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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 32


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 32

©Ambrose Silver


Cynthia got home and met her mum infront of their house preparing to cook rice.

She tried her best to look happy so that her mum won’t notice anything.

She walked over to where her mum was and when her mum saw her, she was surprised at the same time happy to see her daughter again after 2 months.

Mum: Your welcome my dear.
Cynthia: Thank you mum.
Mum: You didt tell me you were coming
Cynthia: So sorry mum, just wanted to surprise you
Mum: and you surely did, you can come in oo
Her mum Helped her with her bags.

They went back inside the house.
Cynthia: Mum, what of Junior?
Mum: That one? His maybe in his friends place
Cynthia: That’s normal thing.
Mum: Incase you want to eat, you know where to get food.
Cynthia: Thank you mum
Mum: That’s my pride. You can arrange your bags and take your bath, when you are done you can come and join me
Cynthia: Ok mum no problem

Her mum left her and went back outside and continued with what she was doing with the rice she bought in the market.

Cynthia face became sad instantly, she quietly went inside her room and started arranging her bags, when she was done, she took her bath, ate her food before she joined her mum and they prepared the food together discussing on many things and her mum was busy asking her about school, she do tell her some of the things but totally skipped the one that Gallant and Co was disturbing her.

Junior came back immediately when the food was done, he saw his sister and he went over to where she is.

Junior: Haaa, babe Good Afternoon oo abi na evening, anyone can serve shaa
Cynthia: Lol, you can’t change this boy
Junior: Haaa, I can’t change oo, abi make I change to Mum that is always serious?

They all burst out laughing

Junior: Sis, this one you no tell us of your coming hope we are save?
When Cynthia heard that word “save” her heart skipped a bit
Cynthia: Hmm, Junior you are save oo
Junior: Ok oo, how is school nah?
Cynthia: School is fine o
Junior: I wan go that your school ni
Cynthia: No, you can’t
Junior: why?
Cynthia: Nothing you should find another school
Junior: But why?
Cynthia: Is nothing, just find another school that specialize more on your dream course.
Junior: See you, nothing that you will tell me that will make me change my mind oo, I don’t even know what you are talking about oo
Cynthia: Ok oo, you will understand when you come
Mum: Brother and Sister can I hear a word for you both?
Cynthia: Sorry mum
Junior: Shey I tell you, mum is over serious oo

they all laughed


Gallant: So She went back home
Sparkling: Hmmm, so she won’t be coming to school again nah
Gallant: I know she won’t, and I must fetch her out
Sparkling: How? Do you know where she stay? Even if you know, you know is in another state and we may not be in charge over there.

Gallant: Then we will work with other Viqueens there and track her down.
Tracy: What Joy do you girls find in doing this?
Gallant: Excess Joy my dear
Sparkling: Tell her, so what should we do to her?
Gallant: Nothing much, see look at us, if you should report us to the security agency, I will personally track you down and wipe away your lineage from the surface of the earth.

Tracy: One day is one day, you will regret all this

one of the girls there gave her a heavy slap that followed with a kick on her back which sent her to the floor and she started coughing out blood.

Gallant: Is ok girls, take her away.

They bundled her and blind folded her eyes, they took her back to the hostel and dropped her at the hostel gate and drove off immediately.

Many students rushed and helped and untied her.


2 Days Later

Gallant called Thunder on phone while he picked the call.

Thunder: Any progress?
Gallant: Yes, Haba negotiated with the Viqueens over her area in Ebonyi state and they have agreed to track her down and bring her back here but am going with some of my girls.

Thunder: Ok, You girls should do fast cause am losing patience already.

During evening time, Junior was about to go out from the house when 7 girls matched towards him and pointed a gun at him and he was asked to lead them into the house with fear he did, they dragged Cynthia out and her mum and Junior was crying heavily.

One of the girls pointed her gun at Cynthia Mum and Junior and released 2 bullets on both of them before they dragged Cynthia along with them and Cynthia started shouting when her mum and brother was shot at her very eyes.

They dragged her and handed her over to Gallant and she pushed her into the car and they zoomed off immediately.

The sound of the gun started resounding on Cynthia head and it was driving her crazy.

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