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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 21


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 21

©Ambrose Silver


Scale went out from Thunder Lodge and walked towards Cynthia lodge, he saw that am coming towards his direction, he quickly hide himself. Cynthia and Tracy passed the place he hide himself without noticing him.
Scale; Chai, this 2 babes package wella oo, but wait oo, no be her lodge them the come from? Or they just came this morning? Infact let me try and trail from behind.

He quietly followed them from behind without their knowledge.
Tracy and Cynthia walked into the hostel and walked towards the Female Hostel while Scale stopped at the entrance, he nodded his head and went back to report to Thunder on what he saw.
Scale knocked at Thunder door and he asked him to come in.
Scale; Boss, i don land
Thunder; Wetin sup?
Scale; Nothing much, i saw them this morning
Thunder; Which them?
Scale; The girl and that her friend we saw both of them that first day.
Thunder; Oh, You saw them in her apartment?
Scale; No, It was on the way that leads to the lodge that I saw them so I quickly hide myself and when they passed me, I decided to follow them to know where they are going only to see them walk into the female Hostel.
Thunder; Oh, she now live in the hostel
Scale; Yes
Thunder; Shit! Well, we will use the Viqueens and disturb her very well in that Female Hostel.
Scale; You are right
Thunder; Let me even call Gallant
Scale; Ok (he said and brought out his own phone and started playing some music)
Thunder placed a Call to Gallant and she picked it.
Gallant; Hello Thunder
Thunder; Gallant babe, how far you?
Gallant; Udo(peace)
Thunder; I wan make you run some parole for me
Gallant; Ok wetin be that?

Cynthia and Tracy got to Tracy Hostel and met her Roomies playing with their phones.
Tracy; Babes, I want to tell you girls something
Girl1; Ok no p, wetin be that?
Tracy; Cynthia lodge was attacked last night we slept there but luckily for us, we manage to escape, and now, she can’t go back to her lodge so I have brought her here to stay with us for the main time
Girl2; Aww so sorry dear, don’t worry you are welcome
Girl3; Welcome sweetie
Tracy; You can stay with us dear don’t worry I will see what I can do to help you out.
Cynthia; Thanks dear
They shared her up and she joined them in playing, they later brought out food which they all ate in happiness.

Cynthia was going to school alone since she’s rushing to meet up with other coursemate for a make up test that she missed, Tracy and other girls was still in the hostel.
Cynthia heard her name from a familiar voice and she stopped and looked back, it was no other person that Prince, she sighed in frustration.
Prince; Good Morning dear (he said when he got to where she was standing)
Cynthia; Morning
Prince; This one you are rushing like this hope there is no problem?
Cynthia; None, please you are delaying my time, I want to meet up with something urgent
Prince; Ok see babe (he held her hands) I love you so much and I would like to make you my girl, please just give me a chance in your life and I will make you the happiest girl in this school.
Cynthia; Thanks very much for your Love but seriously am not interested
Prince; Do you have a boyfriend already?

Cynthia; No I don’t have and I don’t want to have
Prince; Please just consider my Love for you please am pleading.
And what is going on here? A female voice said beside them.
Prince looked beside him and saw is Vicky his Girlfriend.
Vicky; I asked a question, what is going on here?
Prince gently left the hands of Cynthia.

Prince; Baby I can explain
Vicky; Hold it there and you (she faced Cynthia) This will be the first and last time I will ever see you with my Boy? Understood?
Cynthia didt even say anything cause she’s still confused on what is going on, she just over looked everything and tried to walk away while Vicky drew her back.
Vicky; Am talking to you and you are walking away, are you mad?
Cynthia; Is ok, I have heard you (she tried to walk away again when Vicky tried to slap her but she held her hand on the air)
Cynthia; Don’t ever try this again, hold your girlfriend Mr Man (she said and walked away)
Vicky; Oh you have powers baa? We shall see and you, don’t worry I will deal with you (she said and started walking while Prince trailed her from behind begging her)

Cynthia got to her Class and joined other students in the make up test.
When she was done, she came outside and met Tracy waiting for her.

Cynthia told her what happened earlier before the makeup test
Tracy; Babe, we have to visit someone that can predict the future, cause it seems yours has a lot of troubles coming
Cynthia; Hope is not devilish?
Tracy; No is not, is just vision.
Cynthia; Ok lets go.

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