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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 37/38


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 37

©Ambrose Silver


Sparkling went to the Lab to see that boy she normally go and see.

She saw him parking his books which shows that his done reading for that day in the Lab.

Girl1: Go and meet him nah
Sparkling: Are you sure that he won’t snub me?
Girl2: Yes we are sure
Sparkling: Ok oo

She sighed a sign of Goodluck before she went over to where the boy is.

Sparkling: Hello!
Boy: Hi
Sparkling: Ermmm, ermmm
Boy: Are you ok?
Sparkling: Yes, ermmm am looking for somewhere
Boy: Where?
Sparkling: The Engineering Hospital
Boy: I don’t understand, Engineering Hospital?
Sparkling: Oh I meant Hospital Engineering
Boy: Hello! Are you ok?
Sparkling: Ermmm never mind

The boy just stared at her for a while before he picked his books and left while Sparkling girls came and met her there.

Girl1: What really happen?
Sparkling: I go f--k up
Girl2: How?

Sparkling told them what happened and they laughed for a while and became serious when they saw that she’s not laughing with them.

Sparkling: Lets go

They left the Lab back to the Hostel.

Gallant called his best 5 girls and told them to go and check Cynthia in Ebonyi to see if she’s there and they should report back to her.

They nodded and left.

They went straight to Ebonyi state and went down to Afikpo North. They stopped infront of Cynthia house and pretended there were her friends.

They knocked at the door for a while before someone opened the door and it was her brother Junior sitting on the wheelchair.

Junior: Good day
Girl1: Ermmm, sorry, we are looking for Cynthia
Junior: She’s not around
Girl2: Are you his brother?
Junior: Yes
Girl3: So where did she go to?
Junior: I don’t really know,m but why do you ask?
Girl4: We are just her coursemates so we were just concerned about her.
Junior: Ok, that’s good of you people
Girl5: But do you know when she will be coming back?
Junior: She didt tell me

Girl1: Ok, no problem. We will come back later and check her
Junior: Ok

They left the compound while Junior closed the door.

Girl1: I don’t think his telling me the truth
Girl2: No, maybe his telling us the truth.
Girl3: Lets not conclude now, lets call Gallant and inform her on the recent development.

They called Gallant and informed her on what Junior said and she asked them to stay behind and monitor him and know if his lying or saying the truth.

They agreed.

During night time, Someone came into Cynthia house while Junior opened the door for her and she came in carrying a food flask in her hand.

Those girls were busy observing what that is going on.

Few minutes Later, the girls came out and went away while Junior locked the door

the girls remained in a hidden corner taking note till day break, during the early morning of the day, they left so that they won’t raise any suspicion.

They went back to school and told Gallant what they observed during the night.

Gallant: For someone to be bringing food for her brother that shows that she’s not anywhere close to the house.
Girl1: Then where is she now?
Gallant: And her friends is no where to be found too if not we would have used them to trace her.
Girl2: Why don’t we take Junior in and threaten her to come out
Girl3: How will we get in contact with her if we do kidnap her brother.
Girl4: Her neighbours will inform her nah
Gallant: You girls have a point here, he should be kidnapped this night.

During the night, Junior a heard a knock on the door, he asked who is the person but no one answered he continued asking for the person is and yet no answer and he concluded not to open up the door.

He was about to wheel himself back inside the room when he started hearing someone crying from outside, he rushed and opened the door but was quickly covered with something on his nose and he doze off.

They quickly too him away.


They took him straight to their Zone in the school and dropped him there in that night.

Few Minutes later, he woke up and looked round and saw people that covered their faces and he started panicking.

Junior: Please don’t kill me please
Girl1: We won’t kill you unless we get some information from you
Junior: Please what’s the information?
Girl2: Where is your sister?
Junior: I swear to God, I don’t know where she went to
Girl3: Are you using us to play?
Junior: That’s the whole truth please.
Girl4: How can your sister leave you in the care of another person without telling you her way about, you must be joking, Girls lets deal with him seriously, and I believe he will talk
Girl5: If he insist we will then report her to Gallant.

They gathered him, and started beating him seriously while he started shouting in pure pains. Begging them for mercy but no one pay a listening ear to him.

Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 38

©Ambrose Silver
Cynthia got prepared early and woke her friends to prepare and they were very tired.
Mary: Haaa babe is so early nah
Cynthia: Is already 7am.
Tracy: Girls lets go and take our bath joor (she said and stood up from the bed)

Tracy helped and dragged their friends and they went into the Bathroom and took their bath.

They got dressed up before stepping out of the house and met Ogeri and Cynthia waiting for them.

Ogeri: Are you girls ready?
All: Yes we are.
Ogeri: Good, follow me, you girls needs to be fortified to be able to go to the stream.
Cynthia: Ok

she took them to a quiet place behind her home and asked them to sit down on the plank there.

They sat down and she asked them to stretch forth their hands and close their eyes and they did as she said before she raised her hands to the heavens and spoke some incantation for a while and 6 necklaces appeared on her hand.

She started dropping each necklace to their stretched hands and it remained only Cynthia. Ogeri asked them to open their eyes and they did, They liked the necklace cause it was beautiful.

Ogeri: You all should wear the necklace, it will protect you girls.
Cynthia: What of mine?
Ogeri: You don’t need it
Cynthia: But why?
Ogeri: You are much more greater than those that would have tormented your friends if not for the necklace. Don’t worry, you will get to know soon.

She led them to a bushy part and stopped there.
Ogeri: Give me your phones

They handed over their phones to her. She took the phones and placed her other hand on it and it disappeared and it startled them except Cynthia.
Ogeri: Don’t worry your phones are in your different bags at my house. Now here is the path that will lead you to the Stream, but be warned. Don’t look back no matter what. Even if you are distracted by many things, don’t still look back.

They all nodded to it before Ogeri pointed to the narrow round into the bush.

They started passing through the road into the bush, Ogeri disappeared immediately all of them entered into the bush.

Cynthia was at the front. They walked for over 20 minutes without resting.

Mary: Am tired already oo
Blessing: You self, nawa for you oo
Jane: Una the distract person here oo
Blessing: Babe look me nah
Jane: You the craze
Alice: Oh God, can you girls be serious for once in una lives?
Monica: Leave them,

Immediately they started hearing a Lion roaring at their back and Alice was the one at the back
Alice: Jesus Christ
Cynthia: Babe don’t panic
(Cynthia stopped and stood one side and asked them to be going that she will be the one on their back incase anything wants to happen.

Cynthia was the one at the back when the Lion started roaring again at their back and Cynthia wanted to turn back but restricted herself and continued the journey.

They got to a point and the roaring stopped and they started hearing a very sweet sound coming from birds round that bush.

Mary: After scaring us, they will start singing one kind useless song with their birds.
Blessing: Don’t mind them, they are looking for who to kill them no see me
Jane: Na only you, Us joor
Tracy: This 3 girls eeh, person no fit hear something for you girls.
Cynthia: You girls should focus nah
Tracy: Cynthia me tire for them oo

A heavy wind started blowing, they were scared but Cynthia started encouraging them to be very strong that nothing will happen.

They got to the stream and the wind stopped.

Cynthia: We are here

They started looking round the stream
Tracy: Where are there nah?
Cynthia: I don’t know
Mary: I the fear oo
Jane: No be only you oo

Cynthia thought for a while before she went straight to the stream and deep her two feet into the water and said;

Oh Goddess of Ocean, I Cynthia is here, I have come as you have directed. Please come forth.

After saying it, everywhere remained calm.

Blessing: Babe e no the work o
Tracy: Haa, you should……. (she was cut short when water started rotating round and a hole formed at the center of the stream.)

Cynthia didt fear, she just stood there and waited till all the seven Goddess came out from the water.

Tracy and her roomies were very scared and attempted to run but was held back by the necklace, it didt allow them to run.

Goddess 1: My Dear, you all don’t need to be scared.
Goddess 2: You can’t move away cause of that necklace, just relax

Tracy and others relaxed.

Goddess 3: Cynthia
Cynthia: Yes
Goddess 3: Am the Goddess of power and am the one that called my fellow Goddess to come and empower you
Cynthia: Ok
Goddess: You still have a lot to learn about your powers
Cynthia: Please teach me
Goddess: Just jump into the water.

Cynthia did as she was instructed and she was taken deep into the water to their Kingdom where she was taught on how to use her powers.

Few minutes later she sprang up from the water up to the sky and her legs wasn’t reaching the ground and her friends were surprised.

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