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Inlove With My Best Friend’s Fiancee-Episode 3



Inlove With My Best Friend’s Fiancee-Episode 3

© Coolval

“Queen’s side of the story continues”

I thought of how best to expose my affair with Val without implicating myself and couldn’t find any reasonable way. I was in love with Val, I wasn’t reasoning appropriately but then I equally realized he wasn’t making any future plans for me. It was all about the sex and nothing else. He was still very much strongly committed to Clara and the more their commitment to each other grew I couldn’t help but develop a strange kind of resentment for my friend.

Days soon grew into weeks and our illicit affair continued with Val sleeping with me every other night. I soon got used to his presence, his caresses, his lips and his foreplay. He was go good at everything. Every night by night he took me through the current of great o----m most especially when he worked on my p.ussy with his lips. It was always a screaming session for me as he licked, s----d and bit down there while I sang his praises over and over.
Which woman would want to leave such guy? Definitely not an emotional woman like me.

‘’what exactly is your plan for me?’’ I asked him one fateful evening as we lay exhausted in each other’s arms.

‘’plan? I don’t understand’’ he muttered, upsetting me for the very first time in our relationship. At least he could have pretended to have something no matter how strange for me.

‘’you are engaged to my friend and sleeping with me. Are you not supposed to have plans for me?’’ I pushed further. He drew back and kept quiet.

‘’answer me Val’’ I demanded quickly, expecting him to say something calming, even if he never meant them.

‘’well you knew I was with Clara before we got together. I really don’t know the plans you want me to make for you. Is it money you need?’’ he stammered, irritating me further with his choice of wrong words.

‘’I guess that’s it. I’m nothing but a sexmate. But you know I’m bigger than that. I just have to accept one of the guys disturbing me and start my own relationship since you are now taking me for granted’’ I threatened and stood up. I noticed his face thicken as if my words got the best part of him. However he quickly relaxed and smiled.

‘’come on Queen you know I won’t like seeing you with any other guy. I will feel bad and jealous. I can’t stand it. I don’t know what I can do to set things right’’ he softly stammered.

‘’there’s nothing you can do. it’s over’’ I threatened and walked away from him for the second time in our relationship. I made up my mind that very night to accept Chidi, a gentleman banker who had been on my neck for the past three months. Chidi was very different from Val, he wasn’t a bad guy, he hardly joked nor made me smile, he was always serious with everything he did and equally a strong Christian. He never really saw himself as a born-again per say but never joked with his church either.

Chidi was a good husband material but never for once made me desire him, he was ready to get married as quickly as possible and after doing my own investigations about him, I found out he was so very real and not in any way fake like my previous relationship. He was a necessity I needed due to my current situation. I felt I could get myself to love him.

Unfortunately, just like every bad habit, Val and I couldn’t control our feelings and it was just a matter of days before we were back to our illicit affair. I enjoyed what he did to my body and I guess he enjoyed the soundtrack I gave him.

And so in summary I was sleeping with Val while dating Chidi . And so it continued till the day I saw Val’s wedding invitation card. Apparently he finally agreed to wed Clara without first getting her pregnant and never for once informed me of his plans till Clara showed up with the news and card.

That same evening Chidi took me out for dinner and afterwards we ended up in his house. I had to accept spending the night in his house that very night because I couldn’t bear spending the night in my apartment, knowing that Clara and Val are just a distance away probably having sex. I couldn’t bear the thought and so had to spend the evening with Chidi in order to remain sane.
Yet no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t stop thinking of what Val and Clara could be doing at that moment, however Chidi soon distracted me when I felt his hand on my boo.b as he softly kissed me. It was his first time of trying to get intimate with me. i didn’t kiss him back but didn’t stop him as well. In no time I saw him struggling to take of his clothes and mine. The next minute he was already inside me. No foreplay, no licking of my pu.ssy, nothing. Just straight to action and in the next five minutes was done, leaving me totally unimpressed and disappointed.

*Val’s side of the story*

I really loved Clara with great passion. She was the kind of woman I wanted as a wife. She had a good job, well mannered, educated and from a religious family, A right woman to be the mother of my kids. Queen on the other hand was sexiness refined, she was so hot and irresistible. Whenever I was with her all my hormones lit up with so much force. She was fun and fire to be with and sure I so much enjoyed her company and everything it came with but deep down I very much knew I was walking into a dangerous path. But no matter how much I tried to resist and hold back my urges, I found myself addicted the more. I badly wanted to stop the illicit affair but I always found myself going back again and again till it got dangerously difficult to stop. Yes I really felt so ashamed of the whole thing to the extent that I couldn’t even confide in any of my friends about it.

Queen’s sudden relationship with Chidi however was something I never expected so soon from her but couldn’t do anything about it no matter how bad I felt. I knew I had no choice than to encourage it as long as she still allowed me to have my way with her. It was just a bizarre love triangle and sometimes I do wonder how it would all end. I felt maybe once I get married and take my vows I would end my romance with Queen.

Now my wedding date is out and almost everything is ready without any hitch but one thing I knew for certain was that a cheat will always be a cheat even when married and nothing lasts forever.
So far I had gotten away with it.

To be continued

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