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Deception Episode 8



Deception Episode 8

There is nothing better than having the man of your dreams on your side, knowing without a doubt that he is always going to be by your side no matter the situation; come rain or sunshine he is always going to stand by you. But what happens when the very person against you is the one person that brought him into existence – his mother.

I know he loves me and all but at the end of the day she is his mother and she will always have a say in his life.

I walked into the office looking like I had been run over by a tractor, I avoided my colleagues because I wasn’t in the mood to make conversations so I just locked myself in and buried my head into work.
Was later disturbed with the sound of my phone.

‘Mrs. Kunda goodmorning’,

‘Good morning ma’am.’

‘News has reached us that the funds that were supposed to be distributed to chipata constituency are being mishandled.’

‘I had no knowledge of that.’

‘Well I want you to look into that.’

‘Is there a particular person we are looking into?’

‘The Mafinga MP.’

I dropped the line and sighed.  What was really wrong with these members of parliament, they had everything at their disposal and yet they still wanted more through illegal ways. Didn’t they for once think that maybe they would be caught, or maybe they invested so much that they had no worries whatsoever.

I logged into my account and started digging on whatever I could find.

Thirty million had been given to the government by the world health organization to go towards the vulnerable children in the country and chipata constituency had been chosen in particular to receive the funding and word is going round the office that the money has been mishandled.

I read the statement again before I could do some research on the man. I spent about thirty minutes trying to dig into the file but unfortunately it kept telling me that it was protected and that I couldn’t get through.

I left the office and went straight to our computer guy.

‘Desmond hai.’ I greeted whilst standing on the door

‘If it is not the beautiful Felicia herself.’ He said swinging his chair

I smiled a little

‘Do you have a minute?’ I asked letting myself in

‘Sure, I can spare some time.’ he said keeping his eyes on the door.

‘Sorry.’ I said as I closed it

‘Thank you.’ He responded

Too many secrets in our organization you couldn’t trust just any one.

‘So how can I help you?’ he asked getting serious now

‘Well, Madam Vice President has asked me to look into something but I can’t get through because apparently the document is secured.’ I told him handing him a flash drive

‘How so? I thought nothing is hidden from us.’ He said connecting the flash drive to his computer which had a huge screen against the wall for everyone to see

‘My thoughts exactly.’ I told him

He started pressing some things and it told him that it was secured and that he needed a security code if he had to open it.

He laughed a little

‘How many people are on this case, or whatever it is that is in this flash?’ he asked

‘I have no idea because I was just given to look into it.’ I responded

‘Come look at this.’ He said pointing to some yellow writings on the screen

I turned to look at the screen

‘Each organization has an encryption code and if you are a member you need to know that code in case of such security trespasses.’ He told me before pausing

‘What is the security code for our organization and what is the color?’ he asked

‘Our security code is ATPOV1720 and it always appears in blue.’ I responded

‘Now look at that code again; ZSPOP2710’. He told me

‘What can you make out of that code?’ he had continued

‘No way.’ I responded astonished

He entered some numbers and just when the document had reached at 90% before opening, we saw some security officers heading towards his office.

‘I have to shut this down Felicia.’ He said anxiously

The doors opened and the ZAF officers entered with the Vice President behind them; they stood still and made way for her.

‘Desmond what is the meaning of this?’ she asked furiously

We both looked at her not knowing what she was talking about exactly

‘I asked you a question, why were you trying to hack into private information?’ she asked again

‘But ma’am, you told me to look into the MP and I couldn’t find anything on him because it was secured.’ I responded as calm as I could

‘I asked you to look into the MP and not hack into the President’s private files, I got a call from state house and I was being questioned why someone from these grounds is trying to break into their system.’ She said still furious

‘But ma’am.’

‘Not another word Felicia.’ She cut me short

‘The president requests for your presence immediately. There is a car waiting outside.’ She told me dismissively

I had never met the President on any grounds in a heads on conversation, it was always about me in the background. In meetings or maybe other formal gatherings. And now I was scared out of my wits


‘We might have found a loop hole.’

‘Yes, she fell for it?’

‘I hope Desmond can get through this.’

‘What about him?’

‘He thinks he might have put her in trouble.’

‘He will get over it soon.’

‘And Justin?’

‘He will be into full operation soon.’

‘Can she at least carry her own baby, just one?’

‘Nonsense, a child will weaken him. He thinks it was done, he continues to blame himself but it’s the drugs that keep working and he will stay that way.’

‘What if he finds out?’

‘She will hate him.’

‘They love each other too much, she will forgive him.’

‘Then we will take him down.’

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