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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 45/46


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 45

©Ambrose Silver


When everywhere became calm, Everyone came out from their hiding place and started searching for their friends, Dead bodies were much and some were injured.
Cynthia and her friends also came out while they left Tracy in the Room cause she haven’t gotten herself fully. They started going round when Jane eye caught something that attracted her attention, she walked towards the person laying down wounded, she pushed the person a bit in order for her to see his face, Low and behold it was her senior bro, she fell down and started crying, her cry attracted Cynthia and her friends to where she is.
Blessing: What is wrong?
Jane: They shot my brother!
She said pointing to the body. Mary went over and checked if his still breathing.
Mary: His still breathing
Cynthia: Lets rush him to hospital.
They started calling attention of the Ambulances that came to take the dead and injured ones to the hospital. One of the Ambulance drove to where Cynthia and her friends are and they carried Jane Brother into the car and Jane also entered together with Alice and Monica before the Ambulance zoomed off.
Mary: You made mention that we are 2 that this affected
Cynthia: Hmm, Yes
They all set out and started searching to find out if they have another person that is affected but they found none.
They went back to the hostel and told Tracy what happened.
During evening time, Blessing got a call that her Boyfriend was shot also and that she should come to the Teaching Hospital. She told Cynthia and Tracy about it and they followed her to the Hospital where they found her boyfriend laying down helplessly on the hospital bed.
Blessing: I will surely deal with this Viking and Angels, They are all demons.
Cynthia: Easy girl, Take it easy.
Blessing didt say any other thing, she went over and sat down beside her man.
Sparkling was strolling round the school compound when she saw her crush going to towards the Admin block. She was wondering what his going there to do since his face is not bright at all, she Decided to trail him from behind.
The boy went into their HOD office while Sparkling sat down at one corner to wait for him.
After few minutes she started hearing when the HOD asked him out of his office, she was still listening very well to know what is going on when she over heard the HOD telling the boy to wait for his CARRY OVER. The boy cried his eye out begging the HOD but he didt pay listening ear rather he shut his Office door while the boy stood up from the spot he was and walked from there down to a quiet place.
Sparkling didn’t know what to do at that moment, she called Gallant and asked her where she was and she told her were she is.. Sparkling went over to where Gallant was with her girls and called her aside.
Gallant: So what’s up
Sparkling: Am not fine at all
Gallant: What’s wrong?
Sparkling told her everything that she witnessed in the boy HOD office.
Gallant: If his your boy, I would strongly tell you to attack that HOD but since his not, am just speechless I don’t know what to tell you.
Sparkling: Just need your help, I don’t know what to do or how to handle this cause i Can’t stand to see that Guy have carry over.
Gallant: I don’t know what else you want me to do for you, You have your girls with you, You can run this alone or tell your girls to do it for you.
Sparkling: I know but the HOD is Mr Mike, and you know he runs Allen with the Angels and it will be difficult for me alone.
Gallant: Hmm, Well let me see what I can do.
She placed a call to someone and spoke with the person for a while before the call was ended.
Sparkling: So how did it go?
Gallant: Not yet, lets wait and see. Calm down nah, nna eeh this kind love self
During Evening time, Cynthia and other girls went to the Hospital together and checked on Jane brother and Blessing Boyfriend before they all sat down in one place.
Mary: My blood just the hot
Monica: No be only you oo
Alice: See how we just dey, this Cult people the scatter this school the kill innocent people when we can stop them.
Blessing: Let any of them cross my lane and I will show them pepper.
Jane: Am just tired, I don’t want anything to happen to my Brother.
Tracy: Hmmm, I don’t even know what else to say.
Monica: Cynthia you aren’t saying anything
Cynthia: See girls, we won’t just start fighting them back, remember our power has limit and we don’t know the limit yet, maybe fighting the 2 fraternity will affect us so we need to plan this well.
Alice: So what plan do you have in mind
Mary: Yes tell us the one you have in mind.
Cynthia started telling them her plans to fight down the 2 Fraternity, they all bought the idea

Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 46

©Ambrose Silver


The Boy that the HOD threatened to give Carry over was still crying near the Lab when one of his Department girls was passing and saw him, The girl has a crush on him, she walked up to him and tapped him on his shoulder and he raised his face up to see the person tapping him and he was shocked the see the same girl that every guy was dying to date beside him.
Presh: Can I sit?
Boy: Yes you can
She sat down and was still stirring at him while he bent his head again.
Presh: So what’s bothering you
Boy: Nothing
Presh: Tell me
Boy: Is nothing
Presh pressured him to tell her and he later told her, she told him to relax that everything will be fine, she tried and calmed him down before she went away.
Presh went to the Angels Mansion, she walked to their Boss Lady.
Presh: Good day ma
Boss: How are you?
Presh: Am not fine
Boss: What’s wrong
Presh: My Boyfriend was threatened by a lecturer with Carry Over
Boss: What? Your boyfriend?
Presh: Yes my Lady
Boss: How dare the Lecturer and what is his name?
Presh: Mr Mike
Boss: Wait, the HOD?
Presh: Yes Ma
Boss: That one is not a problem
Presh: How?
Boss: His one of us, don’t worry, Just give me his name. She gave her his name.
The boss took out her phone placed a call to someone, the person picked the call and they spoke for a while before the calls ended while she sent an sms containing the boy name to the HOD.
Boss: Is done
Presh: Thanks very much ma
Boss: Your welcome, hope they is no more problems?
Presh: Yes ma
She became happy and they discussed for a while before she went back to her hostel.
Gallant called Sparkling on phone.
Gallant: How nah?
Sparkling: I just dey, so how far for that guy stuff?
Gallant: Before the person I sent could reach to the HOD, he has passed him already.
Sparkling: How come?
Gallant: I don’t know,m maybe he didt meant what he said or he forgave him.
Sparkling: Thank God
Gallant: So stop worrying yourself over nothing.
Sparkling: Go joor
The discussed for a while before the call was ended.
During the Next Day, Cynthia and Tracy went to the Admin block.
They went to the registrar office and knocked on the door.
Reg: You can come in
They came in and greeted him before he asked them to sit down.
Reg: So how can I be of help to you both?
Cynthia: We are here on behalf of what that has been going on in the school base on Cult people heavy activities in this school.
Reg: Yes, go on
Cynthia: So me and my friends agreed to help the school to stop them
Reg: Ok, so in what way?
Tracy: We have a plan to create an Anti-Cult group to stop them
The Registrar burst out laughing, Cynthia and Tracy were surprised why he was laughing.
Reg: Which Level are you both?
Cynthia: 100level
Reg: No wonder
Tracy: No wonder how sir?
Reg: This school once had that stuff called Ant-cult
Cynthia: What happened?
Reg: They were wiped away, every single of them, even the Lecturers that supported them were threatened.
Cynthia and Tracy stirred at each other.
Reg: So getting support from Lecturers won’t ever work out. Without their support such group won’t be created, am sorry.
Cynthia: So if we try to convince some Lecturers it would be created right?
Reg: Yes
Tracy: Like how many?
Reg: If is Senior lecturers it will be just 5 but if is Junior Lecturers it will be 15 to push the motion.
Cynthia: Ok, we will get back to you sir
Reg: Ok
They left the office back to their Hostel. They called their friends together and told them what they heard from the Registrar.
Mary: So how would we go about this?
Tracy: Am just confused.
Cynthia: The Senior Lecturers, most of them are sponsoring this guys activities.
Alice: This school need serious deliverance
Cynthia: This is why i told you girls to calm down, that if we display ourselves in a sudden, It will make them to start looking for solution and it will affect us greatly.
Tracy: So what should we do? Cause the Junior Lecturers will be very scared to support us.
Monica: I don’t even know what to say in this matter, is just frustrating.
Blessing: Why don’t ewa just try first and see how it goes?
Cynthia: You have a point, we will start from the Junior Lecturers up to the senior Lecturers.
Jane: Hope all this plan we work out, cause i can’t wait to lay my hands on this fools.
Tracy: You are not the only one, i can’t rest till I take my revenge.
Blessing: Hmmm, let me reserve my comment for now.
They all concluded on meeting the Lecturers one after the other.
2 Days later they started meeting the Lecturers one after the other but all of them were scared to support them.
Gallant saw Cynthia and met her.
Gallant: I head you and your girls wants to create anti-cult, don’t worry, I will provide 3 Lecturers that would support you girls, I can’t wait to wipe you all out.
She said and walked out from Cynthia laughing at her.

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