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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 25/26


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 25/26

©Ambrose Silver


Cynthia, Tracy and her roomies came back from the water they went to fetch, they took their bath and was preparing to go to school.
Jane: Cynthia dear
Cynthia: Yes dear
Jane: We will discuss on what happened this morning when we all come back from school
Blessing: Yes, am even worried cause I know those girls very well
Mary: Am just sensing danger self
Alice: You girls are just putting fear on me oo
Monica: The fear nah, we just said the truth
Tracy: Girls e don do, make we go school come back first, then we will deliberate on it.

They all agreed and went out from their room to their various Departments.

Cynthia and Tracy went to their department and submitted their previous Assignment when gun shot started at the school front gate, the whole school became panicked and started running helta scatter.

Cynthia and Tracy with other students remained in their department for safety.

The Devils and Vikings were the ones exchanging gun shot.
Gallant dialed Thunder line and it wasn’t reachable. She was still trying to call it again when Sparkling call came into her phone and she picked it at once
Sparkling: Babe where you dey?
Gallant: I dey my Lodge, wetin the happen for school?

Sparkling: Na Vikings and Devils oo
Gallant: That’s good, so finally our glory will be restored today
Sparkling: Yes oo, I pray so
Gallant: Prepare the girls, we gonna storm there and help our guys out, they may be needing us
Sparkling: Good idea
Gallant: You all should come my lodge for the ammunitions
Sparkling: Udo Di
The Call ended

Sparkling organised 12 of her girls and they wore their red and black colour and stormed towards offcamp, They got to Gallant Lodge and Gallant gave them the ammunition and they also wore mask to cover their faces, They entered their bus parked infront of Gallant Lodge and drove off to school.

The Vikings were now losing cause they have run out of bullets and was planning on how to escape. The Devils saw that the Vikings have run out of bullets, they started firing much gun shot towards where the Vikings were hiding and they were also coming close to kill them when another gun shot were heard from behind, The Devils were taken unaware cause the Viqueens has taken down most of the Devils.

The remaining Devils surrendered when there saw that they won’t win.

The Vikings came out from their hiding place, they quickly took the guns of the Devils and shot the once that surrendered.

Gallant: Lets get out of here now before the Military arrive here, our boss has delayed them alot.
The Vikings and Viqueens entered the bus and drove off.

14minutes later, all the students started coming out from their hidden place, the Police Hilux arrived at the scene while the students started stoning them for coming late. The police released tear gas while all the students run back to the Hostel.

The Vikings and Viqueens stopped the bus infront of their mansion somewhere inside Enugu state, The went inside the mansion and met their Lord smiling at them.
Lord: Welldone guys, just listening to the news “he said and pointed to the big plasma TV placed on the wall at one side of the sitting room”
(it was showing much dead bodies manly the Devils)
Lord: You people made me proud
Carpon: Thanks boss
Lord: So how many boys did we lose?
Carpon: 3 of them
Lord: Ok, so Gallant, i don’t know you are this smart
Gallant: Thanks lord
Lord: I will call your Queen Mother for her to reward you girls very well
Thunder: They really tried for us cause we almost lost cause of our bullets finished but they came at the right time
Lord: That’s good, this calls for celebration “he called on his Guards and asked them to bring out all the drinks in the Bar for them to do some celebration.

The Guards did as they were instructed and they also started playing music.

The Lord called the Carpon and Gallant to his Inner room.
Lord: Am so proud of you both, here is the cheque of 1 million Naira, “he gave it to the Carpon”
Lord: Give Gallant 500K and take 500k
Carpon & Gallant: Thanks very much Lord
Lord: You can go back to the party, but Gallant, get me 2 of your girls, let me enjoy myself
Gallant: You don’t have problem with that

Carpon and Gallant got to the sitting room, Gallant quickly dragged Sparkling to one side
Sparkling: Babe wetin xup
Gallant: The Lord wants 2 girls to come to his room now
Sparkling: Am in
Gallant: Take one other girl and go
Sparkling took one other girl and Gallant directed them to his room before she went back to the sitting room to join the party.

The Carpon came and dragged Gallant to the dancing floor and they started dancing while Gallant was rocking him hard.

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