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Lex - Chapter Eleven


Lex - Chapter Eleven


©Tz_ Chilest

She walked through the dark like a lost puppy- minding her steps to keep a low profile. She look left and right like a thief who is afraid of getting hurt.

She took a cab to the centaury church. She alighted and disguise into the church. She suddenly turned back to check if she was been followed.

She was getting so fed up of the emergency calls. She had her life to live and also her plans to execute. So she entered the church and saw a young man facing the alter and backing her.

So she assumed it must be her dictator for a new life.

"I already told you not to call me for emergency" She said as she approached the creature who was still silent.

"Austin, what is the problem?" She added, but there was still no response.

So she approached the creature and tap his shoulder to make him turn towards her.

"Austin, its you am talking to-' she said with her mouth gaped, as she saw something else.

She screamed immediately. It was kol, his mouth still bear traces of blood- his face, very pale. She jerked immediately at such awful sight. She tried to aim for the door which seems like a two minute walk.... But now! That same door seems miles away from her.

She ran at her full speed but kol didn't take a step from where he was. As she approached the door, she saw Austin coming in through that same door. Immediately, she paused. Fear of death began to run beneath her, different thoughts began to cloud her mind. She tried screaming for help but she was sure no one would hear her in that isolated environment: but she had to try her luck.

"Guess you have met my grandfather- Kol!" Austin said as he caught up to her.

"Kol! Same kol? The messenger of evil- Father of vamps-" she whispered in fear.

"Now lets get to why we are here" Austin said, not ready to beat around the bush.

"I asked you some days ago if Lisa had anything evil installed for me, and you said No!"

"Ye...Yea... She didn't tell me anything. Her daily routine didn't change.... Nothing was suspicious in her activities"

"Really? So you are trying to tell me that you ain't aware that Lisa and some witches planned on killing me and grandpa"

"I swear to you- I don't know. She didn't tell me anything" she said with fear grinding her teeth.

"She is telling the truth" Kol said

"So you were not involved in that deadly mission"  Austin asked again

"Trust me, if I was- you would be the first to know"

"Okay then- now that Lisa and those witches are dead, the witches would need a new coven leader. I want you to go for it"

"Lisa is dead?"

"Yea- she broke our deal and she faced the consequences" Austin said, trying to hide his grieve.

The lady cried and cried. Lisa had been so close to her heart, they shared virtually everything together. Not until their believes sway them apart. The believe of entrusting their powers to the ancestors. The legacy Lisa had believe solemnly on; the believe that had killed a lot of witches before her; the believe that had made the witches powerless; the believe that had brought about their destruction.

Now she stood for a change; a change against all those believe. She cried that Lisa had fallen for their ancestors legacy. She then vowed not to make the same mistake: not to make the witches a puppet in moment of war. She was ready to unleash their powers, and make them reach their full potentials.

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