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Inlove With My Best Friend’s Fiancee-Last Episode



Inlove With My Best Friend’s Fiancee-Last Episode

© Coolval

*Val’s side of the story continues 

I quickly rushed to my fridge as if I had any quality wine inside. Luckily i heard Clara’s voice again.

‘’Val I know nothing is in your fridge. Just get me cold water please’’ she demanded sweetly, leaving more smiles on my lips. I obeyed her deman
d and served her water.

We spent the rest of the night discussing about life and the future. We never ate that night and I believe it was just the happiness that was too much for any other thing.

Clara headed back to Enugu the next day, leaving me a very happy and fulfilled man. I wasted no time in meeting Queen and settling issues with her. We ended everything we had going that very day. I returned home and disposed her food and the drink she made for me. I had to remove everything about her from my life in order to move on with the second chance life gave me.
*Queen’s side of the story continues*

My conscience never gave me any piece of mind after I left the poison in Val’s fridge. I was so scared and nervous.

‘’will everything work out without giving me away?. Will I be able to live the rest of my life with such guilt? What if it fails?, what if Val finds out?’’ I wondered over and over. I couldn’t even sleep.

Two days after, I got a call from Val, his tone sounded so different and my heart froze.

‘’hey can we see today?. It’s very urgent’’ he asked quickly.

‘’sure of course, Should I come over to your house this evening?’’ I asked.

‘’no I will stop by at your shop around 10am and wait for you in my car’’ he answered, leaving me more confused as ever .

To cut the long story short, I didn’t have to wait for long before I found out the reason he so urgently wanted to see me.

‘’Clara is back and with my child. We have gotten back together’’ he announced excitedly as soon as I joined him in his car that fateful morning. I could see very clearly how happy he was.

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‘’I just came to tell you that whatever we have currently should end. Clara is back for real and still your friend since she never discovered anything. So I would like us to face our various families and forget whatever happened in the past. I have nothing against you anymore and I want you also not to have anything against me. You can have your child peacefully and enjoy life with your husband. I believe we will continue seeing each other, though this time as family friends’’ he offered while I breathed deeply, shrugged in resignation and nodded.

‘’I’m happy for you Val. I wish you the best’’ I congratulated him.

Minutes later, I watched him drive away. I couldn’t get myself to ask him about the poisoned drink I gave him but then I remembered Baba saying that the poison would only work when taken over a length of time and only a bottle wouldn’t be enough to kill him. I prayed for his welfare as I regretted the money I wasted procuring the poison.

Few weeks later Clara and Val had a quiet wedding with few guests. Our two families remained family friends till this day. But unfortunately for me, I lost my baby at the point of delivery. I had a still birth and I never questioned God about it because he knew his reasons.

I still remember as Val and I exchanged glances as he visited me at the hospital with his wife. I could bet I saw a bit of joy in his eyes. The only thing that could have bound us forever was gone and we were forever free from it all. I could have killed him to keep my secret. He could have been long death if not for God’s favor. I could have been a murderer.

I was lucky to get my relationship and life back in the end, but friends whenever you are engaged or in a very serious relationship desist from any temptation that could hurt your relationship, it’s never worth it and never ends well no matter how sweet it looks in the beginning. And dear ladies, please use your head whenever a guy tries to tempt you no matter how you feel towards him. Most times when things go wrong we the women carry the most blame. Sometimes you see a beautiful girl full of life commit suicide and you never would believe what led her to it.

Please use your head in everything you do. Don’t follow only your heart.

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