvaux casted a truth spell on Amy- the truth spell is a restless spell.. Anyone who bears the mark of the truth won't have rest of mind until he pours out his mind and say the whole truth.

Leah watched with surprise written all over her face.... So Amy wasn't the person they think she was.... She was far worst than they could imagine.


A massive cyclone brought the two witches back from their journey from Diyu. It was like the witches were expecting something different- it was like they were expecting the staff of jadem on Amy but things didn't go their way.

The mark embedded on Amy forehead was what got their attention the most. The mark of truth- Amy was in deep pain, she was restless, her mind was rumbling in pain.

The mistress of the east couldn't hide her surprise. Amy had disappointed her- she had disappointed the witches of the east. Amy was suppose to lead the coven to a greater height- she was an eastern witch and the Eastern witches hasn't ruled the coven  for more than five decades now.

So Amy was place there to make a different- to break the yoke of the Eastern and rule the coven.

The witches are from different cardinals the west, east, north and south. The cardinal witches were always at war not until Elaine united them together and the witches became so unconquerable not until Kol came into the picture.

But still- the witches had their internal rift going among them. So those rift made it possible for the vampires to penetrate and cause a lot if troubles among them.

"Amy! What the hell did you do?" A witch screamed

Amy couldn't stop the words from rolling out. She spat them out like an honey mixed into a mushroom soup. The witches were angry- they had trusted her, some even thought she would be the one to take the witches to the next level.... But she was  the traitor!

"We are better doing solo magic-" Amy said in pain.

The witches looked at her with disgust- they were so surprise. Amy had been the one supporting Lisa- encouraging her to channel their powers to the ancestors. So not knowing she had other plans- disastrous plans!

"-I had plan to kill Lisa a lot of times but I failed.... I even-"

Freya cut Amy short with anger. She just couldn't bear it anymore- she had taken Amy as a family- she had thought Amy would be her mom, aunt and the only person to look up to..... Not knowing Amy wasn't the person she thought she was- Amy had betrayed her trust.

"Aunty Amy! Why? My mom trusted you- she tells you everything- she made you one of us.... And you betrayed her trust"

The witches were furious, so they couldn't take it anymore. The witches then decides among themselves to serve Amy the punishment she deserve. Even the witches from the east couldn't do anything. They weren't ready to lose their heads for Amy- they still have great plans which hasn't been executed.

So Amy was just a scape goat- she was a sacrifice they were willing to pay. The witches then decided to banish Amy from the coven and also from the city.

Amy was brought to her knees and her cloth were tore open. A candle banishing spell was then marked on her back. The candle banishing is one of the witch key weapon- so with the spell on Amy back..... She won't be able to enter the city again.

"Kick her out of the city" Susan said

Amy was picked up like she was nobody.... She suddenly began to regret her actions. She is of No use to Austin again- so he can't come to her rescue.

Amy wept as some witches dragged her out- she had lose her mandate- her people- she is now a lone witch with nobody to come to her aid. She couldn't stop the tears which rolled down her cheek- she just couldn't help it.

The witches watched Amy as she was been dragged away. They didn't feel any pity for her- at least not anymore. She betrayed the coven- her people- and had forgotten the legacy of the witches.

After minutes of sympathetic display, all attention was then turned to Leah- who had been mute all along. She was holding the staff of jadem-

Leah had been tagged an evil witch but with the staff of jadem in her hand, she is the chosen one- the one ordained by the ancestors. So the witches couldn't help it but to bow- they all bow to their new coven leader.

"All Hail!!! The Mistress of the North"

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