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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 20


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 20

©Ambrose Silver

The ANGELS has already started their initiation of their newbies, and the total number of girls they are initiating is 104, the Leader of the Angels came and started doing their Incantations, she brought out a native pot containing their blood that all of them have cut themselves and passed it to one of the newbies

Queen; Drink a bit and pass it round for others to drink too (the new girl took it from her with a shaky hand, she drank small and passed it on)
After they are down with the blood covenant.
Queen; For you people to join us, you have taken an Oath with us to remain with us and to fight till the day you die, to protect this fraternity with the last drop of your blood, any attempt, I repeat, Any attempt of any of you to betray this Fraternity, will result to your death. I have spoken
One of the Angels came forward and started doing some Incantation. She stormed after a while and now asked them to remove their cloths which they did while 50 Black Angels came out from nowhere.

Girl; There will have to sleep you with you all to complete the initiation. Some of the girls murmured a little.
Girl; Enough!!! You have no other choice, I personally informed you all about this part, I don’t see why you people are still murmuring. (there all kept quiet. The girl gave the Black ANGELS SIGN and they bounced on the girls and had Marathon sex with them, most of them cried at that spot while some was brave enough not to cry)
Girl; The Initiation is complete,
Queen; Let me be the first to wish you goodluck since am the number one in this fraternity? You all are welcome to the sisterhood
All; Congratulations our blood sister.

Newbies; Thanks very much our Blood sister.
The Black Angels went away from there while the Newbies wore back their cloths.
Queen; We would celebrate it at the venue that would be sent to every one of you, make sure you are there.
They all dismissed.

Thunder, Scale and 6 other Vikings broke into Cynthia’s Lodge but couldn’t see them there.
Thunder; Check very well, am sure there are inside this house and I also heard their voice before opening the door.

After few seconds of searching.
Scale; Boss, no body is inside here, maybe there escape through the window cause it is open.
Thunder; Shit! She’s just lucky that I didt get her myself, by now her body would have tell her the kind of person I am.
They left the Lodge, After few minutes Cynthia jumped down from the roof that she had hide herself and Also Tracy.
Cynthia; Oh, God, his out for me, but what Have I done to deserve all this?
Tracy; Is ok dear, We should figure out a way and deal with this matter
Cynthia; But how? I can’t deal it alone and more over his a deadly person.
Tracy; Am also confused but you will have to calm down now
Cynthia; I can’t even think straight now
Tracy; Don’t worry, you will be staying with me in the Hostel for now till we figure out what to do
Cynthia; Am not going to sleep here oo
Tracy; We have to
Cynthia; What if they break in here again?
Tracy; And what if we jam them on the way out from here, look at the time is already past 10 and you know this area is a bad area.
Cynthia; Ok, let me see if I can lock this door with the second log since there have spoilt the main lock
She went over to the door and used the second lock and locked it.
Cynthia; I will be sleeping on the roof till the next day
Tracy; Hahaha, This girl can fear eeh, are you the one that said that you are not scared and you can face anything that comes your way? Why are this fear of a thing nah?

Cynthia didt even listen to her or answer her, rather she climbed the roof and remain there while Tracy fell on the Large bed in Laughter and later slept off.
Cynthia didt sleep the whole Night till the next day, she quickly came down from the roof and woke Tracy up.

Cynthia; Stand up, is already morning
Tracy; Oh God, who is disturbing my sweet sleep (she said yawning, she took her phone that’s beside the bed and checked the time)
Tracy; Ah ah, babe is still 4:16am, abeg go back to your bed lemme be sleeping joor
Cynthia didt find anything her friend is saying funny, rather she sat on the bed there still watching time.

Scale; So boss what would we do?
Thunder; Am certain that they are around that house.
Scale; Ok boss, let me go and check her out this morning
Thunder; Ok that’s my guy, I will be waiting.
Scale; Ok let me carry my pistol with me incase anyone play smart
Thunder; That’s good, and remember our Arrangements this week to kick the Red Devils out of the way and regain our Vikings honor
Scale; I can’t wait dear.

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