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Deception Episode 7



Deception Episode 7

‘Shii.’ He said as he held me close

‘Justin I have failed you.’ I said in between sobs

‘No babe you haven’t, we are not the only couple that do not have children.’ He told me with a lump on his throat

‘How long have we been married, Justin we are good to people. We are good people. We live right. But why should we suffer at the hands of nature?’ I asked him my voice breaking

‘Shii.’ He said patting my back

I do not know how I slept but I was woken up with the smell of chamomile tea. I slowly opened my eyes and there stood Justin holding a tray with what looked like food.

‘Good morning babe.’ He greeted

‘Good morning.’ I responded blinking out

‘Breakfast in bed for the special lady.’ He said handing me the tray.

‘Thank you.’ I said as I sat up

I drank the tea reluctantly and had a bit of the cornflakes that were also on the tray.

‘Thank you.’ I said handing him the tray

‘You are welcome.’ He said kissing my forehead

‘Now go and take a bath whilst I make the bed.’ He told me

I was in no mood of talking so I just did as told and walked to the shower. I allowed the water to pour on my skin as hot tears streamed down my cheeks.

‘This is your home Felicia, the only person capable of bringing you down is yourself. As long as you still have your husband on your side you can take charge.’ My inner goddess screamed out

I smiled as I wiped off the last drops with water.

‘This is my home.’ I said under my breath

I walked out of the shower wearing absolutely nothing. Justin was on the phone when I got out, I saw how his jaw dropped when he looked at me.

‘Let me call you back.’ He said

‘Babe really?’ he asked

‘It’s my bedroom after all.’ I responded with a smirk on my face

‘Felicia we do not have time.’ he told me

‘I am almost done, hubby.’ I told him teasingly knowing what was on his mind

He came closer to me and as he was about to hold my waist, I quickly moved away and grabbed my under wear and bra from the closet.

‘Babe really?’ he asked again

‘I thought you said we are running late.’ I asked him now fastening my dress

‘Have your way.’ He told me

‘Help me with the zip.’ I told him moving closer to where he was

He zipped it up and just when I was about to move away he unzipped it again sending a cold chill to my spine

‘Babe.’ I told him my voice failing me

He kissed my neck slowly, as if letting me know who I belonged to. He moved to my ear lobe then slowly kissed my shoulders. I was about to turn around when he zipped up my dress again. For a moment I was lost in passion and I knew he had really gotten back at me this time.

I heard him laugh out when I couldn’t  move from my position.

‘Can we leave Mrs. Kunda?’ he asked mockingly

I turned to look at him as if I were a child begging for candy.

‘Poor girl, your husband is starving you?’ he asked mockingly

I couldn’t help but laugh, he came closer and we kissed then I quickly did my makeup and we walked out of the bedroom hand in hand.

‘Where do you think you are going on an empty stomach?’ my mother in law asked looking at Justin
‘Who said I am hungry?’ he asked her
‘I didn’t see you have your breakfast.’ She told him
‘Mum there are many ways in which a wife satisfies her husband.’ He told her pecking her cheek
‘Good morning mum.’ I greeted
She just looked at me without saying a word
‘We will see you later.’ He told her
We walked out and the pain was starting to build up again when he pulled me closer.
‘Hey, listen to me.’ He said lifting my chin
‘As long as we have each other nothing will come between us.’ He had continued
I just nodded my head in acceptance
‘Babe?’ I told him
‘Yes love.’ He said
‘Can you drive me to work?’ I asked
‘Anything for my lady.’ He said as he opened the passenger seat
We drove in silence until we got to my work place.
‘What do you think about the lady mum brought?’ I finally managed to ask
‘I do not want to talk about it babe, at least not now.’ He responded
‘But you know we cannot run away from it forever.’ I told him
‘I know.’ He responded
‘You have a good day.’ He said kissing my hand
‘You too.’ I said as I walked out of the vehicle
I looked at the work environment feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders
‘Your excellency?’
‘The Mafinga MP is exporting goods out of the country without our knowledge.’
‘That’s news.’
‘I want you to look him up and make sure this case doesn’t go public but make sure to put a stop to it.’

‘What if the source is not telling the truth?’

‘Why would he lie to me; the head of state?’

‘Maybe for favors or something.’

‘That is where you come in Justin, find out all you can about the MP. You have forty two hours.’

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