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Inlove With My Best Friend’s Fiancee-Episode 8



Inlove With My Best Friend’s Fiancee-Episode 8

© Coolval

*Queen’s side of the story continues*

‘’I want you to make me a promise’’ I demanded from Val in one of the evenings I spent in his place.

‘’what do you want?’’ he asked curiously.

‘’that you will never attempt to break up my marriage’’ I solemnly demanded. He quickly shrugged.
‘’I won’t have any reason to do that as long as we are cool together’’ he answered while I looked away with a bit of disappointment. Yes it was fun hanging out discreetly with him but I needed no telling that our affair won’t last long. I had this feeling that ‘once my pregnancy becomes advanced and I stop visiting him that he would start acting funny’. Moreover there wasn’t any way my mind would ever be at peace with him at the corner.

‘’well I promise not only to be giving you sex from now on-wards but I will now be cooking and washing for you as well whenever I have the strength. So please don’t ever think of betraying me’’ I offered. He giggled and kissed me.
‘’my dear I will never try to betray you’’ he promised but Deep down all I now thought of was nothing but how to get rid of him. I really had to do something fast but no idea came to my head apart from poisoning him.

‘’But how do I go about it without raising suspicion?’’ I wondered faintly.

Two days later I nervously approached a very popular ‘herbal’ seller in my area everyone knew by the name BABA. According to stories I heard about him, he had herbal drink for any type of problem. Snake bite, gonorrhea in fact everything and I felt perhaps if I could tell him that I needed to poison someone after stating my reasons he might help me. It was a risk I felt was worthy to take.

I waited at his small shop till his last customer left before first narrating my problem to him. He patiently listened till I landed on what I needed from him. He nodded and stared at me for few more minutes without saying anything, which got me very nervous as I wondered if he would help me or not. Opening up to him was a calculated risk and I made sure I painted a very nice pitiable picture for him. I told him ‘’I’m a pregnant married woman whose ex is threatening to sleep with even with my condition because of a mistake I made by telling him of my pregnancy before getting married. I told him any day I would stop sleeping with him that my ex could end up breaking my home and making my child a bastard. I explained that my ex was a very bad man keen on ruining my marriage by coming for the child he earlier abandoned which he isn’t even keen of raising if he should have him’’.

‘’well I thought for Igbo people, once a bride price is paid on a woman’s head, any fruit from her belongs to her husband?’’ Baba finally queried.

‘’I don’t know about tradition. I don’t even want my child to be a subject of controversy. I want him to have a happy home’’ I insisted breathlessly.

‘’can you pay two hundred thousand naira for a concoction?’’ he finally asked, settling my nervousness with his demand even though his price was outrageously high.

‘’two hundred thousand naira is too high BABA. Please collect fifty thousand naira from me’’ I pleaded, infuriating him with my bargain.

‘’woman I ordinarily don’t do this. I only listened because of your condition. I don’t like seeing children from broken homes because I grew up in one. The concoction I intend giving you is something that’s untraceable once you mix it in his drink, especially fruit juice, the one you process at home. No doctor can ever discover anything from his blood. It will slowly destroy his immune system and all his organs without him noticing till it’s too late. Death is swift once it gets fatal. So if you can’t pay one hundred and fifty thousand naira just forget it and leave my office’’ he explained further. I knew I couldn’t argue with him. I hastily nodded in agreement because he had exactly what I needed. Yes I never intended being a murderer but I had to protect my unborn child.
The next evening I brought Baba’s money and he prepared an odorless liquid for me.

‘’if you can get to blend orange or any fruit to make a fruit juice, just add the content half shot of whisky cup for a medium sized water bottle. By the time he finishes it, send him more and more. By the time you are due to deliver you will see the result’’ he explained while I smiled in contentment.

The next evening, I paid Val a visit with my Greek gift. A very sweet home made juice to buy his heart as I claimed to him. He was so surprised and happy that I would care so much as to take my time to make such juice for him
‘’yes dear I’m doing all these so that by the time I have my baby you won’t try to act smart’’ I told him truthfully but he misinterpreted my words and smiled happily as I safely kept the drink in his fridge.

To be continued

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