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Inlove With My Best Friend’s Fiancee-Episode 9



Inlove With My Best Friend’s Fiancee-Episode 9

© Coolval

*Val’s side of the story continues from the next day after Queen’s last visit to his apartment*

I never really expected Queen to leave herself completely for me the way she did after I threatened her and since I had nothing to lose at that moment enjoyed every attention she gave me. She even offered cooking and washing for me, something I never requested but then I understood her reason for all the gesture. She badly wanted to save her marriage and was willing to do anything to see it through. Fighting with me or opening up to her husband would be a very bad move from her part which she knew and the best choice was making me happy while I satisfied her in return.

I checked my time which displayed 6:30pm; I breathed deeply as I recounted every single thing that had happened so far between Queen and I. It really wasn’t a very pleasant memory but an eventful one. I did things I regretted, things that ruined me and things that got me in my current situation. I couldn’t even imagine how Clara was living her life without me. I couldn’t imagine her failing in love with someone else. I really messed up big time.

With a sigh I slowly headed to my fridge to fetch the fruit juice Queen brought for me the previous evening. I hadn’t touched it since she left it for me and I felt my lonely evening was a good moment to have a good drink. As I opened the fridge, I heard a knock on the door. I quickly shut the fridge and hastily went to check who could be knocking by that hour.

I couldn’t believe my eyes with who I saw. The person standing at my door by that very hour was Clara. I was so speechless, so shocked and so surprised.

‘’you won’t let me in huh?’’ I heard her say softly, bringing me out of my shock with her words.

‘’oh my God’’ I couldn’t help but scream. I never prayed for her visit, I never asked God for such miracle yet he found me worthy of such.

She slowly walked in and sat on one of my single chairs while I sat on the other one as I scanned her with my eyes. She really appeared to have added a bit of weight and different. Of course I already lost count of days I last saw her. I had to give up on her when I noticed she was doing everything possible to stay away from me and living very far away helped her achieve it.

‘’I can’t believe you are here Clara. Let me get you something to drink first’’ I managed to mutter, as I got up. She softly smiled.

‘’I can’t believe I’m in your house either, anyway let’s talk first before anything’’ she replied, stopping me with her words.

‘’I’m pregnant Val. I never wanted to tell you because of what you did. You broke my heart and after our wedding couldn’t hold because of my sickness, I felt maybe God wanted us to go our separate ways. But I have thought things through. I have consulted family and religious people and everyone advised me to give you a second chance for the sake of my baby. I’m capable of being a single mother but I won’t like to deny my child any privilege. So I’m in your house with this question. Am I still welcome in your life? Are you ready to be a responsible man?’’ she asked, shocking me with every single word that escaped her lips. I felt cold shiver all over me as I rushed to her side.

‘’yes I’m ready. I have been so hopeless without you. Let’s rebuild all I destroyed. I beg of you’’ I prayed from my heart.

At that moment I was ready to forget everything about Queen, her pregnancy and whatever we had going. I was so ready to call her the next day and tell her to forget about me and face her marriage. I couldn’t lose this opportunity of having my life back with the woman I had always planned spending the rest of my life with.

‘’now we are done talking. You can now offer me something and I hope it’s special’’ she said playfully. I nodded with all happiness and headed to my fridge.

To be continued

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