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Deception Episode 27



Deception Episode 27

‘What do you want from us?' A scared Chimuka asked looking at the figure before us

Working for the office of the President I had prepared myself for so many things but never for once did I think that I would stare at death in the face.

The man was dark, darker than my worst night mares. He had scares across the face, scares that explained the kind of fibre he was made of.
I had heard of such men whilst in the service but never once had I met one, given a chance to retell my story I would say he was worser than the night Hallows.

‘You know, I am a man of a few words. I don't explain myself to my victims much less make small talk with them.' The killer began

'But the two of you intrigue me, how exactly did you manage to kill the late vice president? He asked his gun pointing at Chimuka

There was silence in the room.

'We can be here the whole day, I don't mind spending the last few hours of your miserable lives with you.' He said

'I don't regret ending her life, she was an evil woman and deserved everything that came her way.' Chimuka said when she gathered strength

The man lifted his gun and pulled the trigger without even thinking twice.

I watched as she battled with her life, trying to grasp for some air but the bullet hit its intended spot and the killer knew just that.

'Now you, what do you have to say about yourself?' He asked me

I looked at him then my eyes shifted to Chimuka's lifeless body, a young lady that had sacrificed her life just so Felicia could live. I wasn't going to beg this maniac, he had killed a lot of people and seeing his victims beg is what gave him zeal to kill.
He didn’t care about anything or anyone.

'You want to act tough?' He asked without even looking at me.

'I have served this country right, I have no words to tell you.' I responded Felicia's image filling up my mind.

'Walk.' He ordered

‘What?' I asked

'Walk.' He said angrily

I stood up and opened the door, I was half way in the corridor when I felt a bullet hitting my side; I held it and noticed the blood. I turned around and he pulled the trigger again hitting my other side.
Just then I felt a weakness in my legs, memories rushing back as quickly as they had happened. I saw my wife dressed as a bride on our wedding, the moments we had been happy. I thought of my child who was on the way, was it going to be a girl? One who would turn out to be as beautiful and intelligent as her mother? Or maybe a boy, who would carry my wisdom? Calculating his words before speaking because he knows that words spit can never be swallowed again? I smiled as I breathed my last, my child would be safe with a mother like my Felicia.
I woke up at around 23hours because I was feeling sick to the stomach, I rushed to the bathroom and threw up. I stayed on the toilet bowl for some time before getting up, I went to the sink and washed my mouth when it suddenly dawned on me that Justin wasn’t on his side of the bed when I woke up.

I went to the living room to check on him but he wasn’t there, every other room and still there was no sign of him. The doors were all locked and his phone wasn’t in the house either. I grabbed my handset and tried dialling his line but it took me straight to voice mail.

‘This is so unlike him.’ I thought to myself

Never in the years that we had been married had he ever gone out without a word and much less his phone going off. Nerves were getting a hold of me so I decided I should call Chimuka, a part of me was worried that maybe something was wrong somewhere. I tried her number once and it gave me the same response.

Tears filled up my eyes, I for one have instincts that have never failed me and at that moment I knew that something was wrong somewhere. I sat impatiently on the couch waiting for him to enter the house and tell me that he had just gone out or something. The minutes kept ticking, turning into hours, until night turned into morning and yet there was no sign of him neither was his phone on. As the first rays of light hit the curtain drapes, I quickly opened my doors and went to stand in the street because maybe he had fallen and there was no one to help him up but there was still no sign.

I must have dozed off after an hour because I was disturbed with the sound of my phone, I looked at the caller ID and it was Justin’s number. My heart skipped a beat and I was relieved that he was finally calling.

‘Baby.’ I said immediately I picked up

‘Mrs Kunda?’ the voice that wasn’t my husband’s said at the other end of the line

‘Where is my husband?’ I said firmly tears threatening to fall

‘Please come to stay easy hotel now room 04.’ The voice said before dropping the line

I was in a state of confusion, why would someone call me using my husband’s line and ask me to meet them at stay easy hotel. I called Lindile to meet me there and drove quickly, I switched on the radio and tuned in to Hot FM where Chi and Hope’s voices were on the air waves.

‘It’s really sad you know.’ Chi said

‘Yes it is, I wonder how the wife will react.’ Hope responded

‘I hear the cops have called her and she is on her way to the hotel.’ He responded

‘What I don’t understand is how the bodies caught fire, Stay easy hotel is fully secured.’ She told him

At that moment I must have lost it because I drove like a mad person, what exactly was happening?

‘God please spare my husband.’ I whispered slowly realizing there was a greater being than myself.

I got to the hotel and there were a lot of journalists and cops, I rushed to the entrance and I was stopped by some police officers who had put a yellow line.

‘Sorry ma’am but this is a restricted area.’ One of them told me

‘I was called to come here.’ I responded as calmly as I could

‘Show me your phone.’ He requested

I gave it to him and he dialled using Justin’s phone and it rang.

‘Follow me.’ He said

I walked quietly behind him, my worst fears being confirmed. Kindly hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more episodes from there. We got on the elevator and got to the second floor. The corridor was full of police officers.

‘We need you to stay strong because only you can close this case.’ He said when we got to a room
He opened the door and what I saw shocked me, laying there was a man fully bent and on the other side was Chimuka who only had burns on her sides and the stomach.

‘Can you identify the lady?’ he asked

‘Yes, I knew her. She was brought in by my mother in law some time back.’ I said my eyes focussed on the clothes that were laying on the floor, Justin’s clothes.

‘Ma’am and the man?’ he asked

I looked at the image again then something caught my eye, his ring and the watch I had bought him on his 30th birthday.

‘No!!!!!’ I screamed as I held the burnt body

‘Baby please don’t do this to me.’ I cried shaking the man

Some officers came to pull me away as they got a black tent and wrapped him

‘Prepare the bodies for the mortuary.’ The officer said

Just then some ZAF officers walked in.

‘Leave everything as it is, we will take it from here.’ One of them said

‘Mrs Kunda you are under arrest for the murder of Mr Justin Kunda and Ms Chimuka Hamoonga, you have the right to remain silent because anything you say may and will be used against you in the caught of law.’ He said after turning towards me
I couldn’t believe my ears, how was it that I had killed my husband? They got the cuffs and put them on my arms as they led me to Central police.

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